How to rely on the network to make money on the Internet part-time ways to make money

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do you know the new Taobao guest the fastest and most profitable channel

is now doing Taobao should be a lot of people, but know that the new Taobao customers certainly not much. As before the Taobao off only for school students to do, they have no contact with society, it still can earn a living. If we work in the same way, it would be a waste of time. When I first started working, it was a waste of time. Now, since the use of the new Taobao QQ Taobao double – off cool off, make money like water, are rushing into my wallet. Project consulting QQ:381713669 (plus I indicate a double Taobao guest) read more

Amoy Blue Ocean Taobao shop will learn data analysis

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We all know that

open shop to analyze data, also know some data analysis tools such as Taobao index, data cube, business staff and so on, but for how to use these tools, many sellers worry, what should see what data, after seeing how to guide the work. Today we have a detailed introduce for everybody, how to use data analysis tool to analyze their data and competitor data, do know, baizhanbudai.

1 Software: Taobao data, basic observation is business staff with statistical data cube! We look at the data cube read more

A net ad hidden bomb

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Chengdu SEO Sichuan Jun today out of work, a Amoy advertising in the subway, after reading it as ordinary consumers are attracted to people in particular, and as long as this search will definitely let you can not help but want to try to search, eye-catching advertising from the perspective of almost everywhere on the subway station etao ads can be said that the promotion of the ground work is in place, but then after seeing a lot of emotion, in fact, Sichuan Jun think very simple, some time ago wrote "a wash out of a problem" to yourself, give consumers really brought a lot of benefits on the surface of an advertisement, and can save a lot of heart, but the cause behind the chain reaction and not reassuring. read more

Electricity supplier website predicament has no sales volume to enhance the conversion rate to break

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in recent years, the electricity supplier website has achieved rapid development, but in the rapid development at the same time, there are also hidden crisis, it is now very easy to get traffic, because the electricity supplier website are willing to spend money, but over the flow volume are poor, this is a puzzle puzzling many electricity providers website in order to break, many business platform, using a variety of marketing tools, and even spend a lot of money through traditional TV media marketing, but the final result is there is no sales flow read more

Have you learned the 5 techniques to avoid drilling

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before seeing how to avoid drilling exhibition through investment in the school on behalf of the Internet, but looks like this guy wrote the theory of partial more, the lack of some actual cases, but also not comprehensive enough. Today, the author of more than a year of drilling operation experience to share with you how to avoid the drill through the cast, I hope to drill for the rookie help.

I was in July last year began to contact the drill exhibition, then there is a call for the master of the time spent 20 minutes, called me how to look at the report, how to bid skills. At that time, or the use of the 2 version, every day to see how much the estimated traffic and competitive ranking was relieved. If you can not see the ranking, the fear of second days spent money out. The fact is true, before she was doing promotional activities in the cast of the show, but because of the low bid reasons, resulting in even 1/10 of the budget is not spent. And she is said to have done two years of drilling exhibition, when the bid to teach me in accordance with the resources of the system prompt bid, that is, each position of the bid. At that time I really don’t know, so according to this method, the highest bid, investment 20 thousand yuan a day, fortunately, through investment and consumption accounted for about 20%, but also want the focus map this position through ROI’s investment in ROI industry is higher than the average. Later, I slowly understand the drill exhibition, see each position through investment proportion is about 70%, I wonder, not the store in the usual doing points of interest and visitor flow can not meet the demand, the investment need to bribe traffic. Then think about it, it may be the rookie of the money spent on garbage flow. Coincidentally, before I did not enter the shop, see the former data is very bad, later found that 90% of the traffic is being cast to eat. Think of terror, take the boss’s money to hit, spend 80 thousand yuan a month, their experience value has not been growing, all contributed to Taobao. read more

April 2007 06 domain name deletion list

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station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 0516–83777726

phone / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

In November 10th 11 Tmall double red rain time and Tmall red order summary

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November 10th double 11 red rain time is at 10 points and 14 points in two time periods, Tmall is the last wave of the order of the red, the love take with you. I wish you a lot of red envelopes!

Tmall 11 red rain how to grab, this is very simple, in the time of the Tmall home page will be under the red rain, with the mouse directly on the line. Red rain stopped a minute later. But it is a small red envelopes, 1 yuan to 2 yuan.

12 red order:

Cage, eleven double 70 percent off


buy clothes to send mountaineering bag read more

A new way to talk about Internet plus era of electronic commerce

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with the rise of new industries, the industry’s business model has undergone a great change, which is mainly reflected in the electricity supplier model. We know that the broad sense of the electricity supplier is divided into B2B and B2C, B2B is mainly involved in channel transactions, and for the individual B2C can be changed in a variety of forms. For example, O2O, the field has been trying to find out the O2O mode under dozens of community O2O, car O2O, O2O, O2O and other beauty education in various forms of B2C business more and more, people’s life style is changing along with the changes in the form of electricity industry. read more

On cross-border electricity supplier, therapeutic efficacy, the four chiefs have said

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news September 8th, when cross-border electricity supplier meets The Belt and Road? EBay Greater China policy and government relations general manager Wang Xiaozhong 8, pointed out that cross-border electricity providers will become "a strong driving force for The Belt and Road construction.

8, 2016 of the global e-commerce conference in Xiamen curtain, from around the world thousands of industry leaders and experts attended the meeting, looking around the industry and enterprise development mode research. read more

The United States broke out WAL-MART push electricity supplier promotional activities against Amazon

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Phoenix Technology News Beijing on July 14th news, according to Reuters, WAL-MART will launch online promotional activities for a period of three months on Wednesday, to deal with before Amazon’s "member" (Prime Day) activities. The so-called member day is a pointer to Amazon Prime members discount activities, will also be opened on Wednesday.

