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What are the reasons for taking food to attract customers

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take food stores in the current market nowhere to see, but the operation is not long, speaking of business, so how to win the favor of diners? Let us know the following, what is the reason for food to attract diners?

The origin of

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Kung Fu chicken why so popular

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food and beverage industry to say how business? At least in the snack food market to see the degree of popularity has never subsided. Whether it is economic prosperity when the economic downturn or upward weak moment, the world has never had to join the snacks. Chicken is a special snack currently very popular, has been flowing into China by the people of all ages, business is very hot.

Kung Fu chicken why so popular?

Kung Fu chicken once launched, immediately received rave reviews. Kung Fu chicken this brand to put chicken taste like everyone is really not easy, the brand also began to enlarge trick in the promotion, you join in, now a lot of concessions, a lot of profit! read more

Men’s health center to join what strategy

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now as we attach importance to health, more and more health museum in our lives, many men will choose to maintain the health museum. So, if the opening of a men’s health center store, then, what strategies need to pay attention to it? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

men’s health center to join what strategy? Men’s beauty health museum join now, is a popular industry, its development space is very large, and so do the competitiveness of super women’s health museum business, it would be better to choose a suitable location in business hall, maybe you can achieve great success. Overall, men’s beauty and health museum to join now men do not pay enough attention to the beauty, many men are more willing to use his money to be friends, eating out, and rarely put the money to the health center and other places. So the man must have meet the interests and characteristics, strengthen propaganda, it is necessary to keep the sign. Health care to join read more

Christmas New Year’s Day is about to do the most profitable business

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saw the end of 2011 many festivals have to come, first Christmas, after the new year’s day, Christmas, new year’s Day is coming, in the end of 2011 can do something to get rich? Today the whole network Xiaobian for Christmas day do you recommend, what the most profitable business.

"type Luxuries palace paper barbecue" product rich, diverse selection, has diversified characteristics in barbecue market, covering all seasons, and the headquarters of the R & D center will always pay attention to Chinese eating habits, new product development more in line with people’s tastes, barbecue, and regularly launch new season so, for investors to avoid the off-season. read more

How college students from business

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recently a lot of university graduates to ask such a question: "I was a graduate student, now can not find work, want to do poineering work experience, not what is not to money, I can do business?" The answer is yes.

, he knew the cook is a very practical work, he ran a lot of units, also did not find a job, so he thought of a trick, he came to a great reputation of the hotel, to a lot of vegetables, to 500 yuan checkout, but he had no money to checkout, he took the diploma, and the manager said: no money, or I work for you to pay back the money. The manager of a black guy, to work for two months to repay the cost for meals, so the boy began to work. He is willing to do the dirty work, rushing to dry, the chef soon fell in love with him, he was behind the assistant, he also became the Department manager. If you want to study in a certain industry, then learn this young man, to find a way to work in the industry to learn, and must find a way to do.

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To become a businessman onto the road of success

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believe that many friends have found that a number of early in the real estate owners have been the gold rush, not peace day. Price inflection point has been the most talked about topic in the current industry. "I have two sets of real estate in Beijing has not been sold for the past 3 months, I do not come up with too cheap, but I must sell before the end of the year, the company’s current cash flow problem." Reporters around a friend said.

with this question, the reporter saw such remarks in an investment in the industry micro-blog, may be the explanation: "many private entrepreneurs are beginning to indulge in the current" money for money ", aspire to be an investor, or VC or PE, do not want to continue to take root industry. There are four reasons: first, return of capital market is much higher than that of corporate entities; second, the media exaggerated the minority investment myth; third, crazy gem; fourth, industry macro environment is getting worse and the country back into phenomenon has greatly undermined the confidence of private entrepreneurs in crisis!! "

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University website fully enabled Chinese address

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      reporters yesterday from the Chinese Internet Network Information Center was informed that the.CN of Peking University, Fudan University, Nankai University and other colleges and universities all over the.CN.CN near 1000 "Chinese.CN" domain name has been registered opened, including "211" colleges opening rate of nearly 90%. The Chinese domain name has been Microsoft’s latest Vista operating system, as well as the full support of the IE browser upgrade. read more

Wang Tong mysterious fission marketing

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2500, Gautama began to preach, but he found himself tired all day, can only help a few people, so even if busy for a lifetime, will not help much, so he was very depressed.

one day, he felt tired, he sat down in a bodhi tree, then another law to think about how to more effectively the problem.

he sat for 7 days, then do


many people think Gautama will after Enlightenment of avatar and the specific function of what, this is a speculation, Gautama never died of it, even before he died due to illness has been in bed for several years. read more

Sources said happy network will enable to enter the international market

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June 20th evening news (reporter Su Peng), according to sources exclusively revealed, happy net will abandon the domain name, intends to use the new after the National Day this year to enter the international market. Speed transit network immediately query the whois information found that the current and domain names are the same company and mailbox management.

diagram for whois query results

this source also revealed exclusively, happy net ( is announced in today’s high-level meeting of its international strategy, which means that happy network will be in direct confrontation with the international Facebook. read more

All the American people earn $4000 a day wearing underwear

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      this article should have a name: Grassroots webmaster and grassroots breakout".

      not long ago, I saw an internal information, one of the stories caught my attention, this story is about a network sales genius Geoff · the story of Paul.

