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Operation of local video showings station, the annual income of more than six million

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          integrated entertainment video station is too much, the forerunner of the death of many later, more difficult to have the opportunity; comprehensive real estate stand too much, forerunner of fierce competition, but more difficult to have the opportunity. However, if the combination of these two, starting from the local, a new model – the local video showings, placed in front of the.
        one, on the necessity of existence. Now in the purchase of large and medium cities, hundreds of thousands of times, a lot of time, a property buyers earn a lifetime of money is only enough to buy a house. Therefore, the vast majority of buyers before buying often very carefully, in order to see the future new home real, they can not wait to put all the local real estate have seen times. However, the newspaper and the traditional text type real estate information website is difficult to give buyers the feeling of immersive, and a real estate development site to run, and extremely time-consuming. Undoubtedly, the local video showings station launched to meet the buyers out of house demand, but also make up the newspaper and the traditional text type real estate information website does not provide the house demand defects personally on the scene. In the video to see the station, the development of all video files can be not only consumers repeatedly watch and comparison, we can also study the common repeatedly with relatives and friends, after the relevant information about crystal clear and then decide whether to go to the sales site.
        two. Video showings, is to let buyers from the outdoor traffic, facilities and interior structure, area and other visual angle to understand the development of his target. Therefore need to send someone according to their own standards for all new projects and local estate sale high quality photography. Of course, including the owner, including the user can also provide housing video, but need to strictly grasp the quality and authenticity.
        three. The promotion of local video showings station, the main use of online promotion and offline activities combined approach. Online promotion, advertising is the main influence in the local site, hire has influence on the local forum recommends specific projects in the video connection. Under the line activities, the organization is mainly free showings showings showings in the sales offices and real estate transactions posters, leaflets, souvenirs and other expansion.
        four, on income. Video showings of people staying at home and personally on the scene advantages, determines that it is more attractive than newspapers and traditional text type real estate information website, to guide buyers purchasing behavior. Take Chengdu (nearly ten million people), the real estate business in Chengdu in the past 06 years, the China Daily, Huaxi Dushi Bao, Sichuan online ( and other media advertising investment in more than three hundred million. To create a good local video showings, just in this huge real estate advertising points 2> read more or disclosure of personal information to Nanjing court has accepted

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one of the user’s payment voucher


technology news March 4th noon news, today morning, 5 consumers on "personal information leakage caused by shopping fraud", the collective prosecution of suning. The case involved nearly 240 thousand yuan, Nanjing Xuanwu District Court has accepted the case.

the 5 of consumers said that shopping orders on the website, criminals counterfeit Suning service name, tell the exact name, order number, consumers buy goods name, purchase time, payment amount, the consignee to name and address of receiving order details, so as to carry out fraud. read more

How to do a good Google AdSense revenue

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      GOOGLE is currently listed as the world’s most popular search engine site. Whenever the GOOGLE to make changes or the introduction of new projects, I believe there will be some changes in the entire network search engine industry, there may not be in the country, because there is Baidu. But the GOOGLE forces in China although there is not strong enough, but the important thing is behind the "trick" is Google Adsense advertising. In China, there are a lot of personal Adsense chose Google Adsense alliance. Why do you want to choose Google Adsense believe that I do not have to say it, mainly the Commission is: dollars, but many people do not know how to put the Google Adsense in their own website to maximize revenue. I write this is to discuss this issue with you, I also listed a few steps we study together. read more

Large electricity providers to do careful buy Juhuasuan to improve

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recently exposed numerous news: group purchase website IPO handle failure; 24 reduction in the basic Securities Sales Department, the three line of the city from the war; many group purchase website for a long time not updated product information and so on, seems not too optimistic about the future of the group purchase website.

