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Custom wallpaper to join the era of a gold mine

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now what is personalized, home decoration is particularly true. Owners prefer to use custom means to their own home with personal color. Open a custom wallpaper stores have unlimited business opportunities.

custom wallpaper industry has been rapid development. This market has also promoted the development of the investment market, custom wallpaper industry market is very large. In the open custom wallpaper stores, entrepreneurs want to get a good development, then in the actual shop should be able to grasp some of the shop skills. For these problems, some entrepreneurs do not quite understand, today Xiaobian to entrepreneurs to explain the custom wallpaper stores market winning works. read more

Classic small venture inventory

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in today’s society can be said to belong to a new era of entrepreneurship, under a background like this, there are a lot of people are beginning to have embarked on an extraordinary path of entrepreneurship in the entire business also appeared a lot of very classic entrepreneurial projects, what are the specific?

1, in the store rented a venue venture

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Master the entrepreneurial skills easily out of wealth Road

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everyone wants to start a business to get rich heart, and put into action is not much, in fact, only mastered a certain entrepreneurial skills can be a firm foothold in the entrepreneurial market, to create a wealth of jiangshan.

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New progress in the development of the camera to take pictures Ministry of industry announced the ph

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May 6th afternoon, after a lapse of 3 months, the site for the record owners concern must take pictures with the latest progress of verification. Ministry of industry and the Ministry of Public Security announced today that the original picture of the background and the use of the camera to take pictures. This shows that the Ministry of industry has been the site for the record to be included in the work of the owners of the agenda.

photo background use figure

photo background original figure read more

Is there a free lunch on earth

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Only a short while ago a

, there is no such thing as a free lunch "spread on both sides of the Changjiang River affected the most logical, not knowing the trend; the crowds of people, there is always a group of people relish the eating free lunch in the world; the truth has no real right and wrong, right and wrong, just the application of the time, a different occasion; for example: 28 law in a crowd of 80% people to eat a free lunch, 20% people to eat a free lunch; no argument about whether God is fair, the crux of the problem: I want to join you in 80% camps, or 20% of the camp? read more

Group purchase rebate frequent fraud trap who came to the virtual economy on the bridle

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recently, the shopping Commission as a selling point of the rebate website, group purchase website frequently crashes: Zhejiang "million shopping", Jiangxi Pacific direct purchase network is closed due to alleged pyramid scheme, Ji’nan group purchase website "Walker network", Fuzhou "hundred percent rebate network" responsible with money "run away". Involved in the total number of incidents involving tens of billions of dollars.


to all alleged violations, the virtual economy why is repeated dispute? Experts believe that some business platform facing to the sale, loaning operation risk. Business model innovation must comply with market rules. Regulatory authorities and enterprises should clear the boundaries of business, to prevent violations of the reputation of the industry. read more

Preliminary work on making money from the Internet

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try to think, commodity service is not easy to be found in the Internet by potential customers, but also have to face competition from other peers or similar goods. Therefore, in order to achieve success in the world of e-commerce, we must pay attention to [network marketing plan]. A good marketing plan can not only effectively reduce the cost of publicity, but also can make goods or services in many competitors stand out.

how to develop a network marketing plan for the success of the sale of goods on the Internet? read more

How to improve the method of online store photos

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1 increase the number of products to ensure consistent product style

I found that the more products, the more the more. Search 5 drill shop, often each buyer has hundreds of products, and some even reach thousands of pieces. The amount of browsing is often proportional to the number of products. However, some shops, although many things, but chaotic, but also sell socks, but also sell necklaces, people feel not single-minded, messy. Advice to everyone is that the same grade products, it is best to put together to sell. My plan for this year is to build a boutique – Irish crystal, an Irish crystal – discount store, there is a crystal stone shop – ireland. They are me, my good friend, my boyfriend. read more

Ministry of Commerce to push the regional electricity supplier platform advantage in Guangdong manuf

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currently Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian and other coastal areas have been built third party platform." Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Yaoping yesterday sponsored the Department Information Department "Electronic Commerce Trade Growth Forum and some provinces and cities in the regional e-business platform launch ceremony", on the part of regional e-commerce platform to start encouraged. But for Guangdong’s embarrassment, although not in the region to create a business platform, but in the business enterprise, compared Hangzhou Netsun (002095), Alibaba,, Beijing mall,, Jingdong, Amazon, VANCL cool days, Baidu has ah, Amoy net, Shanghai Chinese mall, Mcglaughlin (new network), eBay, Guangdong known business but a few. read more

