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Shop No. 1, the first batch of internet medical platform pilot qualifications

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state food and Drug Administration approved screenshot


technology news August 20th noon news, the State Food and Drug Administration on the 25 day of the month officially approved and agreed to No. 1 shop became the third party Internet drugs online retail platform pilot enterprises. This is also the first comprehensive electricity supplier business qualifications.

according to the State Food and Drug Administration of the official website announcement, agreed to Niuhai Electronic Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (shop No. 1) to carry out experimental drugs online retail Internet related work third party platform, which means that all settled Shop No. 1 on the open platform of drug retail chain enterprises will be able to carry out drug retail business network B2C in the shop No. 1. read more

The Internet gods qualifying in 2016 would be a turning point

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all business rules will be broken, all of the pattern are likely to be reconstructed, "an eventful year", in 2016 this seems to indicate that the pattern of domestic Internet will usher in a turning point.

November 10th, NetEase released in 2016 Q3 earnings, net income of 9 billion 212 million yuan, an increase of 38.1%. With Baidu Q3 total revenue fell for the first time, Ali Q3 net profit fell 59% and other bad news, compared to the performance of this Internet veteran NetEase amazing again. read more

Inventory into the Silicon Valley of China IT company HUAWEI, Baidu, Tencent, Suning, Jingdong, Alib

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1, Baidu

Baidu in 2014 to spend $300 million to build a new R & D center in Silicon Valley, the research and development center currently employs about 200 people, including two major groups: USDC and Baidu Research.

USDC is mainly responsible for Internet related business development and covering advertising, information security, big data, cloud computing and other areas of science and technology development; Baidu Research Silicon Valley AI Lab the by Institute of, Deep Learning and Big Data Lab three laboratories, research covering the image recognition and speech recognition, Natural Language Processing search, and intelligent. read more

A brief analysis on some suggestions for the promotion of Bo Fu Station

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"a station" Bo is the webmaster especially the new Adsense commonly used website promotion, website in the early use of this way is the most direct way to access the website IP. "Defined by Bo Yang station" a lot of the master are explained to the integrity of the article I will simply mention under it. The so-called "Bo Yang station" refers to the establishment of a personal blog in the famous blog, updated original articles on the blog, the blog features included fast, high weight to promote the site. read more

On the integration of network marketing

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multi media era, the traditional media and new media are competing for the audience, and the audience itself demand and attention has also been subdivided, in this market environment, enterprises and businesses are tapping in every professional media, is unable to achieve full coverage of their target consumer groups. Especially for 80, 90 or even after the young people, broadband networks, mobile phone network is the main theme of their lives. For they do not wish to receive any media to accept the restriction of time and space, so for businesses, how the whole cyber source, seamless propaganda to the audience has become an important topic of enterprise marketing. read more

In 2015 we have to see through these marketing tools

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introduction: today speak what is marketing, I would say, want to have the sun self happiness, had to be strong in the nouveau riche circle of friends and pain, this pain is the marketing of


6 years ago, micro-blog to discuss what is the marketing, I said, marketing is to 40000 hand piece all sunny, don’t cry hunger, not Haohan. 6 years later, I came to WeChat from micro-blog. The word marketing and me cannot be mention in the same breath today, what is the marketing way, I would say, want to have the sun self happiness, had to be strong in the nouveau riche circle of friends and pain, this pain is the marketing of read more

Wang Zhun how to make use of Internet cafes to promote

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wrote an article about how to promote the website, I mentioned in the text, you can use the Internet to do promotion. Today, the focus on how to make use of Internet cafes to promote.

first, take a look at some of the Internet cafes to promote the success of the case:

A: with Internet cafes fire up from 1999 to September 1, 2004 officially launched the Alexa global ranked twenty-sixth, more than many domestic famous professional websites, or even close to other portals TOM. Until August 31, 2004, Baidu announced the acquisition of 11 million 900 thousand yuan and the successful acquisition of shares of the Hao123 site. read more

Online lending start-ups Kreditech was 82 million 500 thousand euros C round of financing

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with big data analysis of the German online lending start-up companies Kreditech recently confirmed that 82 million 500 thousand euros ($92 million) C round of financing.

