talent is the most valuable asset, which is the eternal truth, all the competition ultimately reflect the competition, so for start-up companies, the ability to attract excellent talents is very important, which is directly related to the success of the company.

first talent

Last year,

China has a very popular film "China partner", I think it is great, it is not only a good inspirational story, in fact, this is what happened in the real story of many companies on the body, I think for the first time entrepreneurial people first need to find talent is partner, Google, Alibaba, Tencent successfully express this point we are. read more


September 4, 2008 Taobao officially announced the integration of Ali’s mother, its Taobao and Ali mother immediate merger and development. Ali mother cut hundreds of employees. That is good with, at worst do not go on, move to Taobao. The mom wanted to create ad trading platform, but not up to now, a lot of publicity but less profitable Amoy Amoy. The guest stay long, Taobao recently live broadsword father change, OPEN platform, open platform. Is to eliminate some of the Taobao. Leaving only the strength of the webmaster. Help them promote products. The small guest is not the long run. read more


If you are a

just contact Wangzhuan, my advice is to buy a station, but also to buy a running website, do not be afraid of investment, more large investment, the profit that brings to you the more likely you want to invest 100 yuan to buy a station, get 500 yuan / day income, you don’t have a dream, you invest 10 thousand yuan a day to bring you 300 yuan investment, this is a very good investment, so dare to pay, but can not exceed the monthly earnings website.

is our preferred search engine on the web, we are in search of some key words, find some trash very front rank, the content of the dumpster may have been collected, this kind of website is our purchase of choice, because others sell us at the same time, will tell us how to keep updated. How to exchange links and how to get the high rank high search volume, so buy is a real SEO station, we can directly through the station, access to first-line SEO skills, even after the top down, we have also mastered the experience, if it is to let people make a stand, and then sum up from this experience, may take half the time. read more


Select PPGOU million users on

(PPGou) do they download tools, download movies, music and games every day, FLASH, books, software, to meet the needs of their work and life. The dog carrying community, adhering to the open, cooperation and sharing spirit, relying on PPGOU (PPGou) a strong technological advantage and huge user groups, bringing the latest, the hottest, the coolest boutique resources available for download to provide speed download experience for hundreds of millions of Internet users, enjoy the unusual "passenger" life. read more


mobile Internet business failure rate and the rise speed is almost as rapidly, from Silicon Valley venture capitalist Peter Thiel thinks the innovation has been plunged into a quagmire, he worked in the PC Internet era, the founder of PayPal, and in the four years to create a $1 billion 500 million valuation and successfully sold to eBay, first outside investors have become Facebook, eventually got more than 20 thousand times the return of myth, and in the mobile Internet industry, in addition to Instagram, he did not find any together enough to shake the industry investment case. read more


Internet companies, the essence of which is learning practice organization. Learning and fast action is the core of the Internet era. To learn to observe and judge the industry and technology trends, we should attach importance to the significance of new things or new technologies.

How to

the traditional enterprises to adapt to the Internet era, this is a big topic, but it is worth a good study and discussion, thinking this short talk only sporadic, not a system, when the right to initiate.

  read more



        PI film network advertising price increased to 12 yuan /1000IP, is put in the webmaster please put a lot of not putting this advertisement webmaster, do not miss the opportunity, please go to the background to take the code on this ad, first in first earn, investing more than money, please put the positive advertising!

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Since we came to the

Admin5 certainly has one or more sites of its own, but when it comes to Wangzhuan, don’t have to start from the website, such as click on the project, or project registration can make money, but want to make a lot of money or have their own website. Today, I would like to say my peas C Taobao shopping network strategy for discussion and research.


website project is Taobao, Taobao is the use of promotional merchandise to obtain the corresponding Commission, but if you do Taobao customers, is a stupid method of keyword promotion, build blog, forum message, but the risk is very high, and easy to be deleted by K but I do not like, I want to do a keyword, the homepage taobao.com, taobao.com taobao.com Womens mall, and other related Taobao keyword do considerable position through the directional flow or the number of transactions and commission. But I have observed that I do a few sites before the keyword is 05 years registered domain name for 06 years, and every day to update the original, the snapshot is updated every day. It makes me more difficult. But if you do go up a few key words is not easy. I use the method is to update the site regularly updated quantitative timing is updated. Add external text link. Remember also quantitative. I have been linked to the experiment if 5 PR6 related industry site, be sure to remember that the relevant industry. Ranking speed is very impressive, but the risk of cheating is also great K. So I recommend links must have, but you want to hold. read more


dear affiliate member:

at the spring TVSN open red envelopes to send, send, send


kuaiqiang get 38 yuan vouchers!!!

in February 14, 2008 to purchase any goods or shopping "Damon nice" goods, you can receive a value of 38 yuan of "Damon nice" coupon 2, let you and your friends and family to share "Damon nice" to open your big red.

vouchers use in TVSN official website.

details: http://www.tvsn.com.cn/product/diamones1.aspx? Txt_l0=diamonesthis

linktech alliance read more


video chat site, only CPS is the most reasonable way, when many webmaster in the video chat site, have been complaining about not high income, sometimes no income, but you ask yourself, you are doing the video chat CPS


video chat CPA form of advertising industry, is in the buckle quantity, I think this is a matter of fact, there is no way to change, who also wrote an article on "the amazing video chat shady High Commission under the CPA CPS, I want you to see this article will understand why I said CPA is not suitable for the. read more


is almost not how money is successfully founded two technology companies, which makes Mike · Mischa Boris (Mike Michalowicz) for the success of a company for obsidian venture investment. But this has become a "do not easily make a wish" footnote, Mike · Mischa Boris got investment funds, unfortunately his project failed. He was, after all, due to the success of the past, the lack of sense of urgency led to make bad decisions, so that the project failed.

