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Jiang Qiping the development of e-commerce need to build a good faith system

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recently, B2B Alibaba announced that the company CEO Wei Zhe, Li Xuhui COO to resign.

more than a week’s time, the relevant personnel changes in the hustle and bustle of Alibaba has gradually calmed down. But the intention and significance of Ma’s "chop Ma" why, the development of electronic commerce in China is facing problems and challenges to a series of questions remain unanswered. To this end, the reporter interviewed the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Center Secretary General Jiang Qiping. read more

Ali propaganda Jingdong new business to tear down the Berlin wall

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– IT times Wu Yuxin

"a few days ago, I heard Liu Jingdong so that all businesses don’t do business, I was shocked, today officially called for it, not all companies do not do business, but to do business." In March 1st 2016 of Tmall’s global business conference, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong Liu Qiangdong Ma on the scene behind the loudspeaker in Yabuli entrepreneurs forum, support the traditional enterprises to build their own electricity supplier sector.

in the future, in order to support the traditional enterprise to do electricity supplier, Ali will launch three initiatives to businesses, and Tmall will also become the base of the brand business transformation of the internet. read more

Jingdong should be most grateful to the Zhongguancun merchants

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Jingdong to today’s achievements, the Jingdong (or Liu Qiangdong) should be most grateful for? A second operation three Feng Shui life? No, we are not superstitious. So, should thank Suning Gome of hindsight, or thanks to Taobao to Tmall over the gap, thanks to Dangdang, Amazon’s


I do not think, Jingdong should be most grateful, not a company, but a group, is the Zhongguancun merchants. It is these businesses, through continuous efforts, to the people to set up a lot of regret, painful purchase experience, again and again to urge Zhongguancun to buy for potential users to Jingdong, only in the early feeding of Jingdong, Jingdong set up the first batch of loyal users. read more

Media engage in electricity providers traffic advantages, the operation needs to be cautious

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introduction: at present the media is still testing the waters, the overall electricity supplier Pathfinder stage. Media traffic is an advantage, but in the supply chain management, membership system, etc. must also be careful.

At present,

media is still testing the waters, the overall electricity supplier Pathfinder stage. Media traffic is an advantage, but in the supply chain management, membership system, etc. must also be careful.

tide in the transformation of traditional media, the so-called electricity supplier is a very multimedia and are very concerned about the direction of attention. Because the establishment logically is: when an article / in a photo to introduce some interesting things, there are readers may have this idea: where to have sell? If there can be a good way to let the reader become consumers, the media can profit from. read more

.ME domain name pre registration began

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days ago, reporters from the era of network ( was informed that the.ME domain of domestic pre registration has officially started in July 16, 2008, before anyone can try on the new domain name application.

It is reported that the domain name is.ME

, southern European countries of Montenegro, in May of this year to the world user discloses top-level domain name registration, the registration service open late for nearly two months, but did not expect it from all walks of life.

"this is a very interesting domain name, such as you can register (believe me), (fans), (love me), (wait for me)…… At the same time, the Chinese meaning of ‘ME’ means’ I ‘, and also symbolizes the people-oriented. For those individuals who love creativity, as well as some innovative enterprises,.ME domain name will give them new in order to be different, fascinated." An industry source told reporters.ME domain name can not help but endless. read more

How to get food distribution chain O2O how farmers get Sequoia $8 million

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[Abstract] small and medium-sized food and beverage businesses focus on the procurement needs of farmers, to a large number of sales of food ingredients procurement, to provide services to small businesses.

Tencent technology Jianping, March 12th, reported

2015 Spring Festival, the Internet industry is surging wave of investment boom. It is said that the former vice president of Baidu Yu Jun recently joined a domestic O2O food and beverage procurement platform enterprises. Yu Jun joined the news behind, is China’s agricultural electricity supplier becomes fiery. read more

Spring Festival is approaching the Internet Chinese domain name registration peak

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      2007 Spring Festival is approaching, unlike in previous years, this year, many Internet users and businesses have chosen to sign a happy Chinese domain name as a new year gift. Both new ideas, but also to the traditional culture to do a fashion interpretation.

        not long ago, Mr. Meng registered the "money rolling" as his company’s domain name.

        Chinese domainnameuser Mengxiansheng: I choose "fortune.Cn" is not only the domain name, you want to make a good beginning, also hope the good wishes. And Mr. Meng, there are a lot of people also registered a similar Chinese domain name, most of them are white-collar and young people. read more

GoogleAnalytics suspicious referral traffic in-depth analysis

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I am a large electricity supplier website operators, often to analyze the flow of data from different sources. As for statistical tools, it is the electricity supplier website favorite analysis weapon GoogleAnalytics!

When using

GoogleAnalytics tools, see "referral traffic",,, often see such sources, however, we can not do without e-mail advertising, recently EDM e-mail marketing, this group of mysterious flow from what is what read more

NarrowAD create three win pattern

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advertising, do not eliminate the advertisers and media, consumers in the middle of the homophonic, created the Internet advertising three win pattern.

