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Webmaster network daily broadcast the direct purchase of the Pacific direct purchase of the abolitio

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1 daily nearly ten thousand Taobao shop outage: complaints and penalties for violations of pressure

young Taobao sellers karoshi karoshi reflects the hardships of online entrepreneurs. Reporters learned yesterday, Taobao (micro-blog) every day the number of closures or closures of nearly ten thousand, operating pressure mainly from customer complaints and platform violations penalties.

, according to a report released by the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, said the existing professional sellers Taobao about 6000000, newly registered nearly 10000 per day, the number of outages or close the seller daily nearly ten thousand. Shop operators are the main pressure of customer complaints and Taobao punishment. read more

The financing is in place of a fresh response has been a mystery m B round of investment

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days ago, one from a fresh out of the fresh electricity meters staff revealed that one meter of fresh financing may encounter problems, also appeared the phenomenon of layoffs.

therefore, billion state power network to a meter of fresh official confirmation of the news. One meter, said the founder of a fresh coke, in January this year, just got a fresh rice B round of financing, has not been announced to the outside world. "I don’t know how this can happen,"


billion state power network has learned, in 2015 December, a fresh rice issued a message to get a A+ round of investment in Kunlun the $1500, and in 2016 the investment is a new round of investment scale and no specific exposure. read more

Do stand January 1000IP month earn 5000

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whenever at this time of the night, wandering in the graph king A5 above is so pleasant, watching the other colleagues to make painstaking efforts "Jing", the heart is really full of gratitude to the old webmaster. I finally did a good thing, and finally do a website.

Shanghai talent network is a month ago to do a job site in Shanghai. Focus on Shanghai, and around the Shanghai job, with Shanghai flat-share room service website of Shanghai low rent housing and issued qiuzu. This station is now just a month! In recent days IP was stable at around 1200, IP is not a lot, but it is a pity that almost all visitors have a purpose, to find a job in Shanghai City, looking for low rent housing. Then, with these data, I before and after the more than and 200 Shanghai training institutions agreed monthly advertising plan. I will be home page is and other page ads were sold to the more than and 200 companies, 36 home carousel advertising all day long. Each enterprise 20. Of course, the advertising price is only three months before the establishment of the new station, after three months, is sure to turn over more than ten times. read more

Some views on B2C Enterprises

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was fortunate enough to receive a letter from the user, with the development of B2C. Frankly, I am not an expert on B2C, but a little theoretical insights. Coincidentally, the question is, I think in many places. Although there may not be a flash of insight, but equal communication is the catalyst for progress, this is where the fun.

Q: now B2C seems to be a fire, do you think B2C is really ushered in the peak of development or bubble?

: I personally think that B2C is a real fire fire and non fire. There are three reasons: first, I remember the catcher said a word, only a large and mature industry will be the existence of a bubble, I think it is quite reasonable. Now B2C is a big industry, but it is not a mature industry, there is not a lot of capital into the industry, the bubble come from? Second, the market environment is gradually improving, and promote the development of B2C. Taobao first half turnover of 80 billion 900 million, an increase of 100% over the same period last year, at this rate is expected to reach the annual turnover of $200 billion. Taobao’s glorious data mapping is the prosperity of the current C2C, but in depth, the C2C market is a direct role in promoting the development of B2C, for example, online spending habits, payment tools, trust, etc.. You know, even if Taobao in the first half of this year to achieve the 80 billion 900 million extraordinary transactions, but this is only accounted for 09 of the country in the first half of the popular consumption amount of 1.4%, compared to Europe and the United States online consumption accounted for 20% of the total national consumption, Chinese e-commerce there is a large enough market to mining, there is no doubt that B2C will become the mainstream consumer online service providers. Third, 08 and 09 years, the emergence of a large number of domestic B2C companies, including comprehensive and vertical areas, are developing very fast. On the other hand, VC also began to follow up in the field of B2C, for the development of B2C enterprises to provide strong support. From the point of view of the market and investors, B2C has been touted, I predict that B2C is a blowout. read more

On the way out of destination marketing — on the Ali model of scenic spots

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scenic spot prices, ticket revenue, but for the long-term development of the scenic spots, where is the way out of his marketing? For the vast majority of small and medium-sized area, his breakthrough point in what place?

scenic area behind the rise in the price of

recently the media reported that Anhui, Guizhou, Sichuan, Tianjin, Yunnan and other places of many scenic spots have been taking advantage of the "eleven" golden week price increase, some even reached more than 70%, and the entire event background, on the one hand is the development and Reform Commission and other departments issued last year limit up order expires, on the other hand from in recent years, the major scenic holidays compete to price wave. "Protection of resources, repayment of construction debt, limiting the flow of people," the reasons for the price of scenic spots seem reasonable, the whole incident is also very simple, but also mapped out the scenic spots in our country has been a marketing outlet. read more

LETV wine together drops E-Drive life service upgrade

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as the holding network network and drops travel, E-Drive brand cooperation, now the whole network users to distribute million pieces taxi vouchers, E-Drive vouchers, a chance to buy a cocktail at the price of 1 yuan. Network network hopes the brand cooperation, promote "safe drinking, safe travel" social ideas, solve the drunk safe travel pain points, expanding the ascending wine range of consumer services, people’s livelihood transition to a more valuable services in the field of life. read more

From the Alibaba and the NetEase entry gap hand-made business

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Lu Ning Xin do not want to set the excellent products too tall on, but to integrate into the pursuit of style of the new middle class life.

source: Vision China

The optimal set of product

founded in 2011 was started by a team of 30 people around the team of buyers, the main selection of overseas supplies, the initial service is more high consumption levels of users.

but with the deepening of the concept of consumer upgrades, excellent collection of the target customer base is also growing. read more

