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Negotiation skills learned from children

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a lot of venture projects we need to negotiate, for example, wanted to concentrate on winning an order is certainly need to slowly carefully to business negotiations, is full of knowledge, from the child’s body we can find a lot of negotiation skills.

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Open 2 yuan store profit space in the end how much

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we can still see some of the existence of 2 yuan store in the life, and now there are a lot of investors interested in this shop, want to figure out what kind of store operating profit in the end how much? Xiaobian for everyone to explain, let us have a deeper understanding of this store.

2 stores and large items compared to

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What are the principles of Taobao shop name

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is indeed a place gold, but now the number of operators it is too large, resulting in the competition is very intense, if not a good name, for business, business development will be very difficult to. But want to give Taobao shop a good name, in fact, there is a related principle. So, what are the principles of Taobao shop name?


1. name implies the variety of goods on sale:

* *   shuijingzhilian; Dunhuang Remanbar digital harbor……

to give the name of the benefits of Taobao shop is that buyers look at the name of the shop, you know what kind of goods you sell, really intuitive… Looks more atmospheric. read more

Xining census report provides scientific basis for government decision-making

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recently, the National Bureau of statistics Xining investigation team for the first time, the Xining municipal government made a special investigation report for the government to provide more efficient statistical data.

it is understood that the National Bureau of statistics Xining investigation team after the implementation of institutional reform, in the completion of the report submitted to the national statistical investigation on the basis of the task undertaken by the Xining municipal government commissioned the task of statistical investigation. Statistical work is the production process of statistical information, and statistical data is the core product of government statistical work activities. In order to further improve the ability and level of Xining economic and social development, the Xining investigation team specialized in integrating the data for the Xining municipal Party committee and municipal government compiled the first half of 2009. The investigation report includes the first half of this year, industrial producer price survey, consumer price survey, urban household survey, business survey, scale industrial enterprises survey, investigation services and special investigation data, and provide a more scientific basis to make decisions for the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government. read more

The study of Xining city in building blocks 24 hours self-service library to the public has never cl

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in the near future, the people of Xining do not have to go to the library, the library, the opening closing time limit, only in the street of a machine can also borrow books, to apply for a library card, enjoy the convenience of reading "proposed by the Xining Library’s" city block 24 hours self-service library "projects under construction.

The implementation of

is a project that aims to expand the Xining city library service network and service means, to create reading proud to enjoy reading the cultural atmosphere of the city, enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life, improve the overall level of city public culture service. read more

Small and medium-sized enterprises without perfect grasp accurate user demand

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industry competition is very intense, especially the platform wars, in recent years is intensified, showing incompatible situation more and more, many second tier enterprises have to advance the stand, some small and medium enterprises "pressure alexander".

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Small shore investment in men’s jewelry store easy to make money

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jewelry is said to be the exclusive project of women, but the times are changing, the jewelry industry is also in the stage of rapid development, male jewelry also emerged a very broad prospects. Men’s jewelry store is now very popular project, opened a male jewelry store should be a very good choice. How to open a male jewelry store? Let the more than and 20 year old tell you.

2004, Obama saw a European style film, a company dedicated to the service of the boy is full of jewelry store, sell alloy products, the sense of modern full of heavy metals after. He thought that there is no similar shops in Guangzhou, intends to work with a few years to accumulate funds to open such a shop.

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What about the profit of the dry cleaning shop How to operate

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no matter what stores can not guarantee 100% of the money, invest in the dry cleaning industry is also so, many businesses in the shop before, will invest a relatively large energy brand in the choice of this link, this is a method to reduce the investment risk, to the dry cleaners to set up a competitive, businesses can do is the following aspects. What about the profit of the dry cleaning shop? How to operate?

first, strive to innovate

now this society pay attention to innovation, if you are a dry cleaning shop in accordance with previous methods or legalistic blindly imitate others, to the end that must fail, any shops, only show their own characteristics that will attract customers, and do business will encounter difficulties and setbacks, it depends on the dry cleaning shop operator to breakthrough and innovation, only in this way, you only have to dry cleaners to survive. read more

How to do a good job in auto beauty franchise

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now, the development of the automobile industry is very fast, all travel are driving, therefore, car beauty is indispensable, this is the car maintenance, car beauty market hot, this is a good opportunity, by a lot of investors. We choose to open a shop in order to be profitable, and car beauty stores in the business, publicity is a very important step, which is to enhance the brand awareness, is the key to business success. So, how to do a good job of auto beauty franchise? Now, let’s talk about it. read more

Out of the shadow of the failure of entrepreneurs to go through 6 stages

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entrepreneurship is a good way to change the fate, but entrepreneurship is a risky thing, although entrepreneurs do not want to face, but sometimes it is inevitable failure. While entrepreneurs face failure, will experience from shock, shirk responsibility a step toward the reflection process and stage a comeback. Out of the shadow of failure, entrepreneurs have to go through 6 stages.

