Some personal views on the credibility crisis of Baidu Alliance

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June 2008, this month for some members of the Baidu alliance, is a black June. Their mood, and possible entrance students like diluo. After all, the reason is nothing more than the Baidu alliance this month on some of the excessive means of membership.

I have read some of the posts, a scolding, have to sue, also said that Baidu is to find the reason…

These members of the

postings, basically identical, 1, Baidu alliance did not send money. 2, title. This is not discussed, Baidu K number in the industry has been an indisputable fact, too lazy to discuss and do not want to discuss. read more

Etiquette 99 gift online line

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dear alliance members:

etiquette gift line 99 ~ ~


in 2001, a group from the Sino US Internet elite, using the United States < < > > connection; magazine editor Chris Anderson. The "long tail" theory and China "ceremony" the perfect combination of e-commerce to create a real sense of the situation with China gifts platform.


Li Yi Long unique gift expert positioning, to make up for today’s market is a major basic vacancy. Chinese "tradition, with due respect and promote the stable" harmonious society and development. And the ceremony to meet China’s unique cultural background, combined with the world’s most effective ceremony. In the gift and service on the accurate positioning, for the majority of users to provide an excellent and convenient platform for gifts. read more

Pay 1500 yuan training fees but let me know what is called Wangzhuan

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today saw the inMay on the training post, a lot of emotion. Want to come home for 4 years, has been diving Amoy things without what contribution, today I put this four years of Wangzhuan road to summarize, I hope a little inspiration to find friends are still in the dark.

I began to contact Wangzhuan from 04, and stay at home online. Begin to see here to discuss a master Wangzhuan topic, see people say today also received a number of how many knife knife, the heart envy ah. From the beginning, set foot on this difficult path of wangzhuan. read more

On the sustainable development of Taobao

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in 2009, when Ma made a Ali mother alliance, which is now the predecessor of Taobao alliance. This initiative is to imitate the foreign EBAY, amazon. At that time because it is to avoid Baidu search engine crawl Taobao data, because at that time, Baidu also has a B2C: Yes, but once the shield Baidu traffic chiefs, traffic is naturally a lot of decline. So, Ma will think of leveraging, borrow promotion China thousands on thousands of Adsense on traffic and a great

!09 years when

came out, many people do not buy it! Because the owners are used to CPC, CPA to the money fast way to make money. The CPS of this model in their view, money is slow, and unlike CPC, CPM this model, people will make money, while others will have to buy CPS must face this Commission, factors can not be measured at home, many webmaster do not dare to do! And do not optimistic about this model, in fact. CPS in China has been, such as etc.. But you do not do not mean that others will not do, the first batch of Taobao customers began in Ali mother’s gold rush…… read more

An idea that is not difficult to implement

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if this: every year there are several blockbuster, which may have a lot to look forward to the actor or director of the film, such as this year’s Feng Xiaogang If You Are The One, this is definitely the recent popular sought after film. So how to use the seo. Well, If You Are The One to be released, after two months they will have a lot of people go to search for it, even though there are search If You Are The One downloads and so on, many people are aware of the end of December was released, but still there will be a lot of people to search, as to why you want to go, think you are not doing similar things children will know. read more

Brief introduction to the domestic call Union

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      now on the Internet about the payment of the business of the article is more, I also do this industry, I may say that the following things to help the brothers.

      first talk about how to pay for a call:

      call advertising pay per call advertising, referred to as: call advertising, as the name suggests, is in the advertisement service, if and only if advertisers buy party received calls, advertising began charging, an advertising model by advertisers per unit of time to call on the advertising service provider to pay advertising the cost of. Its essence is a high degree of integration of advertising services and communication services, to achieve a high degree of communication to create the ideal state of value. The mode of operation is, when there is cooperation or the purchase intention of customers through the network advertising page to submit the number, or the direct use of the telephone to call a mobile phone advertising transfer number, to be connected to the advertiser’s phone or mobile phone, direct communication and negotiation. read more