In contrast, Taobao

, Yu Wen is still double eleven victory continues, Thanksgiving and twelve in the preheating, then is the end of a shopping spree, a wave, is continuous. Jingdong shop is also in full swing. Comparison of online shopping malls and buy these two mainstream online trading now, it is clear that online shopping is better. read more

The development of the electricity supplier to Kowloon swimming or cross-border neighbors

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to date, the development of e-commerce can not only be used to describe the ever-changing, online shopping spawned a series of new consumption patterns and business models emerge in an endless stream. As a member of a large number of online shopping group, I believe a lot of people on the convenience of single and tangled logistics complaints. In the field of electronic commerce, logistics courier seems to be the cask theory, like the short board, always hinder people to the bucket of more water. read more

You don’t know the sea Amoy Market Daddy to buy milk more than.

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] April 28th news billion state power network, the day before, in one "mode of cross-border Ebang, the traditional sea Amoy industry afraid?" the theme of the salon, geek sea Amoy CEO Linhai conducted a comprehensive analysis on the sea Amoy industry. He pointed out that 28.3% of the user’s first contact with the sea Amoy site is a shopping guide Station, a mature community can help users to share the rapid growth.


Linhai geek sea Amoy

 : the following is a summary of their views: read more

Red Shield network sword special action to be carried out electricity supplier promotion need to be

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JINGWAH times news June 3rd news, it is learned from July to November to carry out the special action of the Red Shield network sword, will focus on the management and supervision of electronic business platform network promotions. For example: Double eleven, Jingdong and other electricity supplier promotional activities, and the introduction of the relevant provisions of the promotion of network management, such as. Crack down on business platform with the promotion and selling, scalping phenomenon, Taobao, Jingdong two business tycoon will become the focus of the supervision of the object. Taobao previously exposed selling events, and Jingdong sell refurbished machines and other events, really need a platform for domestic electricity supplier industry reshuffle. read more

Internet domain name business

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in the United States of Las Vegas known as a "Venice man" in the hotel, the floor is full of people, these people are not to dance, but busy network domain name auction. Not far away in front of an auctioneer is processing a large number of network domain name a list of every word, can a Huan move aroused in the field.

floor, there is a man sitting against the wall, he leaned forward, his eyes closed, put the keyboard off hands from time to time in the air, in fact he is in the expression of his great interest in a domain. The floor, a lot of people are watching him. read more

Children get rid of, shop No. 1 day behind Jingdong WAL-MART win-win

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Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on June 21st

in Chinese business territory, perhaps 1 store has already lost the fight ambition, but this one three the main "sacrifice" but may help the old club WAL-MART and the new owner of Jingdong make up the short board.

June 21st morning, Jingdong announced a strategic cooperation with WAL-MART depth. According to reports, the cooperation agreement will involve a wide range of business areas, and covers the online and offline retail market. As part of this agreement, WAL-MART will receive 144952250 shares of Jingdong issued a class a common stock, about $5% of total share capital issued by Jingdong, while the parties will cooperate in a number of strategic areas. read more

Ten new models of wealth

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A new era of wealth

ten new models of wealth

thinking revolution day entertainment mode

Grand model

The pattern of

"water" profitable new oriental pattern

defying enemies Baidu mode

format change as control mode read more

Do Taobao best holiday promotion methods, techniques

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1, the best holiday promotions.

promotion article title and positioning

‘s strategy for advertising: to make the people who need it the most, not just the people. First of all, you want to buy things he will go to search what, such as Tanabata festival. By the way, Tanabata Festival to send what gift, which may be the most popular search keywords. For the selected keyword, generally take two approaches: one is standing in the customer’s point of view to think he will search what, second more scientific point, check the relevant keywords Baidu search, let users search habits to give me advice. read more

Do Wangzhuan the most important thing is how to choose

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some people do not believe Wangzhuan, that is a lie, this is actually a misunderstanding of the concept of wangzhuan. It can be said that all the network business platform, regardless of the final profit or not, is in the use of network to make money, such as cross-border trade, business product promotion, sale space service providers; small to click the ad code to call people vote and so on, as long as the use of network and achieve the income the purpose, can be said to be higher, only profits, even if no money. This with us in real life make no difference in essence, can be straightforward to say, whether real or network or, regardless of what method you use, in short, as long as you earn money, they are real in the. Of course, all the illegal cost way of making money, is absolutely intolerable, in fact, do not say here, we all know the truth. read more

A brief talk on the new outlet of 07 websites

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              on the network is mixed for more than 2 years, although not how to earn a lot of money, but my life is still a little taste, here to write your recent station profit idea of it.

