with the rise of new industries, the industry’s business model has undergone a great change, which is mainly reflected in the electricity supplier model. We know that the broad sense of the electricity supplier is divided into B2B and B2C, B2B is mainly involved in channel transactions, and for the individual B2C can be changed in a variety of forms. For example, O2O, the field has been trying to find out the O2O mode under dozens of community O2O, car O2O, O2O, O2O and other beauty education in various forms of B2C business more and more, people’s life style is changing along with the changes in the form of electricity industry. read more

why did you write this article?

is only one reason for the vast majority of people think that "enter the market" on the first day, you can become a professional "old rice farming" is impossible! I said it could


, Mengniu Group is a living example. A reporter asked: "Mister Gensheng Mengniu rocket speed because of" thick plot firing "". Working for others and their bosses are two completely different business, if you don’t work for now, whether communist or large enterprises, are working for others, to understand the market analysis are very scarce. "Thick" is rapidly becoming a precondition for "old rice farming", is also a necessary condition. There are those who say, you are not qualified to say that you do not say this, I was a rocket speed; never mind two, no money, but the first day is "veteran" reason is here. read more

yesterday announced the twelve sub bug meters record, C shop, the first Taobao, Tmall sixth performance is particularly eye-catching. A lot of people on this little-known Amoy brand was curious, he did not like the Yin man, Han, aka Liebo, as fame, fame is generally equated with sales, but the industry about the C shop first known brand. I heard some news after several twists and turns, now opened a corner Yonago mystery bug.

seize Amoy brand European and American wind market

‘s success is also experienced Amoy brand Taobao wild period of survival of the fittest market competition, each Taobao brand also have one of their own growth story, several of the Amoy brand we see now is to survive the brutal market has withstood the test, we can find that they each have a style your. The Korean Korean style, Liebo folk style, Yin small fresh and bug is focused on and the wind. read more

hand touch, you can experience a virtual fitting


Internet shopping. There? Can only imagine yourself fitting with wood? Science and technology change rapidly, pictures or shopping will become history! Recently, the Yangtze Evening News reporter to experience AR Tmall launched a new interactive video technology in Beijing (Augmented reality augmented reality technology), not out of the house does not look real, can be completed on try in the process. Tmall staff said, AR technology will be gradually realized on the website, online shopping is moving from the two-dimensional image of the era of three-dimensional three-dimensional space era. read more

know is not equal, the details determine the effect!

if your Adwords advertising effect is not good, the conversion rate is low, it is certainly not enough to set the details of your advertising settings. Here to share with you a few tips, you can bring two benefits:

significantly reduce the cost of Adwords advertising

greatly improve the conversion rate of Adwords advertising

One of

‘s tricks is to turn off the content network, or the content network individually priced

content flow through the network is very large, but the quality is very low, very uneconomical. So shut down this, at least can help you introduce more than 50% of the advertising costs, high and even save $90%. When I put the first time, advertising crazy consumption, then turned off the content network, advertising investment decreased by 90%. read more

how to make money online, many novice friends have pursued this question. Or ask how much you can earn a month, etc.. These questions are difficult to answer because of the reasons involved. Not that people tell you how much money he can make a month, you can also earn so much money to operate. There is a difference between man and man. So how to make money online. I’m here to share some ideas with you.

first, do Wangzhuan to plan your time, not to waste

began to do stand friends, like to stare at the site traffic statistics, and some even an hour to see. I can clearly tell you that this is a waste of your precious time, if the time spent in learning SEO knowledge, then your site traffic will be greatly improved. I suggest that traffic can be seen once a day, is around 10 in the evening. Many times we do Wangzhuan will feel the time is not enough, so we must seize the time, do something valuable. read more

Barter, Jieshengjishi era has become history, but now, many users will barter the commodity exchange way back to modern life, "visitors" become one of synonymous with fashion and popular this year.

        barter busy

        "visitors", is barter, they rely on the network carrier will own the items out for other items. This is not equivalent to barter exchange as the main principle, but according to individual needs, things built on both sides on a voluntary basis exchange. Recently more popular online website (www.huanke.com)   read more

  since September 11th, Baidu to improve the competitive ranking business: the introduction of the comprehensive ranking index". Baidu sources said, in addition to the price of the customer site in addition to the price factor, but also look at the quality index of its purchase keywords. According to reports, the keyword quality index will be based on the frequency of this keyword was hit in the past, with the main business of the business, as well as the degree of recognition of the Internet users to calculate. Quality index and price multiplied, the last comprehensive ranking index". At the same time, the level of Web site is also considered as a factor. "A large site, even if the price is slightly lower, may also be smaller than a small site ranking." read more

      Google Adsense to increase the price of a lot of ways, there is a legitimate cheating, there are short-term effects of a long maintained, there are simple and complex. I cheat on the violation of the rules and methods have always been very cold, all of the methods mentioned here are fully consistent with the Google Adsense clause, and can effectively for a long time, except of course Google adjustment calculation rules.

      in fact, at the Google Adsense in the system by a great many factors affect, as search engine optimization, many factors determine the site in the search engine results in the rankings, and any individual optimization will have its independent effect, now I want to say is the channel. read more

advertising code placement techniques

There are more effective clicks on ads on the

site, which is what every station wants. Here I talk about the placement of advertising skills, hoping to attract the attention of some owners.

(I) example

let’s take a look at the two sites of GGAD placement.

(1) coral, object page is: http://face.coralqq.com/ we can get a glance at the GG ad has two: one on

right, in fact, this page has a GG advertisement, the station to the middle he placed on these QQ expression content (see Figure 1), mixed up, so that when users are looking for their own love expression, click more contribution will not, but this is also a point defect. If we can according to the first GG ad code pattern layout ", let GG and on the table within the content of a vertical line, the effect will be better read more

Since we came to the

Admin5 certainly has one or more sites of its own, but when it comes to Wangzhuan, don’t have to start from the website, such as click on the project, or project registration can make money, but want to make a lot of money or have their own website. Today, I would like to say my peas C Taobao shopping network strategy for discussion and research.


website project is Taobao, Taobao is the use of promotional merchandise to obtain the corresponding Commission, but if you do Taobao customers, is a stupid method of keyword promotion, build blog, forum message, but the risk is very high, and easy to be deleted by K but I do not like, I want to do a keyword, the homepage taobao.com, taobao.com taobao.com Womens mall, and other related Taobao keyword do considerable position through the directional flow or the number of transactions and commission. But I have observed that I do a few sites before the keyword is 05 years registered domain name for 06 years, and every day to update the original, the snapshot is updated every day. It makes me more difficult. But if you do go up a few key words is not easy. I use the method is to update the site regularly updated quantitative timing is updated. Add external text link. Remember also quantitative. I have been linked to the experiment if 5 PR6 related industry site, be sure to remember that the relevant industry. Ranking speed is very impressive, but the risk of cheating is also great K. So I recommend links must have, but you want to hold. read more

Zhongguancun business street is the entrepreneur’s most ideal venture, but only one street, Zhongguancun 20 thousand square meters of space is limited, while the business is infinite, when Zhongguancun venture street from the land across the country to


May 25th, the youth community sample ("sample") officially announced new, completed at the same time with a number of institutions and enterprises signed the financing plan in advance. According to reports, the future, the youth community will continue to sample more city layout projects throughout the country. read more