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Crack user trust dilemma or will promote e-commerce into the mainstream

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July 1st, the Boston consulting firm (BCG) published an article entitled "Chinese digital 2: the new generation of digital media and e-commerce into the mainstream" report, the main person in charge of nettesheim report said that the explosive growth of Internet use, and it is fundamentally changing the economic and social China also. Bring unlimited business opportunities. By 2012, China’s online advertising share will grow from 8% in 2008 to $20%.

China’s explosive growth in the digital market, from the changes in the behavior of Chinese consumers – digital media and e-commerce has become the mainstream of Chinese netizens life. The Chinese longitudinal view of the way consumers use the Internet, e-commerce market is in the business should not be missed amidst the winds of change in one step. read more

Bathroom marketing model to create a leading bathroom online shopping Era

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in recent years, the domestic real estate industry rapid development, China bathroom market competition, also entered the super competition, domestic large and small bathroom brand brand marketing mode has entered the homogenization. At the same time, the development of Internet technology in China has entered a mature stage, and the low cost operation of the Internet, network marketing slowly into the hearts of the people, as of June this year, Chinese users around the 70- reached 485 million, 80 is the main consumer network group. Now the 70- 80 has become the major consumer groups of sanitary conditions, to create a new marketing mode of comprehensive properties for the consumer groups who can network? Who will become the active position of Internet market future future bathroom. read more

The golden autumn wind blowing October CN domain name market smoke

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  TOM technology news Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) Director Mao Wei said: at the end of August next year, foreign.CN registration number will be more than.COM. Experts said that this year’s National Day Mid Autumn Festival reunion, will bring the.CN domain name sale storm. Sure enough, the recent Internet Era ( for a month "to buy the domain name pumping thousands of prizes, winning a hundred percent, low price, big discount, leading people in the industry have eyebrows.

Experts remind

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Rural electricity supplier confusion, Jingdong Taobao to build the line under the store

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introduction: Jingdong and Taobao, could you give me the scene to do


Jingdong plans to start implementation of the County Service Center, and the Alibaba "the village of a thousand million rural Taobao plan" has also surfaced, electricity began to sink the rural market in the true sense.

perhaps, before long, you or I in the rural home of the elderly parents, you can in the electricity supplier MM or electricity supplier under the guidance of a small guy, in the site to pick their favorite items, a single shopping. Think about it, this scene is quite exciting. After the excitement, go to a shopping mall to buy a thing, shopping is more than a hint of doubt: Jingdong and Taobao, could you give me the scene to do read more

College students test the water e-commerce to build entrepreneurship teaching swimming pool

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business in the eyes of many people is not a course of study, especially in the University, for those who have no business experience in the teacher, teach students things somewhat "empty talk" feeling. But recently, the ride by e-commerce platform for college students entrepreneurship training form in some colleges and universities in the past was popular, and teaching mode as compared to the more entrepreneurial training adds a maneuverability.

e-commerce students through the enterprise outsourcing read more

Zhuang Shuai traditional brands do B2C is not the life of existing channels of leather

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this afternoon to chat with a manager of state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises on how to operate the electronic commerce project, which talked about how to avoid conflict with traditional channels of traditional industries in March and subsequent operation of the B2C process, I hope I can give some professional advice and effective solutions.

in fact, for this question I think for a long time, during the WAL-MART marketing department to promote the Chinese B2C project also studied the WAL-MART approach in some B2C operations (WAL-MART is 03 years officially increased strength into the B2C operation, the website is:, took two years to build Site to sales operation mode store do after the Amazon, and successfully defeated a number of large and medium-sized vertical class traditional retailers such as Toys R US B2C business). In fact, the WAL-MART B2C is followed the traditional line shop "headquarters centralization" mode, while allowing each store to participate, initiative and enhance a sense of participation, so that the entire B2C and store business not only did not cause conflict, but the formation of complementary resources, enhance business customer loyalty and service efficiency through the network the new sales channels, to further reduce costs and establish a new rapid response mechanism. read more

Brewmaster network hand shop No. 1 CEO said a new round of financing has been in negotiations

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Lu Ren

liquor electricity supplier in the field "alone" the other allied brewmaster network began to promote the fast development of electronic commerce website.

yesterday, in an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement with the Kuba,, and hand Tmall, Jingdong mall and other commercial enterprises, brewmaster network once again reached agreement with the exclusive agency business shop No. 1, No. 1 in the wine shop in the channel, shop No. 1 will no longer sign new wine suppliers and gradually repaying the original the supplier, both in price and inventory, and all promotional activities are consistent, and the logistics warehousing and customer service service by brewmaster network responsible for the completion of. read more

Alibaba Zeng Ming e-commerce real model is C2B

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June 7th, Ceng Ming, chief of staff of Alibaba group, said in a speech at the annual meeting of the China Investment Bank Credit Suisse today, B2C is just a transitional business model, the future of e-commerce is the real model of C2B. Zeng Ming believes that the B2C mode is the traditional industrial economy, with the future development of the Internet, the voice of the consumer is more and more strong, the future of the value chain the first impetus will come from consumers, rather than manufacturers. Future business model customization will be the mainstream. It is the demand for personalized demand, multi species, small batch, fast response, platform collaboration, this is what we can see the future." read more

Pay 1500 yuan training fees but let me know what is called Wangzhuan

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today saw the inMay on the training post, a lot of emotion. Want to come home for 4 years, has been diving Amoy things without what contribution, today I put this four years of Wangzhuan road to summarize, I hope a little inspiration to find friends are still in the dark.

