ministry yesterday issued "Regulations for the administration of Internet information services (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), again clear requirements of unfair competition between Internet information service providers shall, at the same time not illegal pop-up ads, not without the user choose bundled installation software, violators a maximum fine of 30 thousand yuan. The regulations are now open for comments, deadline for August 11th. read more


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Internet thinking several characters in recent years is very popular. Look at your eyes all the sounds you hear calluses, ears long hemorrhoids. The public that goes rational woman and she said, but in the end what is the Internet thinking, everybody may still do not understand, even Baidu encyclopedia explanation arcane. Primary school language teachers began to tell us to write the article to be based on facts, so through an example to sum up I would like to be better. read more

"people are not sure whether or not to come out, the front can not speak, if I come out, I will silence." In March 11th, a micro-blog ID "said _ deep hate LL @ @ the cult" to accept the twenty-first Century economic report interview. Recently, the ID issued and forwarded a number of news about AcFun executives were arrested before.

on AcFun is Youku potatoes, sued former executives arrested, company employees, AcFun and Youku potatoes signed a memorandum of understanding of tort "and other information users, nearly two days on the Internet set off a slobber war. At present, both parties AcFun and Youku potatoes were not formally official response. read more

know Web2.0 site model is the last year, is the most typical, website, is user centered interactive website.

had heard that has to be listed, to be listed, fried quite a fire, later died down. The reason I have some personal views, for your reference:

1 profit model is not clear, the site is now more obvious profit model there are two: that is, online advertising and membership.

I don’t see how valuable their online ads are from the two most popular websites. It is not appropriate to develop membership at the same time. The natural market has become a bubble. read more

Abstract: Wu Xiaobo said, the fund has completed the lion to enjoy the home of wine at home, 12 floor, block B ten point reading, catering boss reference and 12 cylinder car, car, car pick WeChat tea the number of public investment, plus the Wu Xiaobo channel, has completed 6 million of the total subscriber cover, goal is to be completed by the end of 2015 covering 10 million subscribers.

The new list of

news, the afternoon of September 6th, is held "riding in the new world on the back of a big news conference, Wu Xiaobo announced that the fund has completed the lion to enjoy the home of wine at home, 12 floor, block B ten point reading, catering boss reference and 12 cylinder car, car, car and other WeChat pick tea the number of public investment, plus the Wu Xiaobo channel, has completed 6 million of the total subscriber cover, goal is to be completed by the end of 2015 covering 10 million subscribers. Wu Xiaobo said that there are still a number of public investment projects are being discussed, the main position is Pan finance, middle-class consumption. In addition, Wu Xiaobo and Qin Shuo and Feng Lun founded together big channel, video broadcast by Iqiyi. read more

[Abstract]9158 this year will launch 6-8 game products, combined with video, video chat room through the anchor drive mode.

9158 executives in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) July 22nd news, Columba interactive (01980.HK) announced yesterday, announced the first quarter of 2014 earnings, reported a 9158 in the first quarter net profit of 27 million 429 thousand yuan, attributable to owners of the Company attributable net profit of 27 million 660 thousand yuan. read more

in 2016, there are several large coffee, and puts forward several similar concepts and conclusions.

For example,

founder Li Feng forright capital, the growth of mobile Internet will be closer to flat, domestic entrepreneurs will increment from the Internet era into the era of the stock.

Luo Zhenyu in September, potential energy to create a speech in the ShenZhen Railway Station, said his six cognitive Internet, the first cognitive mentioned: the Internet has entered the second half, similar to the point of view and Li Feng. read more


, the founder of today’s headlines Zhang YimingSina

technology news November 17th news, today’s headlines founder and CEO Zhang Yiming in the 2016 World Conference on the Internet revealed that by the end of last month, the end of the month, there have been a total of 600 million active users of today’s headlines, 140 million active users, each user every 76 minutes.

he said, to achieve such results can not be separated from the application of AI technology in the product, in the case of no one to maintain editorial information, the use of today’s headlines when the product exceeds the long-term counterparts. Zhang Yiming said, so far, today’s headlines has eight hundred Algorithm Engineers, twenty thousand processors, 151 training samples, 6 billion times every user request, the request is already very large in artificial intelligence applications, there are twenty thousand machines around the clock to calculate probability. read more

              network owners on 03 November news: QQ and 360 more war more intense, there is no sign of ending, just Tencent released a letter to the majority of QQ users, in this letter, the Tencent that will stop the operation of QQ software with 360 software on the computer, the contents of the letter is as follows:

              a letter to the majority of QQ users

dear QQ user:

when you see this letter, we have just made a very difficult decision. Before the 360 companies stop the QQ plug-in and malicious slander, we decided to stop running QQ software on the computer with the software on the. We know that this will cause you some inconvenience, we sincerely apologize to you. At the same time, the reasons for making this decision are written below, looking forward to your understanding and support. read more

IT home today, three of the world’s most famous authority antivirus testing agency AV-Comparatives, AV-TEST, Virus and Bulletin jointly denounced China security vendors of Qihoo 360, the reason is that the 360 institutions to test the product and the actual payment of users of the product shows significantly different behavior. Three testing agencies announced that all authentication and rating will cancel Qihoo 360 product since this year, and will in future tests adhere to open fair treatment parameters measured manufacturers, to ensure that users receive the most accurate information. read more

Dare to challenge Baidu and

, as China private medical market the main force of the "Putian" in the end is how to get? The so-called big four family’s and what industry? Big department of Putian all over the country behind why

kept a mystery?