In addition, WAL-MART

free shipping threshold will be reduced from $35 to $50, the event will last for at least 30 days.

WAL-MART spokesman Bao Nguyen said the promotional activities will provide customers with ex gratia price, involving more than 2000 kinds of goods, including electronic products, toys, baby supplies and household items, etc.. read more

E-commerce platform unveiled China Yiwu International Commodities Fair

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October 21st, the sixteenth session of the Chinese Yiwu International Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as "fair") held in Yiwu International Expo Center, fair to face the world, the national service "for the purpose, as the world’s fair in this fair but also reflects its international status, the biggest surprise is that the third session of the African the commodity exhibition, attracted more than half of African countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, for the fair considerably. In addition to Internet companies also seized the opportunity, will have moved to the fair e-commerce platform, Chinese network by Yiwu Foreign Trade Fair exhibitors and overseas businessmen set up booths to promote Yiwu local e-commerce platform. read more

How much need to open the shop star password password for your students to open shop

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a lot of Taobao entrepreneurial sellers, in the shop before you want to know how much money to open the shop can be different answers on the Internet, there are no money to spend, there are thousands or even tens of thousands of said. As a result, open shop in the end how much money is needed to become a secret! Today, the star password ( for you to open the secret of the cost of 2016 open shop, you want to open shop help!

first, the registration of Taobao shops is really free! read more

Tmall sued WeChat, must pass rumors claim for official flagship store for justice

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Abstract: recently there are a number of authorized Tmall flagship store was behind the rumors slander, mingled with the derivative of purchasing.

December 8th, according to the recent "POLA Tmall flagship store without official authorization" of the network rumors, Zhejiang Tmall Network Limited (hereinafter referred to as Tmall) filed a lawsuit, WeChat public number Tokyo New Youth

to stop infringement, apology and claims 10 million yuan. At present, Hangzhou District People’s court has accepted the case of Yuhang. read more

The fund Taobao shop on line sprint bank or join hands off

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Cheng Liangliang

is still half covered.

public offering of Taobao shop plans for various reasons repeatedly postponed. First Financial Daily reporters recently learned in an interview, the fund will be officially opened in November 11th this year, Taobao stores. The printing on the major banks have begun to check for rumors or immediately under the frame rate is too low in the public offering of all its products, but also as one falls, another rises recently.


dependence on traditional sales channels, has become the public offering of the Achilles heel, Taobao and other Internet financial new path can cure the patient, also seems to need more time to test. read more

The two generation of rich use e-commerce to open up new channels for enterprise sales

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when some "two rich generation" on the road when the track when the high-end handlebar, the same is the two rich generation, Hangzhou Jiangnan pressure gauge Co. company heir Yang Tao has become to change the sales channel of family business pioneer, the financial crisis in 2008 will be the product of pressure gauge through the electronic commerce to sell 4 million sales. 2009, the country’s largest e-commerce platform Alibaba entered the tenth year, and Yang Tao, aged 23, away from his first e-commerce sales, just for the past six years. read more

Network network grand track IP custom cocktail burning soul premiere debut

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the evening of September 29th, "grand track" premiere ceremony held in Beijing, directed by Guo Jingming and starring Fan Bingbing, Wu Yifan, Chen, William Chan, Amber Kuo, Yang Mi winter, Lin Yun, Yan Yikuan, Aarif Lee and other stars to attend, for the whole human Guoneishoubu hit platform CG fantasy film. Grand track family star studded lineup, more customized version of the cocktail burning soul debut! Network network as the "grand track" film to create an exclusive IP ecological custom wine – Meilan flower "grand track" series of customized version of the pre cocktails stunning premiere at the scene, and launched a limited edition of six Bottle Gift box 39.9 yuan Ecological Welfare price. read more

The development of E-commerce changes the operation mode of shoes enterprises

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With the rapid development of

e-commerce, more and more people accept online shopping, and gradually become a new way of consumption. The rapid development of online shopping in the moment, the impact of the traditional business suffered e-commerce, especially the shoe industry. In the traditional footwear brand business agent, retail sales model has been unable to promote sales growth, coupled with the traditional way of commercial publicity, sales of higher operating costs and capital occupy larger characteristics such as footwear brand dealers have to consider the future development of the road where the problem. read more

Jingdong mall with 3C as the center into other markets

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Dangdang and excellence want to get out of the boundaries of the book site, to enter the department store, but now there is news that Jingdong mall involved in the book market B2C.

Mcglaughlin was listed last month, to a lot of people with more hope for the B2C, the traditional enterprises are stepping up the pace to enter the e-commerce this big cake, but just rumors that Chinese B2C veteran also will be in November listed on nasdaq. At this time, as the B2C industry, the strong momentum of Jingdong mall has broken its CEO Liu Qiangdong said at the beginning of this year, 5 years into the book market. Jingdong attack the book market, why? What are the advantages? read more

College students entrepreneurial legend Earn 600 thousand monthly

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Yu Linwei is an obsession with the "Westward Journey", love Zhu Deyong, Jimmy and Picacho boy in Hangzhou, is such an affinity, look big boy on the ornamental and the combined plain properties, founded his own advertising company of the third grade, the company opened 12 days ushered in the first deal. Since then, he has become a Xinhua news agency, people’s daily, the Zhejiang daily and other media coverage of entrepreneurial models reported. Today, in order to be able to climb a different mountain, Yu Linwei resolutely resigned, began a new business process. read more