in the first half of the national total and online pornography cases since 712, handling network bad and harmful information of more than 86.9, of which more than 52.9 pornographic information; closed down 3612 bad sites, including pornographic websites 811.

source: Vision China

to create a delicate gas is the network space, since this year, at all levels all over the country "anti pornography" departments to seriously organize the "net net 2016 special action, continue to combat Internet pornographic information, with internet video, broadcast, cloud disk, micro focus, a number of centralized rectification. Up to now, special action has achieved remarkable results. read more

according to the January Netguide2008 China Internet survey report, the relevant market research survey: 08 years will affect China’s real estate market trends in the market of the 5 factors. Relevant statistics also show that 08 years of real estate website cake up to 1 billion 80 million yuan, an increase of up to 31.7% in the coming year will reach 1 billion 380 million yuan.

08 years of China’s real estate website development will have six trends:

: a trend due to the special nature of the real estate industry website, will have a bright future. read more

1.1500 data profile

500 account April released a total of 99 thousand parts, a decline of 4%; harvest 4 billion 820 million reading and 37 million 165 thousand points praise, including the number of points like a decline of 10.7%; eliminate monthly natural differences in the days after the discovery, the account group was essentially flat in the release of the strength, release amount and user feedback are compared with the previous month showed different degrees drop.

The average number of days of read more

tourism enterprises and scenic spot in the propaganda and improve the visibility of big bother, advertising is one of the ways to solve the problems through the actual operation results and expected to have a considerable gap, advertising is undeserved, cause a huge waste. How to use the money in the "knife edge", so that each of the tourism enterprises to play a role in it?

is a popular phrase: "I know my advertising at least more than half of the waste, but I do not know exactly where the waste?" according to the characteristics of tourism products: do not motivate, cannot be copied, immediate cause instant death. We should consider the following aspects of advertising: read more

recently, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "2007 China blog market survey report", the report said at the end of November 2007, China blog has reached 72 million 820 thousand, up to 47 million the number of bloggers, and predict the single blog will change to the personal portal.

A review of the

blog development process, the concept of blog is introduced in 2002 2005, China, blog got the scale of growth since 2006, the blog into a stage of vigorous development, has gradually become the basic services of the Internet blog. But with the rapid development of Internet, network technology, blog function has been out of single information published, is not only the text, pictures, sound, video, animation, and gradually combined with instant communication, social function, will become a bloggers covering the full range of personal portal. read more

When the

all over the world for earth to find another companion, and when the pig CMS as cheerful as a lark, but Bob in tears: the earth to find the other half, I (Bi -) or single! So they turn grief into strength, in the hanging farther down the road… .

candle for them at the same time, but also follow the footsteps of small series, to see if they use the new features of youth and blood watered out – group graphics, has been cool on the line!

Grouping graphic function fresh pig CMS read more

recently a very fire, that is "small is beautiful"; on, also saw Taobao is trying to promote this noun, show a lot of small and beautiful website for us, and I then click on the go, find out more about these shop features, such as first introduced the development process of shop, then what is the place to learn, what are the advantages of their products, in the introduction of their own shops, will maximize marketing of their products, to provide a great space to play. Then do our own website, how can we really do small and beautiful? read more

because super like the reasons for the network. He also built several stations. For personal sites, the key is to promote, promote the good, the flow has a natural income will have. Online writing methods to promote the article very much. Now I have used the methods I have written to share with all of you, although there is an introduction on the Internet, but I wrote that I have operated.

1, QQ group promotion method with this method has two key points, first, if your site content is only for a group of people, it should be targeted to find groups. Two is in the group of direct advertising is easy to T. The solution is as follows: one is the relationship with the main group, the two is a group of mail, three is the group space, four is in addition to group owners and administrators, one by one, five is your ad writing level high, let people look not advertising, but still trapped. QQ group to promote this method is more effective, can instantly. The most troublesome thing is easy to be T. My poet Chinese calligraphy net of this website is completely promotion QQ group promotion method, I will add a lot of calligraphy class website, and then one by one group to the group members to send a message, the content is the famous calligraphy video and he shared a link. Effect is very good. My other website, Nantong 1 network is also using this method, the effect is also very good. But my "118 stock." this website with this method basically can not, because the stock is basically the QQ group for money advertising pull members set up, a lot of Q group also cannot be added, added a message was T. read more

try to think, commodity service is not easy to be found in the Internet by potential customers, but also have to face competition from other peers or similar goods. Therefore, in order to achieve success in the world of e-commerce, we must pay attention to [network marketing plan]. A good marketing plan can not only effectively reduce the cost of publicity, but also can make goods or services in many competitors stand out.

how to develop a network marketing plan for the success of the sale of goods on the Internet? read more

in the network marketing many of the promotion methods, can be said that the use of video marketing is a very good method, on the Internet there is such a word "can not see the video pictures, can see the words" no text, this shows that many people love to see pictures and video content. As marketers consider the enterprise benefits such as video marketing? There is video site traffic, high weight, we search some information in the Internet, the search results page information there will always be some video sites, as shown in Figure 1, then the enterprise how to carry out the video marketing method? Methods and precautions? Here I talk about this topic. read more

is mostly a buck, the final result is not good, too hard. The real meat, are slow cooked out. Network marketing things, naturally so. Now, the network marketing of the circle is more and more big, people, very lively. But the real brand network marketing company, very rare. Often see, about the current situation of the enterprise counterparts, are showing a helpless helpless and self noise.

