news February 26th, international day before Tmall launched two level domain name, while the old domain name is still in use in

Tmall international.Com enabled the new domain name, Tmall international is a Alibaba group in February 2014 launched the import business website, mainly imported goods overseas, covering beauty, health food, baby supplies, shoes, digital five categories, Hongkong’s second largest cosmetics group Bonjour network, Taiwan’s largest television shopping channel selection, Eastern Japan first large health products B2C sites such as Kenko have been scouring the sea platform in the above set up overseas flagship store, currently Tmall more than 140 stores. read more


e-commerce has never been like this into our work and life today, the site has never been the impact of the performance of today’s electronic business development. Through the analysis of more than 150 sites of the 150 million page hits, Gomez Benchmarks found that the surface response time increased from 2 seconds to 10 seconds, the page will give up the rate of increase of 38%. How to enhance the loyalty of visitors to the page, the world’s leading Web application performance monitoring and analysis of the depth of the company Gomez Benchmarks gives the answer. read more

1 "Nora event" insider: xiangeqing closeted key in the debt

this is the fastest 15 days, as well as Wang xin.

June 26th, the Guangdong Provincial Communications Authority to Nora served administrative penalty decision, Nora dissemination of pornographic information through the Internet was revoked value-added telecommunications business license. On the same day, the Shenzhen trade and Industry Bureau Nora infringement of intellectual property punishable by a fine of 260 million yuan. read more

with the development of Internet, more and more education institutions continue to cross network education websites in China such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like blossom everywhere, recently some domestic educational institutions at the opening of the new domain name, domain name or on-line website move attention, also let the author attention to the education industry domain, educational institutions, more and more attention to the domain name strategy now, choose a good domain name plays a vital role in the enterprise and the site in the future long-term development, what kind of domain name and education industry has a margin of read more

because super like the reasons for the network. He also built several stations. For personal sites, the key is to promote, promote the good, the flow has a natural income will have. Online writing methods to promote the article very much. Now I have used the methods I have written to share with all of you, although there is an introduction on the Internet, but I wrote that I have operated.

1, QQ group promotion method with this method has two key points, first, if your site content is only for a group of people, it should be targeted to find groups. Two is in the group of direct advertising is easy to T. The solution is as follows: one is the relationship with the main group, the two is a group of mail, three is the group space, four is in addition to group owners and administrators, one by one, five is your ad writing level high, let people look not advertising, but still trapped. QQ group to promote this method is more effective, can instantly. The most troublesome thing is easy to be T. My poet Chinese calligraphy net of this website is completely promotion QQ group promotion method, I will add a lot of calligraphy class website, and then one by one group to the group members to send a message, the content is the famous calligraphy video and he shared a link. Effect is very good. My other website, Nantong 1 network is also using this method, the effect is also very good. But my "118 stock." this website with this method basically can not, because the stock is basically the QQ group for money advertising pull members set up, a lot of Q group also cannot be added, added a message was T. read more

yesterday, there is news that India local news aggregation platform Dailyhunt announced D obtained $25 million round of financing from the domestic information platform for today’s headlines lead investor Sequoia, India, India, Jingwei Falcon Edge, Omidyar and Vodafone before CEOArun Sarin with the cast.

Dailyhunt founder and CEO Virendra Gupta said, big data will be the core of Dailyhunt, and video and audio will be the main direction of the future development of the platform. It revealed that the Dailyhunt will be used in machine learning technology, brand building, etc.. read more

now many webmaster like to write soft, as long as there is a new station, will immediately by writing soft Wen to do propaganda. But is it clear what the soft Wen can bring us?

many webmaster just rely on soft Wen to get traffic, get IP, in fact, this is only the surface. Of course, not only to bring the flow of soft, more important is to reprint more words on the site’s links are more, but also can improve some weight.

is well known, ADMIN5 is a place where the soft text. As a qualified webmaster, that must learn to write soft. Do not you see, those outside the chain of big website frequently tens of thousands of where they come from? Most of these were written greatly soft, but also to write a soft text level, also to write to the editor to appreciate your article, although it is soft, but I can’t put the editors too soft, at least let Adsense nets editors don’t see your post is a yawn. Soft need not have much literary talent, important is hard, with little skill. read more

in 2016, there are several large coffee, and puts forward several similar concepts and conclusions.

For example,

founder Li Feng forright capital, the growth of mobile Internet will be closer to flat, domestic entrepreneurs will increment from the Internet era into the era of the stock.