Amazon holiday purchase 70% goods from the mobile terminal of the 1 billion

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this holiday shopping season, Amazon once again set off a shopping spree, sales of new high. Amazon announced data, through Prime and Fulfillment services to send goods has more than 1 billion pieces, the number of Alexa devices to refresh the record number of orders.

on Tuesday, Amazon said in a statement, equipped with Alexa voice recognition software Echo speaker sales hot, compared with the 2015 holiday shopping season, sales increased by more than 9 times this year. Amazon’s global consumer sector CEO Geoff · (Jeff Wilke) said that despite the increase in production capacity, equipment is still in short supply. read more

Express service to his family strong, Suning logistics Qingdao season to protect advanced units

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February 16th, Qingdao postal service held in 2016 and 2017 summary of work plan, meeting, 8 courier companies including Qingdao Suning logistics, including SF service season won the "2016 annual Qingdao city security advanced units".

data show that Qingdao is becoming a hot area of electricity consumption, in 2016 71 Qingdao local key business platform to achieve turnover of nearly 600 billion yuan, accounting for the total amount of the whole Shandong province electricity trading platform 45%, maintain a fairly rapid growth. Driven by this, in 2016, Qingdao postal express delivery industry has developed rapidly, the completion of postal services grew by more than 40%, including courier business revenue grew by more than 23%. read more

Net exposure Jingdong will stop service official response nothing completely

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[TechWeb] January 12th news, recently broke the news from the media, said Jingdong home will be closed in February 10th this year. For this news, Jingdong home to respond, it is completely absent.

network exposure Jingdong home will stop service official response: nothing completely

since the media broke the news article said that in the "national Jingdong home service business communication group found that managers released news shows:" due to the company’s strategic adjustment, business strategy will be on-site service outage, service line will agree to set up in February 10th. Thank you very much for your support, understanding and tolerance." At the same time, Jingdong insiders have confirmed the authenticity of this message. read more

Some personal views on the credibility crisis of Baidu Alliance

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June 2008, this month for some members of the Baidu alliance, is a black June. Their mood, and possible entrance students like diluo. After all, the reason is nothing more than the Baidu alliance this month on some of the excessive means of membership.

I have read some of the posts, a scolding, have to sue, also said that Baidu is to find the reason…

These members of the

postings, basically identical, 1, Baidu alliance did not send money. 2, title. This is not discussed, Baidu K number in the industry has been an indisputable fact, too lazy to discuss and do not want to discuss. read more

Etiquette 99 gift online line

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dear alliance members:

etiquette gift line 99 ~ ~


in 2001, a group from the Sino US Internet elite, using the United States < < > > connection; magazine editor Chris Anderson. The "long tail" theory and China "ceremony" the perfect combination of e-commerce to create a real sense of the situation with China gifts platform.


Li Yi Long unique gift expert positioning, to make up for today’s market is a major basic vacancy. Chinese "tradition, with due respect and promote the stable" harmonious society and development. And the ceremony to meet China’s unique cultural background, combined with the world’s most effective ceremony. In the gift and service on the accurate positioning, for the majority of users to provide an excellent and convenient platform for gifts. read more

The domain name investment projects in Wangzhuan

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this morning we tell about Wangzhuan tricks in that some can make money on the Internet loopholes, but is also very easy to make the rich project.

domain name investment is divided into the following categories:

a class of large enterprises English writing or pinyin.

This kind of

is very difficult to find, we can focus on some new enterprises, timely register their domain names, but now, now we are beginning to pay attention to the protection of their own brands, so generally in time to market or development, will be registered in advance down your own domain name, this is the past when one of the main means of domain name speculation, for example we can search our city domain, basically by foreign people registered. read more

Online conversion rate electricity supplier new ideas

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sword of God and the teacher as in the past we exchange some of store operations some of the points on a share is about micro-blog marketing idea, today we are more concerned about the online conversion of talk about the problem of how to profit.

teacher in the sword of God for 08 years has been the beginning of the shop, the shop is done before the data of obsession, the facade of the business day, etc. customers can not know what time of the day the customer more, what time less, since Taobao shop, found that the data inside can see every person browsing the shop whereabouts, and very convenient to optimize my shop, so improve the conversion rate on accumulated some own views, first of all, we look at such a principle: read more

Grassroots cosmetics entrepreneurs self reflection all the mistakes that can be made

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introduction: Yu Tao, he was once a millionaire, most of the time has dozens of cosmetics store in Hubei small town, but after the operation mistake so that he suffered a serious setback loss of millions of dollars. The afternoon sun in Beijing is soft, but his story has many twists and turns. He said that this failure has been a few years, but the mistakes made by traditional entrepreneurs almost all of them committed, and today it is just to say that more people can think. The following is more than Tao readme: read more

The sky will not fall pie venture quickly get wind in three ways

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Do not rely on the rush in the IT venue, and more VC will be able to melt into the capital; do not think about the VC, the east does not shine bright west, there are always one or two will understand your business model.

to reiterate that the business model is very important! You must be able to stand up to the actual combat, not simply to think about what you will do and how to do, the most important thing is to include offensive and defensive and control: how to go on the offensive,.

read more

Mobile Internet touches the innovative ceiling

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mobile Internet business failure rate and the rise speed is almost as rapidly, from Silicon Valley venture capitalist Peter Thiel thinks the innovation has been plunged into a quagmire, he worked in the PC Internet era, the founder of PayPal, and in the four years to create a $1 billion 500 million valuation and successfully sold to eBay, first outside investors have become Facebook, eventually got more than 20 thousand times the return of myth, and in the mobile Internet industry, in addition to Instagram, he did not find any together enough to shake the industry investment case. read more