I began to contact Wangzhuan from 04, and stay at home online. Begin to see here to discuss a master Wangzhuan topic, see people say today also received a number of how many knife knife, the heart envy ah. From the beginning, set foot on this difficult path of wangzhuan. read more

Internet entrepreneurs how to find their own competitive advantage

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large portal or personal blog or, no matter what the size of the building site, want to have as many visitors. In a certain number of users in the basic stability of the industry or field, only the positive and peer competition, to get more visitors. Therefore, the analysis of their competitive advantage, the advantages of their own site planning is the first step in the Internet business.

regardless of the individual or the enterprise, has its own unique ability, but many people, and even most of the enterprises, have not been able to use their own ability. This article will lead you through the VRIO model to carry out a scientific analysis of their advantages. read more

Qihoo Forum and news alliance alliance big price! Rose up to 70%

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Qihoo alliance supported by the webmaster since opening, in order to thank everyone, from October 27, 2007 onwards to the settlement price alliance and alliance forum news to significantly enhance the growth in 20%-70%; after the price increase on the price level of the fine division, the greater the flow, the higher the price:

– a point: the Daily Star Click on the IP1000 below the settlement price: 12 yuan /1000 click IP

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How to use the Internet to make money

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contact the Internet for some time, from the initial will only talk to QQ to write a blog, do the union, earn $. Step by step slowly groping forward. In the middle of a lot of detours. Today is the use of the Internet Zhuan money, simply told you a few suggestions, we must first have a good attitude, do not always think you can earn a dollar a day tens of millions do not say first, then, at least at the beginning is not possible.

and then to choose a direction, is a website or write a blog, website is what type of website, blog is what is the theme of the. These things, of course, the finer the better. If the site is recommended if space charge, do not always want to find some free space, there is no free lunch, free space or unstable or too restrictive. They worked hard to build a website for the day of the event space be destroyed on one day, too late for regrets. To believe that there is always a return to pay, spend tens of dollars to buy a space, at least with ease. read more

Venture capital and mergers and acquisitions report for the three quarter of 2013

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this report contains three quarter investment cases, the industry and regional distribution of the 531 cases of mergers and acquisitions, trading volume of Top10, as well as related to the discovery of various industries..

first, investment activity analysis

(a) data overview

three quarter investment in the number of 1624, compared with the two quarter rose by 13%. Three quarter investment turnover of $19 billion 900 million, compared with the two quarter fell by 13%. 1-3 cumulative number of transactions in the 4114 quarter, the cumulative disclosure of the transaction amount of cases from the case of 3404, the cumulative disclosure of the transaction amount of $56 billion 170 million. read more

Taobao guest website concise only have sales force

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network is now greatly small Taobao site although many friends maintain be too numerous to enumerate, more than one such site, but the money was not satisfying. In the process and we exchange, the author found that strong sales of Taobao site have a common, is a simple page.

A lot of friends of the Taobao

off site source are very complex, presented to the visitors to the page is brightly coloured, looked like a big classification information station. In fact, this promotion method is difficult to generate orders, because visitors to your site will have a feeling of loss. To allow users to make a quick decision to buy, you must make the page to achieve the most concise effect. The author once with an expert exchange, Taobao found his guest site should be used open source blog program to do. But the column setting is very simple, each article is devoted to a Taobao product, buy links with the baby at the end. This model allows users to know the site’s first theme, to understand the advantages of the product, and thus the probability of buying behavior will greatly increase. read more

Watch the bubble impetuous crazy every day thinking about entrepreneurship flourishes

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[Abstract] under the tide of the Internet, don’t start a business. This entrepreneurial thinking can only be called blind entrepreneurship".

Tencent science and technology selection of high-quality articles from the media, described in the article as the author’s independent view, does not represent the position of Tencent science and technology.

text / Wu Junyu (WeChat public number: deep several degrees)

90 students entrepreneurs in Chinese encountered with many times today’s fickle entrepreneurial environment. After a failed business comeback a few who are unwilling to remain out of the limelight, resulting in the formation of such a word: Serial Entrepreneur (failure). read more

Avenue to Jane, SEO is not only technology but also faith

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out of professional habits, whenever people say that this site is good, always can not help but use the webmaster tools to check the weight of this site is expected to flow, included, the chain. When you see the site’s data is relatively bleak, very little traffic, the inside of the heart to deny a good website that. On the contrary, if the site weight is high, included good, traffic, it can not help but look at its key words ranking, and then click into the site to see the content.

each of our grassroots webmaster in the establishment of each site, will dream about how high the weight of the site, how much traffic and revenue of a better future. Whenever you see a high weight and high traffic site, the Federation will analyze the site architecture, included, the chain, etc., and finally to determine what the site is doing so much traffic today. read more