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After playing the video site is a video interactive community

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recently, by the national pornography working group office, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security and other departments in the country to carry out a unified "anti pornography – net net 2014 special action. With this campaign, in a few days ago Sina revoked two licenses; Nora was investigated for alleged dissemination of pornographic and pirated content, and received 200 million yuan price of the relevant departments of Shenzhen fine two representative of the Internet Co, the two is only the case, and in the domestic gun in yellow and many Internet Co. Internet Co, after the video station, the next target of special action will rectify what kind of business? read more

Big data is not just a marketing tool highbrowism

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most people will choose to hear unmoved in the similarity theory when piles, or even also believe that it offers the same creed, the only real tried only after a heartfelt sigh: This is the original


to the abstract, it is theoretical and practical difference, make an analogy a little image of the point, this is not seen in the Yellow River did not give up, must experience to "Empathy", but then again, jump the very people maybe on the surface with the ordinary people not what difference, but he is tried. You can never say, climbed Himalaya Range people than the average person how long an eye, but he was left out of the ordinary. read more

Domain name server was the two large-scale attack 5 million times per second

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multiple domain name system root server was attacked two times in the early last week, each attack lasted for up to one or two hours, the root server up to a query request received up to 5 million times per second.


technology news Beijing time on December 11th morning news, a number of DNS root server was attacked two times in early last week, every attack lasted one or two hours, most of these root servers when the query requests received per second up to 5 million times.

when the user enters a domain name in the browser, the root server is the final authority to determine which IP address to return. read more

The movie CPA monthly advertising re opened

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movie CPA monthly advertising re opened, put love movie webmaster please restart the system to obtain promotion code.

unit price: 5 yuan / valid registration

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information:

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The overseas purchase of identity authentication so that consumers confused whether or not

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need not identity authentication? How to identify the identity of the same electronic business platform to buy different commodity authentication requirements for different reasons?

at the end of the cross-border electricity supplier to promote strikes, teasing online shopping nerve, many people joined the sea Amoy army. But because of the lack of uniform rules, consumers to buy cheap and safe, always confused. Take identity authentication, some sea Amoy platform requires buyers to submit the positive and negative photos of the ID card, and some platforms do not need. Even if the same platform, the purchase of such goods require authentication, and the purchase of other goods do not need. This makes consumers confused, but the heart is worried about whether their personal information security is guaranteed. read more

Improper soft marketing has a reverse effect to avoid marketing mistakes can not be ignored

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marketing is currently very popular network promotion way, by virtue of the excellent performance won the favor of business, becoming the SEO marketing after another, let countless Adsense into the mainstream marketing, with soft marketing popular, has produced serious misunderstanding to the people, that is the marketing seems to be equal to anything. Especially a lot of marketing personnel of the case from Shi Yuzhu naobaijin marketing success as a classic, is a lot of carries the dream of business, also through marketing, to create their own brand! So soft marketing effect is really equal to anything read more

The peak express truth rookie wisdom but the electricity – nouveau riche

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rookie from the day established, has not stopped. Because can not escape the outside line of sight, criticized a lot controversy. As for the recent discussion, let the whole industry to re-examine the value of such a big strategy exactly what kind of value.

has just won the Yunfeng fund billion capital injection, peak express reached a strategic cooperation with the rookie, currently 50% of the orders from Taobao, 70% of the orders from the electricity supplier. Such a layout, almost a microcosm of the entire courier industry. No one knows when the rookie is going to go, the electricity supplier hovering in the hard edge in the profit, has become a mirror of the world express understanding of electricity, must clean up, to meet all users wish. read more

A net ad hidden bomb

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Chengdu SEO Sichuan Jun today out of work, a Amoy advertising in the subway, after reading it as ordinary consumers are attracted to people in particular, and as long as this search will definitely let you can not help but want to try to search, eye-catching advertising from the perspective of almost everywhere on the subway station etao ads can be said that the promotion of the ground work is in place, but then after seeing a lot of emotion, in fact, Sichuan Jun think very simple, some time ago wrote "a wash out of a problem" to yourself, give consumers really brought a lot of benefits on the surface of an advertisement, and can save a lot of heart, but the cause behind the chain reaction and not reassuring. read more

The development of E-commerce changes the operation mode of shoes enterprises

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With the rapid development of

e-commerce, more and more people accept online shopping, and gradually become a new way of consumption. The rapid development of online shopping in the moment, the impact of the traditional business suffered e-commerce, especially the shoe industry. In the traditional footwear brand business agent, retail sales model has been unable to promote sales growth, coupled with the traditional way of commercial publicity, sales of higher operating costs and capital occupy larger characteristics such as footwear brand dealers have to consider the future development of the road where the problem. read more

International domain name information registration

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International domain name information registration

domain name form is in a number of English letters and numbers, by the "." is divided into several parts, such as IBM.COM is a domain name, CCFILM.COM is an international domain name. Whether it is an international or domestic domain name, access to the Internet network of people around the world are able to accurately access. From the business point of view, the domain name has been hailed as "the company’s online trademark". No enterprise does not attach importance to their products logo – trademark, and the importance of the domain name and its value, has also been recognized by enterprises around the world. In March 1998 a month, the world registered 179331 generic top-level domain (according to InterNIC data), an average of 5977 domain names registered every day, each of the 25! The record is growing at a rate of 7% a month. The number of Chinese domain name registration, from the end of 96 before the cumulative of the more than and 300, to of the year of November soared to the 16644, the monthly growth rate of 10%.

What is the level of

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