yesterday wrote: female master Chi: network survey published in the ADMIN5 Comeus MLM fraud. Do not want to update the article this afternoon when a pop-up chat box. A look is from paipai. Come up and ask me if it’s Beijing, it makes my sister very strange. Send a paragraph:

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how many friends have said when I cheated?

you love y’all do these things


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what do you mean by writing that article for me? read more


many people do not understand the industry Wangzhuan blindly to join the ranks, almost all follow the footsteps of others to go, this has led many people to become someone else’s free labor, even being any fish in the object, while they can not earn a penny. As a novice in Wangzhuan quickly create a heaven and earth is a very easy thing, this may be the first half of the year, one year, two years, or even longer, so we need to exercise at any time, first to learn knowledge, can be used in the following development, finally success. So, do Wangzhuan should grasp what technology is read more


  since September 11th, Baidu to improve the competitive ranking business: the introduction of the comprehensive ranking index". Baidu sources said, in addition to the price of the customer site in addition to the price factor, but also look at the quality index of its purchase keywords. According to reports, the keyword quality index will be based on the frequency of this keyword was hit in the past, with the main business of the business, as well as the degree of recognition of the Internet users to calculate. Quality index and price multiplied, the last comprehensive ranking index". At the same time, the level of Web site is also considered as a factor. "A large site, even if the price is slightly lower, may also be smaller than a small site ranking." read more


Internet era, entrepreneurship can better reflect the value of a person. So the following are fifteen Internet entrepreneurs view of the world, there is always a suitable for you.

first, venture capital. If you only rely on their own businesses, generally do very hard, so many entrepreneurs are looking for venture capital. But most people still believe that the best online is the premise to do their own thing to pull the wind cast, when your performance, product flow, get attention will be relatively easy to pull investment. read more


large portal or personal blog or, no matter what the size of the building site, want to have as many visitors. In a certain number of users in the basic stability of the industry or field, only the positive and peer competition, to get more visitors. Therefore, the analysis of their competitive advantage, the advantages of their own site planning is the first step in the Internet business.

regardless of the individual or the enterprise, has its own unique ability, but many people, and even most of the enterprises, have not been able to use their own ability. This article will lead you through the VRIO model to carry out a scientific analysis of their advantages. read more


mentioned on the network to make money, there will be a friend of the site will naturally think of improving the site rankings, access to traffic, and thus rely on site advertising to get revenue. Yes, this is indeed one of the most typical Wangzhuan way. But for small owners, in order to achieve good results easier said than done through a search engine, it is a time-consuming and laborious work. And when we finally made the site, the Internet may have a new situation.

so, I think, in order to make money on the Internet, not only to do this way. Below I will share their experience of zero cost money. read more


          read a lot of personal integrated station, the interface is very atmospheric, hundreds of columns, seems to want to do Sina second. But the concept of micro content, but found that it is copied from other stations over; access to its statistics, but also found that only one day from the search engine to find a few people. Without language, or no language.

      person to run large and complete content, to do a nationwide station, does not have any resources, capital and human resources, on the contrary, if join the local characteristics of the site, the king will be hidden but beautiful spot.

      compared to the national integrated station, the local characteristics of the site has three advantages. Content advantage. Local characteristics of the site, based on local content. It’s all about you, so you can see it more intuitively and vividly. Two is to promote advantages. Local characteristics of the site, to a specific area. In this particular geographical scope of promotion, the promotion cost is far less than the national scope. Posters, organizing rallies, PR local news media are easy to control low cutting effect and obvious propaganda way. Three is the dip advantage. Local characteristics of the site, the local residents are involved in things around. Where to open a new Hot pot shop, where the food is best to eat, where to sell the price is good, local residents talked about things. With the interaction between visitors, the site will greatly enhance the stickiness. Four profit advantage. Strong site interaction, the popularity of goods up, careful businesses will not miss you. As a prominent advertising recommendation, a good guide, to bring his is gold and silver 100.

      Ctrip Ctrip launched the website is also worth learning to build local characteristics of the site. If we can establish partnerships with local businesses (such as some of the characteristics of your site as they bring their customers, for you to the station with the implementation of consumer, customer discount) then you will gain popularity while for other business cooperation costs. read more


at that time, I do not understand the basic SEO, do not know how to find the key words of high search competition. I only pay attention to the core of a place, that is, I am concerned about the current search for a number of high search low ranking keywords ranking home page, and then look for other keywords from this website. The principle is that, as long as you find a lot of good friends, you just need to find a good friend, and then let them introduce you to other friends on the line. Looking for keywords is the same, you just need to find a good keyword, and then search the key word to find the site, and then try to find out more keywords. read more


              on the network is mixed for more than 2 years, although not how to earn a lot of money, but my life is still a little taste, here to write your recent station profit idea of it.

              I also forget behind who said, do not stand before the good location profit point station is garbage station, is not pulled, but he said is true, you must first think clearly before you stand the profit point, really, do not stand now few want to make money. My literary talent is not good, you don’t mind. As for the positioning of the site, we can see Wang Tong related information, I think he can say, the stone brothers don’t scold me. read more


by the end of 2007, Google implemented a new account audit policy, from then on, apply Google Adsense becomes very difficult. Now apply for Google Adsense account, you need to meet 4 conditions.