was founded in 2012, Kreditech is a financial services for the lack of access to a large number of people to provide financial services start-up companies, headquartered in Hamburg, germany. We know that the credit business generally requires applicants to provide proof of credit, but for those low-income groups often do not provide such proof. For this, Kreditech provides the short-term loan to cancel these restrictions, but let the applicant open access to its Facebook page, eBay page, through the use of the e-commerce shopping behavior, and mobile phone location data, using big data to analyze the creditworthiness of customers. The algorithm can analyze about 20000 data points (one of the factors such as the user issued a loan application equipment is iPad or copycat tablet, fill in the questionnaire, the error rate of the input time and press the Cancel button frequency is Kreditech to evaluate) to evaluate the application, once the application is approved, usually within 15 minutes to complete the loan. read more

On the five elements of enterprise website promotion

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a, choose the direction of

You might say

enterprise website promotion also need not what direction is the product? In fact, an enterprise, it must have their own sales channels, the website is as auxiliary, many of the web site is not updated, or even simply are not included in the search engine, because they rely on the network is small website, just to make to tell customers they have a website.

for some of the larger dependence on the enterprise, the promotion direction can be divided into product promotion and brand promotion. To promote the product, it should be for some products of the competition is not big, customers do not know there is such a thing, because the product competition is not serious, and even customers don’t know there is such a product, so the enterprise needs to let customers know, and promote the main strength should be placed on the product. Besides brand promotion, it is common for some products, competition, such as computer, automotive, clothing and so on, these products very much, the user’s choice of products, how to promote? Don’t focus on products, put them in the corporate brand, like the original Diao card washing powder the bombing of advertising. Do you really think their promotion is washing powder? No, is the brand, diaopai. read more

Taobao sellers dilemma false credit delete and delete

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Taobao seller Lee recently some uneasy, he has been hesitant in the end whether the shop to delete false credit. "Delete business must be greatly affected, do not delete the fear was found to have more stringent penalties." Xiao Li said.

Li’s concern stems from Taobao’s new line of the second generation of safety inspection and monitoring system, and in July 24th began the integrity of self-examination". Sellers received a notice from Taobao, requiring the removal of suspected hype within a specified period of time, do not delete the need to provide transaction documents for manual audit. In Taobao’s platform, credit is accumulated through the transaction volume. "Diamond", "crown" and other credit rating has become the basis for the seller to do business. For the majority of shop owners, high credit means more goods, more customers and more business. However, with the continuous expansion of the number of Taobao shop, the seller’s credit costs are getting higher and higher. "Now there are too many shops on Taobao, there is no two or three diamonds almost no business." Li said that for his new seller, through the false trading brush almost become a common practice of survival. read more

Han clothes homes Du Tingguo 2% return rate of half of the problem is due to fabric

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NetEase Francisco December 20th news, starry released the five largest supplier management policy in its supplier annual meeting: supplier access mechanism, supplier performance evaluation and incentive mechanism, supplier classification, supplier certification mechanism lifting order adjustment mechanism adjustment mechanism, the supplier level.

at the same time, Han Yi homes announced the restructuring of the company’s architecture, the newly established Department of production planning and production of fabric. read more

High German Taobao dream to allow businesses to trade on the map

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Internet Co "spoiler" had the comforts of High German High German to usher in a new challenge, how to break Sina Technology Zhang Nan


Internet Co "spoiler" had the comforts of map business began to change.

from the beginning of April 2012, Baidu maps, Google maps, Apple will continue to voice navigation service as standard, Baidu is providing free offline map function. This makes the original price of 50 yuan of High German navigation had to be reduced to several times the price of $6 price of the freezing point". read more

E-commerce platform unveiled China Yiwu International Commodities Fair

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October 21st, the sixteenth session of the Chinese Yiwu International Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as "fair") held in Yiwu International Expo Center, fair to face the world, the national service "for the purpose, as the world’s fair in this fair but also reflects its international status, the biggest surprise is that the third session of the African the commodity exhibition, attracted more than half of African countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, for the fair considerably. In addition to Internet companies also seized the opportunity, will have moved to the fair e-commerce platform, Chinese network by Yiwu Foreign Trade Fair exhibitors and overseas businessmen set up booths to promote Yiwu local e-commerce platform. read more

In the electronic commerce will decide on what path to follow 2012

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wave of e-commerce has been in the economic market ups and downs in the sea. Electronic commerce is in full bloom in the spring, or be in full swing summer or cold bleak winter? is where the layoffs, the backlog of inventory, many e-commerce companies are funding chain binding breathing is not smooth, with a few dollars and ten dollars in exchange for a piece of money, a few cents of meagre earnings for a long time, can


though, but the electronic commerce will become the trend of the development of the Internet, in Chinese, the slow pace with economic growth and people’s income decline in confidence, e-commerce in this crevice rises occupy the mainstream business in. Of course, the resistance is great, the so-called left is king, who can hold on to the end, who will be the winner of the king! read more

