NetEase Francisco December 7th news, today at the 36 WISE meeting times krypton Unicorn summit, digital reading leader palm reading technology CEO Xiangjun made "competitiveness" is ignored in the business keynote speech, described the construction of an important part of enterprise culture is easily ignored in the business. He believes that corporate culture does not guarantee not to make mistakes, but can let everyone without obstacle correction, once the corporate culture into the team, will have the power of life and growth in nature, Everfount. read more

held in 2010 the first group purchase website Chinese integrity of the building before the summit in Beijing, the development of the 2010 Chinese website Chinese Internet association group purchase credit evaluation center issued at the meeting "and credit report" survey shows: as of the end of November this year, the total number of group purchase website has a certain scale in China has reached 1664.

report shows that this year, the customer is satisfied with the domestic buy site, which is 70% of the satisfaction of the service class, product class satisfaction of 72.2%. The integrity of the site has become a short board of its satisfaction. In the survey for the 257 and 5 group purchase group purchase website navigation website, more than 1/3 of the main business of the overall credit is poor, more than half of the credit generally only 7% of the website, the website of good credit. read more


] January 5th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, the Jingdong’s pat Network today officially announced, will invest one hundred million of the value of public resources to recruit 10000 micro business partner.

according to pat Network, because during the current PAT micro business cooperation are still in trial operation, the first batch of recruiting only ten thousand places, will give priority to in a variety of electronic business platform for shopping Master and share Master, ordinary consumers in January 6th -1 month 8 days during the pat net home page to make an appointment, but from the beginning of January 9th that will open the application limit. read more

electricity supplier in the past two years unusually fierce development, so that the traditional retail industry suffered no small impact. Insiders even boldly predicted that the industry has come to an end.

fact also confirms the traditional retail industry downturn. As the end of the year, is the department store market, Beijing Wangfujing Yokado Jinsong but at this time to adjust the management structure "as an excuse to stop business. Coincidentally, lotus in January also announced the closure of Beijing grass bridge shop. In the past year, Lining, PEAK and other sports brand has closed 1200 stores nationwide, out of the China home depot, WAL-MART closed four stores. read more

in the 2010 annual China e-commerce market data monitoring report, we can see that in 2010 China’s e-commerce market turnover of up to 4 trillion and 500 billion, an increase of 22%. Among them, B2B e-commerce transactions amounted to 3 trillion and 800 billion, the online retail market transactions amounted to $513 billion 100 million. 2010 what are the key words in the rapid development of e-commerce

keyword 1: the development of the first year

e-commerce market in recent years, strong growth and a large number of traditional brand enterprises to join, fully support the development of electronic commerce China the arrival of the first year, according to iResearch predicts that by 2010, network transactions will reach 576 billion year-on-year doubling, growth of over 100%. Xu Xiaolan, vice president of China Electronics Research Institute predicts that by 2015 China will form the world’s largest e-commerce service system, with the world’s first e-commerce application scale. This indicates that China’s e-commerce market will become increasingly fierce, a large part of the lack of competitiveness of enterprises will be eliminated fate. read more


September 1st news, recently issued the "report to Jingdong Analysys research Chinese online supermarket purchase consumer behavior (2016)", the first Jingdong based on the data from the user portrait, purchase behavior, payment behavior, brand preference and other dimensions, analyzes the ecological consumption and the new trend of online China super city.


report shows that in the new generation of 80 and 90 after the main people become the main crowd network supermarket, accounted for more than 70%, more than 70% users for the highly educated, white-collar workers, financial workers, medical personnel, civil servants, teachers and other students accounted for more than 85% users. Online supermarket users, women accounted for 70%. read more


do you know the new Taobao guest the fastest and most profitable channel

is now doing Taobao should be a lot of people, but know that the new Taobao customers certainly not much. As before the Taobao off only for school students to do, they have no contact with society, it still can earn a living. If we work in the same way, it would be a waste of time. When I first started working, it was a waste of time. Now, since the use of the new Taobao QQ Taobao double – off cool off, make money like water, are rushing into my wallet. Project consulting QQ:381713669 (plus I indicate a double Taobao guest) read more


renamed China ( May 6th news, recent news, the official website of well-known brand Chinese pocket goblin officially opened the "demon" Larry domain