Ten new models of wealth

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A new era of wealth

ten new models of wealth

thinking revolution day entertainment mode

Grand model

The pattern of

"water" profitable new oriental pattern

defying enemies Baidu mode

format change as control mode read more

Ali mother crazy K station conspiracy

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The website

Ali mother account was K, I didn’t cheat, he also K, Ma died? Taobao in order to promote their Tao, even contrary to their conscience, openly denied a large number of Internet China most blood boiling, Ali mother into the community, we go to see how many people are there in your innocent innocence

Ali mother crazy K station purpose:

we all know that Taobao is what, if you don’t know Taobao, there will be so many people there to buy things, let people know what is Taobao, the network advertisement, of course this is, if not the mom shameless website advertising content webmaster propaganda replaced Taobao ads, nor Taobao spring. read more

Welcome to the alliance channel

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In 2004, the mass media officially launched its online advertising platform – soft news network (

company is located in Haidian District Zhongguancun high tech Park core area, is a focus on providing customers with 360 degree marketing solutions, innovative Internet Technology Development Company, we provide high quality Internet service platform for domestic and foreign enterprises. Tailored to the customer network marketing solutions to maximize the network characteristics, and traditional media integration and interaction, and strive to achieve the highest marketing objectives. The company is a high-tech enterprise approved by the state, with high quality, innovation and team spirit. Since the establishment of network soft to attract including Sina, Dangdang, NetEase, YAHOO and many other well-known Internet Co, and "fashion", BENQ, PHILIPS and other well-known companies have established a good cooperative relationship. read more

My Wangzhuan site management

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for those who are familiar with the network, Google and Baidu advertising alliance is not unfamiliar. In fact, many of the early site of the personal site in Google and Baidu on a good taste. With the development of Baidu Google, the increase in the number of sites. For most sites to make money also become unreachable.

to tell the truth for the old Adsense Google really brought a lot of benefits. At that time, find a site and then get a bit of foreign traffic can get tens of dollars a day. Baidu is also that time is catch up from behind, individual owners of the spring. But the good times don’t last long. With the consolidation of the Baidu Google alliance and revocation of some of the ads, many of the individual owners do not come out of the League K. Since then, a lot of webmasters have found that Google Baidu money earned. Do not say even if the flow is slightly abnormal cheating. May cause the withholding or direct fube commission. read more

Looking for money to partner 300 start-up companies given the five step Entrepreneurship

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Cherry2002 joined the Alibaba, has accumulated more than ten years of experience in human resources management, has more than and 300 Internet start-ups to provide organizational development, corporate culture and talent development service, now in a new platform, specially provided services for entrepreneurs. In the following, Cherry introduces five steps of entrepreneurship and team building.

How to find a partner of

do not know if we have not seen the YC venture camp, YC is the best incubator in the United States, they first look at the investment team. If you are a CEO you should have the following 4 characteristics: students, rootless, ignorant fearless, enthusiasm. These 4 aspects I explain one by one: read more

Talk about three ways to make money to make Taobao customers

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I have just started to do Taobao guest, so also stand in a new point of view to talk with you about the way I do Taobao guest and ideas. I sort of look at it, I think that if the new Taobao guest to do these three points, it should be very easy to make money. To sum up, there are three points: simplification of complex problems, the ultimate problem of simple, the ultimate problem of replication. I call it narcissism three".

read more

A start-up company to create ten million financing scientists Facebook

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according to foreign media reports, the U.S. company called Internet start-ups to LinkedIn and Facebook and other social networking activity into science and technology research field of professional community, the company has completed second rounds of financing, $11 million 100 thousand. not only want to change the way researchers publish research results, but also help peer evaluation of each other’s work quality. said on Thursday that it was moved by the idea of venture capital firm Khosla Ventures. read more

The domain name investment projects in Wangzhuan

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this morning we tell about Wangzhuan tricks in that some can make money on the Internet loopholes, but is also very easy to make the rich project.

domain name investment is divided into the following categories:

a class of large enterprises English writing or pinyin.