Which store electricity supplier battles special purchases for the Spring Festival day three PK wins

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to the twelfth lunar month, special purchases for the Spring Festival qiao. The Spring Festival market as "the first year special purchases for the Spring Festival battle", become a hotly contested spot of the electricity supplier. At the beginning of January this year, the Alibaba launched the first "special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival", Jingdong, shop No. 1, followed by, are in special purchases for the Spring Festival market. At the same time, the Department’s is not far behind, a fierce battle is already started special purchases for the Spring Festival consumption. read more

Taobao share Baidu know guest Wangzhuan practice

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saw Dai Renguang today: using the prospective SEO done through Taobao off the post, I think I can write the content, and is combined with the successful case of their own to share, is not very successful, but it does have effect, and to just do a Taobao customers to promote new people that is also a useful method, as the saying goes: the master door, rely on individual practice. Everyone (especially Amoy new) don’t think that this can be lucrative, in fact the operation is more important than method comes. read more

Why Taobao customers more difficult to make money

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The 2 day

Baidu update my Taobao end station. Hey! I’m free to share my thoughts on Taobao. A5 do Taobao off the webmaster who have not found the money is more and more difficult to make Taobao customers. System out of a single, the seller cheats we do not mention. The first analysis of the most deadly many reasons lead to hard to earn the money in Taobao off low threshold is too low, unlike other advertising alliance is not easy to join the bank. Even with the addition of advertising, also to the needs of the people, this is inevitable, diversity, but Tao, he is the only one, he is helping a Taobao advertising. read more

07 years of personal stand out of the way, the construction of local characteristics of the site thr

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          read a lot of personal integrated station, the interface is very atmospheric, hundreds of columns, seems to want to do Sina second. But the concept of micro content, but found that it is copied from other stations over; access to its statistics, but also found that only one day from the search engine to find a few people. Without language, or no language.

      person to run large and complete content, to do a nationwide station, does not have any resources, capital and human resources, on the contrary, if join the local characteristics of the site, the king will be hidden but beautiful spot.

      compared to the national integrated station, the local characteristics of the site has three advantages. Content advantage. Local characteristics of the site, based on local content. It’s all about you, so you can see it more intuitively and vividly. Two is to promote advantages. Local characteristics of the site, to a specific area. In this particular geographical scope of promotion, the promotion cost is far less than the national scope. Posters, organizing rallies, PR local news media are easy to control low cutting effect and obvious propaganda way. Three is the dip advantage. Local characteristics of the site, the local residents are involved in things around. Where to open a new Hot pot shop, where the food is best to eat, where to sell the price is good, local residents talked about things. With the interaction between visitors, the site will greatly enhance the stickiness. Four profit advantage. Strong site interaction, the popularity of goods up, careful businesses will not miss you. As a prominent advertising recommendation, a good guide, to bring his is gold and silver 100.

      Ctrip Ctrip launched the website is also worth learning to build local characteristics of the site. If we can establish partnerships with local businesses (such as some of the characteristics of your site as they bring their customers, for you to the station with the implementation of consumer, customer discount) then you will gain popularity while for other business cooperation costs. read more

The most effective way to apply for GG Adsense

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by the end of 2007, Google implemented a new account audit policy, from then on, apply Google Adsense becomes very difficult. Now apply for Google Adsense account, you need to meet 4 conditions.

1 domain name. No longer support Sina blog, such as free, non independent web site application.

2 rich in content.

3 domain name registration time more than 6 months.

4 domain information and Adsense account information the same.

more than 4 conditions, refers to the use of independent web site applications, in addition, can also be through a number of third party sites (also known as GG cooperation website) to apply for Adsense account. Through the GG website to apply, you only need to meet second conditions, that is, the requirements of the site (or blog) rich content. read more

It’s hard to be a boss in China, especially in the IT industry

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IT is the enterprise contact opportunity in joint venture with a few like-minded friends, very little of this industry at first I know, the cavity with a passion, embrace the simple wish: to earn more money, eat well, drink well, live well, let the wives and children a decent education.

after 15 years of hard work, now the business income of billions of dollars, we have become experts in the industry. The seemingly simple wish can be made, but no one see this beautiful aura of how we are single financial liabilities scorched by the flames, it has a high enough to make us heavy-hearted, sleepless nights! Whether to surrender to the dream dream? read more