March 21st, Putian (China) Health Industry Association issued a notice of the contents of "notice on stopping" all paid network promotion, notice clearly requires all member units since April 1, 2015 to stop all paid online promotional activities, and put forward 5 requirements. read more

Taobao seller Lee recently some uneasy, he has been hesitant in the end whether the shop to delete false credit. "Delete business must be greatly affected, do not delete the fear was found to have more stringent penalties." Xiao Li said.

Li’s concern stems from Taobao’s new line of the second generation of safety inspection and monitoring system, and in July 24th began the integrity of self-examination". Sellers received a notice from Taobao, requiring the removal of suspected hype within a specified period of time, do not delete the need to provide transaction documents for manual audit. In Taobao’s platform, credit is accumulated through the transaction volume. "Diamond", "crown" and other credit rating has become the basis for the seller to do business. For the majority of shop owners, high credit means more goods, more customers and more business. However, with the continuous expansion of the number of Taobao shop, the seller’s credit costs are getting higher and higher. "Now there are too many shops on Taobao, there is no two or three diamonds almost no business." Li said that for his new seller, through the false trading brush almost become a common practice of survival. read more

time of wind, the twinkling of an eye to the Shanghai travel network almost half a year, between the understanding of the tourism industry in the first half of this year, published an article in < < network owners; the promotion of ideas about the tourism network > > the article, on the understanding of the tourism industry (HTTP://

Shanghai this place a full competitive metropolis, especially in the tourism industry. Price war is a common tactic in tourism. This tactic allows the major travel agencies in Shanghai at lower profits, to win customers, although some achievements, this is the Shanghai area tourism jiquanbuning, constantly running out, to get out of this situation, the major travel agencies are trying to develop new channels. read more

because many webmasters in the topic, said: local sites require survival and development, it is necessary to pull the cable to be able to adhere to the activities to do. In the case of a shortage of time manpower shortage, Diaobingshan home network in the establishment of only 20 days time, but in a hurry but successfully held the first offline activities. Diaobingshan city is a county-level city in Liaoning Province, who belongs to the city of Tieling, population 250 thousand, now belong to the six class city, in such a seemingly small city to set up the local market forum and activities appears to be completely unrealistic. But in the efforts of team members, or achieved gratifying results. On the twentieth day website, which is the day of the event, a registered member for the first time exceeded 1000 people online at the same time, the highest number reached 91 grade, for a six place city forum, really do a lot of homework. read more

held in 2010 the first group purchase website Chinese integrity of the building before the summit in Beijing, the development of the 2010 Chinese website Chinese Internet association group purchase credit evaluation center issued at the meeting "and credit report" survey shows: as of the end of November this year, the total number of group purchase website has a certain scale in China has reached 1664.

report shows that this year, the customer is satisfied with the domestic buy site, which is 70% of the satisfaction of the service class, product class satisfaction of 72.2%. The integrity of the site has become a short board of its satisfaction. In the survey for the 257 and 5 group purchase group purchase website navigation website, more than 1/3 of the main business of the overall credit is poor, more than half of the credit generally only 7% of the website, the website of good credit. read more

today, there is a class of 10 students asked me how the professional e-commerce? How should I learn, school for a year, feel very confused, do not catch the point! After I heard this question, first is the heart smile, as if to see the lost four years ago myself. In order to make him less detours, I wrote this article!

e-commerce professionals involved in a wide range of knowledge, knowledge and more complex. They interweave with each other into a large net. I also do not know how to start. But there is one thing to grasp, that is, no matter how many professional knowledge of e-commerce, only I learned the hand, is really belongs to their own. read more

rookie from the day established, has not stopped. Because can not escape the outside line of sight, criticized a lot controversy. As for the recent discussion, let the whole industry to re-examine the value of such a big strategy exactly what kind of value.

has just won the Yunfeng fund billion capital injection, peak express reached a strategic cooperation with the rookie, currently 50% of the orders from Taobao, 70% of the orders from the electricity supplier. Such a layout, almost a microcosm of the entire courier industry. No one knows when the rookie is going to go, the electricity supplier hovering in the hard edge in the profit, has become a mirror of the world express understanding of electricity, must clean up, to meet all users wish. read more

[TechWeb] August 7th Evening News reported today, there are people from the media in the circle of friends issued a document called the Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong Gong Xiaojing has confirmed his ex girlfriend back to Jingdong, Jingdong group vice president of strategic position. Today, at a financial conference, the outflow of Gong Xiaojing on behalf of Jingdong to participate in a financial conference table signed photos.

today evening the BOE for the media confirmed, "Ms Gong Xiaojing from the original unit after the departure, currently serves as an advisor to the public affairs group strategy of Jingdong." read more

cross-border electricity supplier is the most recent two years online retail development is the most vigorous new forces. Since the national policy has not been fully liberalized, but the introduction of bonded warehouse model to test the water, so the current cross-border electricity supplier in the field of product concentration is very high. Whether it is Jingdong, poly America and other integrated electricity supplier platform, or foreign terminals, honey bud baby and other emerging cross-border electricity providers and individuals purchasing sellers are aimed at the user’s favorite star products. read more

according to informed sources from Tencent informed, leaving the glory of HUAWEI executives Liu Jiangfeng began a new business process, which in the near future to create a Dmall company, officially entered the O2O life service platform.

former glory President Liu Jiangfeng

the day before the new year’s Eve in 2015, Liu Jiangfeng suddenly resigned from HUAWEI. At that time, Liu Jiangfeng Tencent technology, said, rest for some time, ready to do a little business".

it is understood that Dmall is to create a O2O life service platform to the supermarket as an entry point to the daily consumer goods and fresh products as a breakthrough. According to the sources, Dmall has established a partnership with wumart. read more