      Geoff · Paul wrote a book "how to wear underwear sitting at the kitchen table every day to earn $4000", see this title, give a person feel unbelievable feeling, even as a joke. But surprisingly, Geoff · Paul is really done, his basement and the first sister huddled in a rented room, but half a year later, he wore underwear sitting at home, you can earn $4000, but now he has become a millionaire. read more

Investors talk about VR VR’s color has just begun

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the second half of last year, the capital circle on O2O that pale, entrepreneurs are afraid to say that they do O2O; in the second half of this year, the capital circle has become a VR color…… In China’s Internet technology entrepreneurship, the capital market has become a benchmark for entrepreneurship. Where to go to the capital, where entrepreneurs go, this is actually a very dangerous signal, there is a blind follow suit.

most investors are the failure of entrepreneurs, is bound to look at each industry with a loser’s read more

Sohu denies the abolition of content without editing the news department rumors Chen Zhaohua early n

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technology news November 14th noon news today, according to the blue whale media reports, the upcoming reform of Sohu, gradually removing content department, and is no longer set the edit posts, positioning Sohu news portal will be changed from the media platform, Sohu chief editor Chen Zhaohua also or will leave. In this regard, Chen Zhaohua revealed to sina science and technology, recently being on vacation, in consideration of future career planning, may still do content, the current inconvenience revealed. Insiders said that Chen Zhaohua will leave in January next year. According to rumors of abolition of editorial department, Sohu official said it will strengthen the editing, rather than weaken or cancel. The media Sohu deputy editor in chief fan hero also denied the revoked Department rumors. read more

Personal portal as the next trend of personal blog

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recently, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "2007 China blog market survey report", the report said at the end of November 2007, China blog has reached 72 million 820 thousand, up to 47 million the number of bloggers, and predict the single blog will change to the personal portal.

A review of the

blog development process, the concept of blog is introduced in 2002 2005, China, blog got the scale of growth since 2006, the blog into a stage of vigorous development, has gradually become the basic services of the Internet blog. But with the rapid development of Internet, network technology, blog function has been out of single information published, is not only the text, pictures, sound, video, animation, and gradually combined with instant communication, social function, will become a bloggers covering the full range of personal portal. read more

Analysis of the advertising prospect of mobile Internet profit model

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to tell the truth, I do not mix the Internet circle is long, but there is an experience, that is, no matter what level of access to the occasion, talk about the mobile Internet can be loaded forced. So…… Today, I talk to you about the future of mobile Internet profit model. Today to talk about the feasibility of advertising


I believe that the traditional Internet profit model has three forms:

1) sales model. The use of the Internet to achieve product sales, such as e-commerce platform and buy site. read more

Apple Pay UK startup yongcu by landing

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according to foreign media reports, with Apple’s Apple Pay mobile payment services officially landed in the United Kingdom this week, the country’s start-up companies have been hoping to get a boost from.

currently, the UK has more than 25 retail locations (including the London Metro System) to accept the payment of Apple Pay. The service also supports in app payments.

for Apple Pay, the UK is a place to prepare for the market, because many parts of the country have been using contactless payment. Part of the taxi drivers still insist on cash payments, but without cash coins in London has been easier to play. Last year, the balance officially shifted: according to data from the UK payments Commission, an industry funded group, only 48% of transactions in Britain were done in cash, down from about $53% in 2013. read more

How to do a good job in the six tier cities local websites offline activities

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because many webmasters in the topic, said: local sites require survival and development, it is necessary to pull the cable to be able to adhere to the activities to do. In the case of a shortage of time manpower shortage, Diaobingshan home network in the establishment of only 20 days time, but in a hurry but successfully held the first offline activities. Diaobingshan city is a county-level city in Liaoning Province, who belongs to the city of Tieling, population 250 thousand, now belong to the six class city, in such a seemingly small city to set up the local market forum and activities appears to be completely unrealistic. But in the efforts of team members, or achieved gratifying results. On the twentieth day website, which is the day of the event, a registered member for the first time exceeded 1000 people online at the same time, the highest number reached 91 grade, for a six place city forum, really do a lot of homework. read more

College students entrepreneurial legend Earn 600 thousand monthly

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Yu Linwei is an obsession with the "Westward Journey", love Zhu Deyong, Jimmy and Picacho boy in Hangzhou, is such an affinity, look big boy on the ornamental and the combined plain properties, founded his own advertising company of the third grade, the company opened 12 days ushered in the first deal. Since then, he has become a Xinhua news agency, people’s daily, the Zhejiang daily and other media coverage of entrepreneurial models reported. Today, in order to be able to climb a different mountain, Yu Linwei resolutely resigned, began a new business process. read more

The new trend of cross-border electricity supplier, from the focus on supply channels to the logisti

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2013 can be said to be the first year of cross-border electricity supplier, after the cross-border electricity supplier called sea Amoy + purchasing mode. With the electricity supplier on both sides of the ocean giant layout overseas markets, the concept of cross-border electricity supplier has gradually formed. March 2014, the Customs issued a cross-border e-commerce services pilot online shopping bonded import mode notice formally established the direction of the development of cross-border electricity supplier. If you will disperse before the sea Amoy + purchasing model known as cross-border electricity supplier 1 era, then start from the pilot, cross-border electricity providers will enter the era of the 2. read more

NetEase koala sea purchase and Sasa reached a strategic cooperation to expand the high-end beauty

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DoNews September 20th news (reporter to close) to the NetEase’s cross-border business comprehensive business platform NetEase koala sea purchase announced the signing of a strategic cooperation with Hongkong’s largest cosmetics retailers Sasa, the introduction of international top beauty products, dig China market, big data, O2O has reached a cooperation intention.

Sasa was founded in 1978, is Asia’s largest cosmetics chain, one of the ten largest retail group in Hongkong. So far, Sasa has more than two hundred and eighty retail outlets in Asia, sales of more than seven hundred well-known global brands, including skin care products, perfumes, cosmetics, hair care products, etc.. read more

B2C roll call the latest collection of domestic B2C website

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1 synthesis: (Zhuo Yue) (Dangdang) (D1 convenience network) (100

bus) (lazy guy super) (shop 1) (E) (brush) (net Shanghai) (


(well-off family) read more