Dede every day feel the convenience, let me a little of this program is not familiar with the technology of some people who are not familiar with, easy to use news management system, always affected by the lack of grace, and did not give Dede feedback point what. today I once again announced the news, […]

NFC mobile payment is a recent hot mobile payment model, and most of the smart phones related to e-commerce O2O model support this type of mobile payment. In the near field payment mode of NFC, we need bank card, NFC intelligent mobile terminal, NFC near field communication technology and receiving terminal. At present, the bank […]

The benefits of Robots.txt: 1., almost all search engine Spider follows the crawling rules given by robots.txt, which specifies the search engine Spider into The entry of a into a web site is the robots.txt of the site, provided that the site exists. For no robots.txt website, Spider will be redirected to the 404 error […]

[Abstract] the traditional strategy community is facing difficulties and the daily activity of users is decreasing.   Tencent technology Fan Xiaodong reported June 6th With the change of the traditional leisure travel market to the online transaction mode, the domestic tourism strategy community has accelerated the process of . traditional Raiders community faces difficulties, including […]

dominates Baidu’s Internet search in china. But as a good webmaster, from the Google flow is necessary. Otherwise you can only do a garbage king, Google sandbox, is a kind of filtering algorithm by Google makes in the pages difficult to search your site keywords. a lot of people say new sites into the sandbox […]