According to the

whois query, "Fairy" domain name registered in 2003, in 2014 started the domain name double eleven ", but the content page has been under construction, only recently officially replaced the official domain name. The original domain name was replaced by the English expression of the elves, for the Chinese people is more difficult to understand, the current access to the official website of the home page. read more


they often said that health is easy, living is easy, life is not easy, so the same network. It is easy to build an online shop, it is not easy to run the business. Although in the Internet era, there are many people in the Internet free of charge share a variety of marketing methods, but most of these people didn’t do the successful shop, summed up the methods are used by others, or out of their own analysis, the lack of application to the actual combat ability. Today, Chinese largest educational products store – the today network of excellence from the strategic level to share some experience in business, I hope to give some help. read more


introduction: from the establishment (later renamed Renren), Fanfou, at home, until now the U.S. mission network, he was the first domestic SNS, has always been imitated. Wang Xing once described himself has been in the surf, always one step ahead to identify market opportunities, but every time surfing were later waves beyond.

in the future, he is still full of curiosity and excitement, "the past love, indulge forward" is his constant attitude. In his view, entrepreneurship is not simple, but it is not painful. For example, for some people, running or lifting weights is a painful thing to do with great perseverance, but for others it’s fun. read more



station has been established for a week, the time off really fast. Yesterday I saw a $1.21 income. Although not enough today to pay electricity, living expenses for my virgin station is also very happy, after all we are not before dinner on this fee at the masters to explain to the QQ group, but there are no technical basis, bite the bullet and spent three days to finally put the forum well, then do a SS interface, although there are many places to change, I also did not hide his excitement to share their experience. read more


I have just started to do Taobao guest, so also stand in a new point of view to talk with you about the way I do Taobao guest and ideas. I sort of look at it, I think that if the new Taobao guest to do these three points, it should be very easy to make money. To sum up, there are three points: simplification of complex problems, the ultimate problem of simple, the ultimate problem of replication. I call it narcissism three".

read more


a lot of VC will say that they pick a company, the company actually saw the entrepreneurial team. They’re not lying when they say that. However, they have never talked about the fact that they are out of a company, but also because the entrepreneurial team.

before becoming VC, I was an early entrepreneur. So, I know how much time and effort we need before we can do the project and the company’s vision, and I know that an early startup is like a founder’s own child. So I am very clear, when you try to get the favor of the VC but the end of a busy, and they do not give you a definite reply, don’t tell you what they think, don’t tell you why you refused the team, what kind of feeling stuck. read more


understand the relationship between the flow of the site and the money you can calculate the money you earn each month for the webmaster, this is a valuable reference to an article, from which, perhaps you can think of a lot of things!

is a personal data investigation and observation, the data size difference is normal, I listed the data for general statistics. See individual ability of grass and operation. The site does not include illegal sites, such as * * site. Do not include selling products business site. Belong to all kinds of personal site read more


introduction this adjustment is called a gamble.


founder Wang Feng

technology Tencent Fang Kun reported in April 3rd

Beijing Wangjing, a huge poster hanging downstairs Qiming building reads: "Innovationin mobile games from 2013", two days ago here in La Gang online announced the transition to the mobile game business, the original end of the tour, although Webpage Game continue to update, but no longer approved new projects, has been in the stage of research and development project code named double sealed. CTO, cancel operations center and R & D center, and will operate, propaganda, integrated into the project group, jointly responsible for the results of project. read more



        PI film network advertising price increased to 12 yuan /1000IP, is put in the webmaster please put a lot of not putting this advertisement webmaster, do not miss the opportunity, please go to the background to take the code on this ad, first in first earn, investing more than money, please put the positive advertising!

                                                              & nbsp;;                                                       nine wins advertising alliance read more


News Office of the State Council in September 22nd released "gender equality and women’s development" white paper China (hereinafter referred to as the "white paper"), the full text is about 1.1 words, from the mechanism to ensure gender equality and development of women, women and the economy, education, health, management, environment, gender equality and women’s development of international exchanges and cooperation, with introduced to promote gender equality and women’s development Chinese policy measures and achievements. read more


Abstract: the

Line quickly became popular is the unique "chat expression map", the official Line cute design and distinctive Brown bear, Ni rabbit, and James suffered from Steamed Buns. According to IPO documents show that these popular chat expression for the company’s global contribution of $268 million, accounting for 1/4 of total revenue.

[titanium media] because the expression package and the surrounding products in China fire up Line is about to be listed.

11 this month, Japan’s instant messaging service provider Line announced that due to strong market demand, the final price of IPO will be set at about 3300 yen (about $32.3). Line 14 will be listed in New York, listed on the market in Tokyo on the 15, respectively, the issue of shares and 13 million shares of the 22 million. read more