Luo Zhenyu in September, potential energy to create a speech in the ShenZhen Railway Station, said his six cognitive Internet, the first cognitive mentioned: the Internet has entered the second half, similar to the point of view and Li Feng. read more

time of wind, the twinkling of an eye to the Shanghai travel network almost half a year, between the understanding of the tourism industry in the first half of this year, published an article in < < network owners; the promotion of ideas about the tourism network > > the article, on the understanding of the tourism industry (HTTP://

Shanghai this place a full competitive metropolis, especially in the tourism industry. Price war is a common tactic in tourism. This tactic allows the major travel agencies in Shanghai at lower profits, to win customers, although some achievements, this is the Shanghai area tourism jiquanbuning, constantly running out, to get out of this situation, the major travel agencies are trying to develop new channels. read more

today, there is a class of 10 students asked me how the professional e-commerce? How should I learn, school for a year, feel very confused, do not catch the point! After I heard this question, first is the heart smile, as if to see the lost four years ago myself. In order to make him less detours, I wrote this article!

e-commerce professionals involved in a wide range of knowledge, knowledge and more complex. They interweave with each other into a large net. I also do not know how to start. But there is one thing to grasp, that is, no matter how many professional knowledge of e-commerce, only I learned the hand, is really belongs to their own. read more

Dangdang and excellence want to get out of the boundaries of the book site, to enter the department store, but now there is news that Jingdong mall involved in the book market B2C.

Mcglaughlin was listed last month, to a lot of people with more hope for the B2C, the traditional enterprises are stepping up the pace to enter the e-commerce this big cake, but just rumors that Chinese B2C veteran also will be in November listed on nasdaq. At this time, as the B2C industry, the strong momentum of Jingdong mall has broken its CEO Liu Qiangdong said at the beginning of this year, 5 years into the book market. Jingdong attack the book market, why? What are the advantages? read more


is known as the China man version of "sex and the city", "FHM" has attracted attention since its launch, the network TV shows on demand charts is clueless, hits the high popularity. In the view of smart business, where there is popular, there is business opportunities, indeed, the synchronization in the network hit version of "man" became the target of many businesses look at fiercely as a tiger does. Aside from the video playback before and after the regular advertising does not talk about the soft implanted TV drama inside the ad is the focus of all the eyes of the Internet users, becoming more popular than the story of the men and women love the topic of public opinion hot spots. read more


in the United States Amazon plans to hire 50 thousand temporary workers (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Francisco (loudly) in Beijing on October 16th news, according to foreign media reports, Amazon announced on Monday that the company plans to recruit 50 thousand temporary workers in the United States, for the upcoming Christmas holiday shopping season.

Amazon currently employs 20 thousand employees in the company’s 40 logistics centers in the United States, and new hires will be placed in the logistics center. Amazon said, expected about thousands of employees at the end of the holiday quarter will still remain in the company, engaged in part-time jobs. read more


for those who are familiar with the network, Google and Baidu advertising alliance is not unfamiliar. In fact, many of the early site of the personal site in Google and Baidu on a good taste. With the development of Baidu Google, the increase in the number of sites. For most sites to make money also become unreachable.

to tell the truth for the old Adsense Google really brought a lot of benefits. At that time, find a site and then get a bit of foreign traffic can get tens of dollars a day. Baidu is also that time is catch up from behind, individual owners of the spring. But the good times don’t last long. With the consolidation of the Baidu Google alliance and revocation of some of the ads, many of the individual owners do not come out of the League K. Since then, a lot of webmasters have found that Google Baidu money earned. Do not say even if the flow is slightly abnormal cheating. May cause the withholding or direct fube commission. read more


today I know A5 webmaster network to start in the forum to do the task of the whole income of 5000 yuan a day, a good mood. These are their hard-earned money, only for more than a month (I do the task of relatively short time, has not done before). 5000 yuan is not a lot, but for the general terms of grassroots can pay the cost of the server has been, of course I rented server is not what we think of such a high configuration, after all the station is small enough on the line. Well, a direct cut to the chase. read more


Internet era, entrepreneurship can better reflect the value of a person. So the following are fifteen Internet entrepreneurs view of the world, there is always a suitable for you.

first, venture capital. If you only rely on their own businesses, generally do very hard, so many entrepreneurs are looking for venture capital. But most people still believe that the best online is the premise to do their own thing to pull the wind cast, when your performance, product flow, get attention will be relatively easy to pull investment. read more