led to the impetuous society, customers (advertisers) for instant success and bad attitude, shot for a place, as a product as crops harvested up season. This kind of phenomenon, so that the majority of network marketing companies followed in accordance with the customer’s mentality and demand, formed this situation now: specialize in SEO team search engine marketing agency, on the pseudo FOURA companies rely on speculation grey PR marketing company, most of them to meet the current market demand and customer needs. Customers try mentality and network marketing company short-term revenue thinking, so that the network marketing companies and customers this relationship, become very fragile, short. Marketing effect is temporary, there is no good evaluation and adjustment, not to mention the continuation. The final result, the customer lost the recognition of the network marketing, so that marketing companies more and more short-sighted. read more

Abstract: her work at WeChat; she called Zhang Xiaolong, she is the product manager, Ge; and so, you will want to ask her: how is WeChat products do? Working with Zhang Xiaolong is what kind of experience? What are the unknown details of WeChat


she is currently working as a product manager at WeChat, pursuing a variety of life experiences and skills. University of Arabic, in consulting, public relations, Internet and other industries have been working on the self and the world’s exploration period. read more

movie CPA monthly advertising re opened, put love movie webmaster please restart the system to obtain promotion code.

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Admin5 alliance channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information. read more

list contains 1142 kinds of goods involving cosmetics, maternal and child products, etc., according to the new tax system has been included in the implementation of the seller’s tax price

Legal Evening News (reporter Pu Changting) keen on sea Amoy consumers will no longer enjoy the tax-free bonus. Today, the cross-border electricity supplier in accordance with the import of goods in accordance with the customs tariff and import value-added tax, consumption tax.

yesterday, the Ministry of Finance and other 11 departments officially announced "cross-border e-commerce retail imports list", in the future only the goods on the list according to the new tax system of cross-border retail electricity supplier to import import list of commodities still perform general trade tax policy or post tax policy. read more

days ago, one from a fresh out of the fresh electricity meters staff revealed that one meter of fresh financing may encounter problems, also appeared the phenomenon of layoffs.

therefore, billion state power network to a meter of fresh official confirmation of the news. One meter, said the founder of a fresh coke, in January this year, just got a fresh rice B round of financing, has not been announced to the outside world. "I don’t know how this can happen,"


billion state power network has learned, in 2015 December, a fresh rice issued a message to get a A+ round of investment in Kunlun the $1500, and in 2016 the investment is a new round of investment scale and no specific exposure. read more

, including the chain of the Commissioner of the network, including the promotion of the daily mission is to constantly improve their promotion objectives (specific promotion URL or specific marketing content) of the exposure rate and the conversion rate.

spam network to promote more and more popular

as everyone knows, "good wine is also afraid of deep alley, any information promotion is not an easy thing, take long time to take the initiative to go out, continue to consolidate his desire for the promotion of information – only when more of their promotional content in different forms, different topics Everfount appeared in various media, and achieve a certain number, it may reach the target information transmission area more information exposure rate with higher coverage rate. Only on this basis, it may lead to a more stable higher conversion rate. read more

Abstract: from time to time a company declared with billions of overseas users, a pair of force Nukiyama heroes’ posture, here are 360, Baidu, Ali, millet and other giants, there are 91 cheetahs, 5miles, the bright younger generation, but when the winter capital comes, in the end who is swimming naked, who will become the final the winner of the


in recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in the mobile Internet industry, the entrepreneurial army began to find a new blue ocean, this year’s hot one is to the countryside, two overseas. Guys to hand to the countryside whitewashing grab, and have a choice of the sea. From time to time a company declared with billions of overseas users, a pair of force Nukiyama heroes’ posture, here are 360, Baidu, Ali, millet and other giants, there are 91 cheetahs, 5miles, the bright younger generation, but when the winter capital comes, in the end who is naked, who will become the ultimate winner. The overseas market in the end is a trap or pie, we might as well. read more

"a station" Bo is the webmaster especially the new Adsense commonly used website promotion, website in the early use of this way is the most direct way to access the website IP. "Defined by Bo Yang station" a lot of the master are explained to the integrity of the article I will simply mention under it. The so-called "Bo Yang station" refers to the establishment of a personal blog in the famous blog, updated original articles on the blog, the blog features included fast, high weight to promote the site. read more

, according to Bloomberg news, Softbank announced a $8.08 per share, totaling $3 billion 300 million cash purchase price of U.S. investment management company Fortress Investment Group, which will implement more ambitious investment strategy to open a new chapter for softbank.

Fortress was founded in 1998, headquartered in New York, the company in IPO in 2007, became one of the first listed private Holdings Company.


CEO Sun Zhengyi said in a statement: "the Fortress proved their strength with excellent performance, they have excellent leadership, extensive professional knowledge as well as its world-class investment platform, we also expect to benefit from. Softbank, the acquisition of Fortress will help to further expand our business group, in addition to the Vision Fund will be officially launched, we will accelerate the implementation of Softbank 2 transformation strategy, continue to promote sustainable long-term growth plan." read more

need not identity authentication? How to identify the identity of the same electronic business platform to buy different commodity authentication requirements for different reasons?

at the end of the cross-border electricity supplier to promote strikes, teasing online shopping nerve, many people joined the sea Amoy army. But because of the lack of uniform rules, consumers to buy cheap and safe, always confused. Take identity authentication, some sea Amoy platform requires buyers to submit the positive and negative photos of the ID card, and some platforms do not need. Even if the same platform, the purchase of such goods require authentication, and the purchase of other goods do not need. This makes consumers confused, but the heart is worried about whether their personal information security is guaranteed. read more