With the development of

market and the innovation of technology, advertisers, media and consumers have put forward new requirements for online advertising. Although advertisers increase the network advertising budget share, but added more harsh conditions: the need for more targeted advertising, advertising effect can be real-time display; consumers want to see some less and they have no interest in the relevant information, or "harassment" advertising; media to further highlight the network media the value of. read more

What is new to learn Wangzhuan

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many people do not understand the industry Wangzhuan blindly to join the ranks, almost all follow the footsteps of others to go, this has led many people to become someone else’s free labor, even being any fish in the object, while they can not earn a penny. As a novice in Wangzhuan quickly create a heaven and earth is a very easy thing, this may be the first half of the year, one year, two years, or even longer, so we need to exercise at any time, first to learn knowledge, can be used in the following development, finally success. So, do Wangzhuan should grasp what technology is read more

TopFloor seamless integration of social networking sites and e-commerce

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uses social media to advertise to a large audience, and a large percentage of these audiences will become real consumers. No one knows this law better than MySpace CEO and former Science Media co-founder Mike Jone, as well as advertising entrepreneur Brian. The two from the Losangeles giants jointly launched TopFloor, an electronic commerce based on advertising, video advertising, their service integrated Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other popular social networking sites.


established 6 month start-up company has maintained a low profile until they officially announced today from Google Ventures, Ploaris Ventures, Crosslink Ventures and Rustic Canyon Ventures, received more than $6 million in financing. While the company’s two glorious life founder, has been relegated to second tier actor directors and advisory role. read more

Low flow of Chinese websites and blogs can earn dollars

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if you have a IP less than 100 of the website or blog, it can be for you every month to earn dollars? If your new website, it is in the low flow period, it is also possible for you to earn dollars every month? If you have only Chinese web sites and blogs, it can also be thought of you earn $

per month?

the answer is yes, and may be a few tens of dollars per month, much higher than Ali’s mother and Google Adsense’s income! This is a good Dongdong Backlinks, selling text links.

to sell text links to earn the most famous dollar is, but the platform to accept the site’s standard is too high, generally small sites simply do not want. The advantages of Backlinks is almost completely solve the problem of Chinese webmaster. First, the flow is not required, as long as the PR is greater than 0 to accept, and can separate the home page and the inside pages to sell links. Second, the link according to PR to pricing, PR2, PR3 and PR5 website a text link can earn $1, $2 and $4.5 per month, the higher the price of PR increased exponentially. Third, the Chinese website. Fourth, payment by Paypal, pay $10, quickly and without fee. read more

Adsense must know six kinds of value-added advertising skills

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said that although the added value of advertising is not the webmaster to the direction of the struggle, most people still want to make money through other profit model, but I think the fact you don’t look down upon the added value of the ads, these are often able to create your unexpected income


for example, the operation of the advertising package includes a large number of high value-added CPM delivery, if used on average and conversion rate so many sites will not be included in the media or in the encounter plan optimization for the first time after the cancellation of the results in the digital mode! But when additional value from a large number of text links the average CPC and CPA, click on the word, it can help us to optimize your web site read more

Make a profit of $6000 over the course of one day by selling e-books

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at 6 this morning, I pressed the send button and began to wait. In ten minutes, my Gumroad more than $1000, until now, income is still increasing.

I released my ebook "The App Handbook", which is a description of how to design a beautiful interface IOS procedures manual Design. I wrote this book for 3 months, and a total of 795 people ordered the book in advance. The original $1000 was from the list. Before I started writing this article, today’s sales amount has reached $6000. read more

How to make money on various websites

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An entertainment site, including music, enjoy FLASH, because these groups are mostly for young students, young people, this site to apply for SMS Union more appropriate. As traffic size can have 100 million — to income per month.

two, download site, this site to apply for SMS union such as the money in less and less! Because of this kind of website for the group is very clear, recommended to take advertising list directly to businesses, there are also a lot of income for a month! Pick list way, on, by this, you can also go directly to the online advertising trading platform for advertisement Qiuzu, their advertising rental information, trading platform address: many individual websites benefit from this platform! Inside the advertising business also increasing the rent! read more

The survey Wangzhuan site to access members

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Research firm

in real life, and the investigation on the website of the network world, I joined. From a visitor experience survey Wangzhuan, could not help but make people very disappointed.

about my visitor experience. A summer university, I do visit the clerk at the Hainan urban and rural social survey. Then do a survey about the daily consumer goods, according to the assigned address to find community, and then into the door please do questionnaire. Every time, I will send respondents with a gift, is about 8-10 yuan down home common and fun stuff. And I do a questionnaire, the reward is 20 yuan. read more

Content entrepreneurship Red Treasure Book insight reports from the media reader behavior

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(about 3100 words). Deep reading takes about 10-13 minutes. We think it’s worth it and recommend it to you

content entrepreneurial wave at an unimaginable speed, ignited the enthusiasm of Chinese creators.

in the last 2 years, the content of entrepreneurial hot, different styles from the media to attract the attention of readers and consumption potential. Some of them in the post Yao silent flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum trace, some became vertical segments of the authority, some are still looking for the most suitable profit model or explore untapped gold. read more

How to make use of part-time jobs to make money

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entrepreneurship this year to do what the most profitable

new year, in the new year, do not want to live the "Youth Day chaotic" now is the time for action, use this time to study a few years ago, a good project, continue to strive for a new life in a new year! Today I will recommend a few good projects 2015.

first, ice painting project, seize market wealth.

a piece of glass, after the processing of high-tech level, can be worth over several times or dozens of times. This project is on common glass substrates, using special equipment after special treatment, you can become a beautiful and vivid effect, imaging products, photos of the elegant atmosphere, temperament, to a piece of glass given God like aura. Is the home decoration, hotel decoration decoration. And no experience, no need for high investment, do not need the art foundation, under the guidance of professional manufacturers, the teacher can quickly get started. Production and processing of the store just a few tens of square meters, 1-2 people can operate normally. Estimated investment of 30 thousand yuan. read more