as a "toilet paper entrepreneur" (The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur) author, Mike · Mischa Boris said: "I have been holding the start empty-handed once, a large sum of money business, I have to say, I love start empty-handed." He recently launched a business accelerator in New Jersey Provendus. "It’s not hard to make better and faster decisions, but because you can really feel the pain of every mistake. When you have no money, you can quickly perceive what is feasible and what is not feasible. Obsidian Gem after his failure, I did not feel pain, it’s just a waste of time and money, which makes things worse." read more


Taobao off the appearance of the business is indeed a very good promotion channels. From the point of view of Taobao shop, the cost of opening a car with the cost of the difference between Taobao and Taobao is very large, if you can make a reasonable use of publicity, the benefits brought to the shop is not small. Taobao as a guest of the webmaster, is facing a problem, how to choose these stores publicity, how to find those who are willing to long-term investment Taobao off, but also know how to operate the shopkeeper. Don’t just use the Commission as the first factor. Long term stable commission income is what you should consider. read more


note: before the new year arrives bursting with happiness! Good mood, but there is one of the world’s most sad female friends, I QQ tell her, her tears, her mood, so I have to write this article.

at IT, the MM MM or customer service is absolutely a beautiful scenery, it is no wonder that some time ago in the NetEase with vigour and vitality to engage in IT Meimei contest, because the NetEase caught Chinese since ancient times lewd psychological. China isn’t there a saying it. What "MIAOQITO lady," I really Chinese a gentleman’s good mate well, hope you will forgive me. Which of the two words can only use Chinese pinyin spelling out. It can be said that the MM or MM customer service is a corporate image, is also indispensable in an enterprise name card. No customer service MM and front MM were friendly, polite, friendly and no business customers the. read more


we all know there is a martial arts called Six Meridian Swords, on a whim, I wrote a seven pulse Excalibur, equivalent to its back! After all good things must have a perfect ending to, or simply do not end can let essence can endure, this is our pursuit the.

is the first sword, whether making money online or offline to make money, they cannot do without a point, that is whether it is popular popularity! Initiative, or passive, only Renqiwang can make money. Otherwise, even if you no matter how good things, no one is no good. And if things are not so good, but a lot of people, it may sell part of. Making money online is the same reason, the so-called popularity is actually visited, as long as you continue to page someone to visit you successfully from the nearby step, traffic (or flow) is the first step of our success. How to improve the traffic? Baidu know, search engine, blog promotion, QQ promotion, 51 promotion, 58 promotion information, website information, spam message, the forum message, forum posting, viral promotion, Trojans, pop together, not afraid of no flow although these are difficult, but as long as you hard, also will have a satisfactory harvest read more


Internet users per capita annual consumption of about 300 yuan, in 2002 the online market capacity of about $4 billion 500 million, equivalent to a city a large business enterprises annual sales of 3-4 times.

content online and offline

1 1 – 3 artificial

operating costs (window) low cost high

can display of goods is not limited Co.

(gifts) 2000/ days

(City Downtown) read more


02 years net, 03 years in the first 04 years of my QQ, mixed math teacher out of the BBS, 05 years of playing Post Bar started their own 06 years, since the beginning of the forum, my webmaster no return. After selling space to learn hackers, like editors, artists, SEO, customer service, almost all of the network companies have done some jobs. When 09 years of their own business, joked the cashier and security is also a person I. Write this, a look back suddenly feel so abuses, but in fact I was a grass root. read more


at 6 this morning, I pressed the send button and began to wait. In ten minutes, my Gumroad more than $1000, until now, income is still increasing.

I released my ebook "The App Handbook", which is a description of how to design a beautiful interface IOS procedures manual Design. I wrote this book for 3 months, and a total of 795 people ordered the book in advance. The original $1000 was from the list. Before I started writing this article, today’s sales amount has reached $6000. read more


network is now greatly small Taobao site although many friends maintain be too numerous to enumerate, more than one such site, but the money was not satisfying. In the process and we exchange, the author found that strong sales of Taobao site have a common, is a simple page.

A lot of friends of the Taobao

off site source are very complex, presented to the visitors to the page is brightly coloured, looked like a big classification information station. In fact, this promotion method is difficult to generate orders, because visitors to your site will have a feeling of loss. To allow users to make a quick decision to buy, you must make the page to achieve the most concise effect. The author once with an expert exchange, Taobao found his guest site should be used open source blog program to do. But the column setting is very simple, each article is devoted to a Taobao product, buy links with the baby at the end. This model allows users to know the site’s first theme, to understand the advantages of the product, and thus the probability of buying behavior will greatly increase. read more


An entertainment site, including music, enjoy FLASH, because these groups are mostly for young students, young people, this site to apply for SMS Union more appropriate. As traffic size can have 100 million — to income per month.

two, download site, this site to apply for SMS union such as the money in less and less! Because of this kind of website for the group is very clear, recommended to take advertising list directly to businesses, there are also a lot of income for a month! Pick list way, on, by this, you can also go directly to the online advertising trading platform for advertisement Qiuzu, their advertising rental information, trading platform http://www.chinesefaq.net address: many individual websites benefit from this platform! Inside the advertising business also increasing the rent! read more


Research firm

in real life, and the investigation on the website of the network world, I joined. From a visitor experience survey Wangzhuan, could not help but make people very disappointed.

about my visitor experience. A summer university, I do visit the clerk at the Hainan urban and rural social survey. Then do a survey about the daily consumer goods, according to the assigned address to find community, and then into the door please do questionnaire. Every time, I will send respondents with a gift, is about 8-10 yuan down home common and fun stuff. And I do a questionnaire, the reward is 20 yuan. read more