This kind of

is very difficult to find, we can focus on some new enterprises, timely register their domain names, but now, now we are beginning to pay attention to the protection of their own brands, so generally in time to market or development, will be registered in advance down your own domain name, this is the past when one of the main means of domain name speculation, for example we can search our city domain, basically by foreign people registered. read more

Analysis of the four reasons can not make money through the Internet

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a lot of people (especially the webmaster) are dreaming of making money through the Internet, however, the Internet is not a welfare home, the reality is very cruel. In fact, only 1 people in 100 people can get on the Internet Wangzhuan income. And we can put the 99 reasons for the failure attributed to the following four aspects:

1, lack of planning

they often lack a clear goal or lack of planning. They treat their actions as a pastime, lack of the basic qualities of professional webmaster. In fact, most people think of the station as a part-time job, and even more terrible is that they work every day and the work of the task of the arrangement is very casual, would like to stop to stop, want to do it, with the sex. read more

To the webmaster friends do a CPA advertising ideas

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I bring to you today is a way to do CPA ideas, just ideas, specific projects to dig their own


first of all you have to do is to choose the limited amount of the alliance, those who want to pay a short cycle, generally from my point of view, it is best to choose those who have just established the alliance, so the amount is not much.

choose the alliance, is to enter the League to choose products, on the choice of products, to choose those moderate price, so that the price can be, and the audit is not very strict. Build a professional website for your chosen alliance, and if you feel that you are getting into trouble every time, you can build a navigation website, so that the relative success rate will be much higher. Once and for all! read more

Do Taobao best holiday promotion methods, techniques

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1, the best holiday promotions.

promotion article title and positioning

‘s strategy for advertising: to make the people who need it the most, not just the people. First of all, you want to buy things he will go to search what, such as Tanabata festival. By the way, Tanabata Festival to send what gift, which may be the most popular search keywords. For the selected keyword, generally take two approaches: one is standing in the customer’s point of view to think he will search what, second more scientific point, check the relevant keywords Baidu search, let users search habits to give me advice. read more

Witkey website creative power products online for cash

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"I don’t want to get married in October, because of extravagance and waste, banquets close relatives and good friends only in a small area, so the scale is not big, but it does not want too cold, so please give advice and suggestions can help you hero."
this is September 7th, a "Sunny Doll" users on the site (a collection of Witkey) wedding game "post published. On this site, this post is often referred to as "mission".
unfortunately 198 unsuccessful, because only one winner can get a bonus, so they made no direct labor return.
Qianwei Witkey "no way, yuandufushu." K68’s webmaster Kang recorded the consumption of a large number of labor patterns vividly known as "resource destruction". However, the destruction of this resource is clearly not prohibitive. read more

Personal website advertising money is shameful

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"Our project is to subvert the advertising model", "our website does not sell advertising to make money," these are the most recent projects I’ve seen and heard more, especially the Web2.0 website.

since the ad appeared, the advertisement is always the most profitable way of life, whether online or offline, you will never get a copy of the newspaper, said not to advertising income? So, the Internet can not be divorced from advertising, and Internet advertising has intensified, even in the network game will also appear in the "master teahouse" this advertisement.

Although the

read more

College students into the shop is good medicine or bitter medicine

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now there are many students in the online Taobao opened a shop, I hope the first pot of gold from the Internet to the public platform to earn life, one of which he is, of course, is just beginning, I hope you can be good, lots of care, the next point.

in the university time entirely by students at their disposal, perhaps a lot of parents do not agree with their children to open shop, feel wasted time, work, etc…. But I think we are not children, I believe that many college students are like me, feel the university is really boring, so instead of wasting time in the boring game, give yourself a platform to show their ability to open shop is a good choice! If well done is good, can enhance their self-confidence, failure, never discouraged, after all, is not what the larger investment business, a kind of experience as a path to success, experience is accumulated read more