              I also forget behind who said, do not stand before the good location profit point station is garbage station, is not pulled, but he said is true, you must first think clearly before you stand the profit point, really, do not stand now few want to make money. My literary talent is not good, you don’t mind. As for the positioning of the site, we can see Wang Tong related information, I think he can say, the stone brothers don’t scold me. read more

The Internet Ecosystem niche trend is more suitable for the grassroots webmaster

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and is currently the main trend of the development of the electricity supplier, many electricity providers have been dreaming of such users, in the whole process for products, to buy the product in the application of their products, including the final means of payment, but in fact, it is difficult to do on the Internet, enterprises not only to build their own ecological chain, complacent, stall the shop is bigger, the right to speak but gradually disappear, if want to build their own ecological chain, in fact, is more suitable for personal webmaster, because the trend of ecological niche chain, is precisely the grassroots webmaster has the advantage of read more

A college student Wangzhuan trip

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I am a college student, with shortened the time of graduation, I became more and more afraid to go out, because the graduation run around here and there looking for work, now the students are working hard to find, let alone these small potatoes. Another reason is that my parents did not give me a good family background, but also did not give me a good appearance, but not a smart head, I have been inferior to almost two gates do not step. I heard that you can make money on the Internet, I also bought a more than 1 thousand point computer stay at home, day and night. read more

Google Adsense authentication to Wangzhuan under set

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Hello, it’s me again, "the post office professional PIN (QQ:1009738739)" advertising on the GG, I have been in front of several articles give us a lot of high quality advice and proposal, should clearly believe that read the article, I said is a substantial problem, and I run the business GG application, PIN collection, with all Western Union is related with GG business. So today to talk about the details of the Google Adsense authentication is to the majority of the webmaster Wangzhuan what set of read more

Wu Bo new venture capital projects in the United States and Australia 50 million yuan

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technology news March 21st noon news, Wu Bo start new projects overseas real estate business website in the US Australia announced the completion of the A round of financing, the financing amount of $50 million, led by the DCM investment institutions involved in financing investment, also includes the Xu Xiaoping brothers fund it real fund and Taishan. It is reported that Xu Xiaoping and Taishan brothers fund has also participated in the United States and Australia millions of angel round investment. read more

Magic box advertising platform version has been revised on the line

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dear brothers and sisters, good!

              magic box advertising platform to add new advertising – magic box electronic album and dream of the United states.

              magic box network electronic album advertising expense settlement way: according to the registered accounting, each registered RMB 0.4 yuan. Dream United lottery advertising expense settlement way: according to the registered accounting, each registered RMB 0.2 yuan. read more

From 1000 to 5 hundred million the metamorphosis of young artists

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In this paper,

writing process, as the city of angels Liebo acquisition rumors spread on the occasion, what makes one of entrepreneurial sisters in the electricity supplier industry fengshengheli

stride forward singing militant songs?


| Yan Xiaolin

this weekend, Tom gale at home to find the book for the bookshelf to employees the right to play the draft stage, unexpected turn to the past when trekking in Nepal’s diary, she sat down to watch two hours altogether regardless of a "Liebo takeover of the city of angels" hearsay is network speculation cause a shocking commotion. read more

Do not want to do these three do not start!

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02 years net, 03 years in the first 04 years of my QQ, mixed math teacher out of the BBS, 05 years of playing Post Bar started their own 06 years, since the beginning of the forum, my webmaster no return. After selling space to learn hackers, like editors, artists, SEO, customer service, almost all of the network companies have done some jobs. When 09 years of their own business, joked the cashier and security is also a person I. Write this, a look back suddenly feel so abuses, but in fact I was a grass root. read more