Baidu officially entered the mobile phone recharge said mobile phone online recharge more tricky

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January 20th news, Baidu revealed people the day before, Baidu has ah platform has opened the mobile phone recharge system, users can directly select the operators, location, amount of recharge.

according to reports, the Baidu web search, search "mobile phone recharge, recharge, recharge the air" and "mobile recharge" and "Shenzhouxing prepaid" and "M-Zone recharge" keyword search results, the first is a "mobile phone recharge" into the mouth. The user can enter the Baidu platform has a mobile phone recharge system. read more

Electricity supplier shopping guide website three times

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electricity supplier shopping guide website is developed with the development of e-commerce itself. Can be simply the electricity supplier shopping guide website is divided into three times: low quality low quality shopping guide era; low quality era; quality goods and shopping guide era.

one, low-cost low-quality electricity supplier shopping era.

this era is accompanied by the development and growth of Taobao and developed, the representative of the site is the major Taobao customer site. is said to be the first person China e-commerce, training the first batch of online shopping users Chinese. The development of early first sold is cheap, which is also in line with the Chinese people by the nature of the. However, the lack of integrity of the business system created a fake, fake brand rebirth, and Taobao just become a good platform for sales. The attitude of the majority of consumers for Taobao fakes is very ambiguous, although things are not so true, but really cheap ah. At this time of the shopping guide, in fact, Taobao guest, in order to promote Taobao on many low-priced low-quality goods. The first batch of Taobao of the guest with the electricity supplier China initially rushed development stage, have made a big pot of gold. The relatively hot beautiful, said mushroom street has merged with the social factors, but its essence still on Taobao products. Taobao has a strong dependence on. read more

The koocall alliance online, called the webmaster

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  koocall (07.10.8-07.12.8)

alliance that beta

is currently not open to the registration of the union, please contact the webmaster webmaster friends, contact the following! Thank you: (


, a koocall

online advertising alliance

      koocall alliance advertising measurement for incoming calls (pay per call paid advertisements referred to as PPC).

two, call advertising process

        the user clicks on the advertisement, fill in the telephone number to click the confirmation, receives the advertisement main telephone. read more

Internet giant opens new opportunities for entrepreneurs!

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Abstract: Internet giants have entered the field of intelligent wearable, and launched an open platform, on the one hand can help hardware manufacturers to accelerate the combination of hardware and software product development speed, can achieve sales "through-train" commitment, on the other hand the product is still in development, but also greatly reduced the market pressure. In this environment, who can get the first Internet giant open platform technology, market and even financial support, the key to the success of intelligent wearable manufacturers. read more

Promote the advantages and disadvantages of the use of Taobao news media products

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many people know, in order to improve the site outside the chain of severe or the right method would be adopted to release the soft in the news media sites, but the news media sites are required to pay the press, such as Sina, NetEase, China daily, the central broadcasting network etc.. If you want to publish these soft, find a special soft agent agency or studio release, as long as the soft Wen written, no violation of the link, after the payment is generally no big problem. And there is a kind of webmaster will directly use the news site of soft Wen to release Taobao guest products, careful people should have been found, take a look at the picture below, look at these Adsense is how to use the news site to promote. read more

His story 30 years before the start of the 4, was worth millions, and lost money

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is 30 years old, do poineering work continuously 4 times, once worth millions, and lost money. He reflected, "what did I do wrong? What did I get?"

oral | scouring pawnshops founder Wang

In an interview with

, finishing | Zhai Wen Ting

when I was 30 years old, I started my fourth venture. In the previous 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, I have done SP, mobile download tools and cosmetics electricity supplier. This time, I have to do is to pawn forfeited goods and help them sell things from the lender drainage line, so named Amoy pawnshop. This is somewhat similar to the current Internet banking, but we do not do P2P, but the need for collateral loan business. In early 2013, Amoy pawnshop still in the preparatory stage, I got the blue Chi investment. read more