1 domain name. No longer support Sina blog, such as free, non independent web site application.

2 rich in content.

3 domain name registration time more than 6 months.

4 domain information and Adsense account information the same.

more than 4 conditions, refers to the use of independent web site applications, in addition, can also be through a number of third party sites (also known as GG cooperation website) to apply for Adsense account. Through the GG website to apply, you only need to meet second conditions, that is, the requirements of the site (or blog) rich content. read more


has done more than half a year before the time sold. And earn some money in the A5 domain name daoteng. Recently in the forum to see a few friends in the site to sell the place to sell the station to sell for more than a month has been, can not help but sigh. Sell the station to sell the station, the value of how much to sell, do not blind bid price, others are not fools. Let me tell you how to make so much money. Put the

out of Alipay’s comments

just started to do a game station, just began to search engines do not like my station, the patient slowly raise the station, then the weight came up, there are some problems in time and space, but also down the right. The less after flow more, the daily average is about 2000 around the holidays when a little more. By July, when the money should be made, I feel too tired to do it, and then sell the station in the forum information. Sell the station to send 2G high-speed telecommunications space in my mind began to sell 3000 of the budget, the summer vacation to buy back to earn a month is not a problem, then think about it, I am sincere to sell the station, on the point of. Post direct standard 2500, accept small cut. I still a lot of people, but the more outrageous bargain. One even asked me to sell 500, immediately pull the black. Pit father! And then there is a buddy add me to buy a domain name, buy a domain name alone 1000 yuan, although very tempting, but from my target price gap is too big, did not sell. Wait until the afternoon when someone and I said just to buy the domain name 1500, I was excited and confused, my general domain name that 917yx (go game) why have such a high price? Die grinding grind the turnover of 1600 yuan, I bought the domain name alone. At that time seems to be flying intermediary. read more


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and is currently the main trend of the development of the electricity supplier, many electricity providers have been dreaming of such users, in the whole process for products, to buy the product in the application of their products, including the final means of payment, but in fact, it is difficult to do on the Internet, enterprises not only to build their own ecological chain, complacent, stall the shop is bigger, the right to speak but gradually disappear, if want to build their own ecological chain, in fact, is more suitable for personal webmaster, because the trend of ecological niche chain, is precisely the grassroots webmaster has the advantage of read more


In the future to maintain long-term vitality of each IT professional website, have to find their own alchemy furnace

of the Internet bubble in 90s, has spawned numerous network life. In the complex web site, IT professional website is the longest surviving prehistoric animals group. Now, this website has over 10000, can be said to be an overgrown forest.

them, really strong has There is not much left. The survivors are trying to find a way to survive. In 2005, with the invasion of foreign investment, their survival is increasingly fierce competition. A few visionary pioneers IT professional website, have begun to ask Dan Road, set up the alchemy furnace, find a way to survive the ever-young.

the core value, that is the characteristic. But in the operation of many IT professional website, this problem has been ignored. read more


understand the relationship between the flow of the site and the money you can calculate the money you earn each month for the webmaster, this is a valuable reference to an article, from which, perhaps you can think of a lot of things!

is a personal data investigation and observation, the data size difference is normal, I listed the data for general statistics. See individual ability of grass and operation. The site does not include illegal sites, such as * * site. Do not include selling products business site. Belong to all kinds of personal site read more


everybody stationmaster:
ppfilm  using international advanced technology, to support large-scale video on demand. The Web2.0 architecture allows you to speak freely, enjoy the fun of watching "in power, you want to see". "Permanent free" is the promise of ppfilm unchanged, but also hesitate, come and see! Having your participation in ppfilm will be more popular, smoother, more satisfying!

data return: 48 hours read more


I am a college student, with shortened the time of graduation, I became more and more afraid to go out, because the graduation run around here and there looking for work, now the students are working hard to find, let alone these small potatoes. Another reason is that my parents did not give me a good family background, but also did not give me a good appearance, but not a smart head, I have been inferior to almost two gates do not step. I heard that you can make money on the Internet, I also bought a more than 1 thousand point computer stay at home, day and night. read more


uses social media to advertise to a large audience, and a large percentage of these audiences will become real consumers. No one knows this law better than MySpace CEO and former Science Media co-founder Mike Jone, as well as advertising entrepreneur Brian. The two from the Losangeles giants jointly launched TopFloor, an electronic commerce based on advertising, video advertising, their service integrated Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other popular social networking sites.


established 6 month start-up company has maintained a low profile until they officially announced today from Google Ventures, Ploaris Ventures, Crosslink Ventures and Rustic Canyon Ventures, received more than $6 million in financing. While the company’s two glorious life founder, has been relegated to second tier actor directors and advisory role. read more


If someone says

before sitting at home on the Internet will be able to make money, it may just be a dream, but now, with the development of the network, at home to earn money is "Wangzhuan owners’ daily work, is a means of network part-time to earn extra money. The Internet can make money at home has been really into our lives. What are the ways to make money online? Please listen to several of the "pioneer" wise remark of an experienced person.

low cost earn foreign investment dividends read more