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Hefei preferred Venus dry cleaning

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as everyone knows, today’s entrepreneurs are very much, they venture is a very troublesome problem, if you want to ask the rich business project now, Hefei is a good choice for you, then, how much consumers trust the Venus dry cleaning?

so what’s the secret to making money in the dry cleaning industry?

investment in dry cleaning industry to make money is the secret?

join the dry cleaning industry to make money what is the secret?

each industry has its own rules and the secret of making money, only mastered these tips, you can more easily make money. When it comes to dry cleaning, a lot of people think that dry cleaning is very simple, in fact, it seems that there are a lot of dry cleaning tips to make money, and now, let us know what is the secret of the dry cleaning industry to make money? read more

Do business also need to master the psychology shop

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when it comes to psychology, a lot of people may feel very profound, in fact, in our daily lives, we need to master some of the psychology, especially the shop to do business. Operating a seemingly simple thing actually really want to shop, the store opened, the author thinks that the success, in addition to have some marketing knowledge, must also understand some common sense psychology, if we can through the science of psychology to understand the mentality of customers, to meet customer needs, to provide satisfactory service to customers. So, our business will be one upmanship. How to understand customer psychology, according to customer psychology to meet customer needs? read more

Men’s cosmetics store prospects how to operate

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we all know that in today’s society, everyone has a heart of beauty, whether it is some women, or some male compatriots, and now, not only the need for women to maintain, men are no exception. Then come to see how the men’s cosmetics store how to operate it!


The leading varieties of
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When the owner of the proposal can not hurt the self-esteem of consumers

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as a shopkeeper, often very familiar with the goods, when customers do not have the idea of customers can be recommended. However, it is this proposal, the owner recommended when you also need to master some skills, can not hurt the self-esteem of consumers, thereby affecting the development of business.

retail business in the process of communication with consumers, when making reasonable suggestions, to try to take into account the feelings of each other. Don’t even argue strongly refuted the view of consumers, it will not only hurt each other’s self-esteem, more likely to lose business opportunities. read more

Venture financing channels

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wants to invest but not enough funds to raise money, business is all entrepreneurs have fled past a hurdle, what we can do is to raise money, the following Xiaobian to help you find some of the information, to finance friends to see it!

money entrepreneurship — Remote joint collaboration loans

To provide loans between

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The candle gallery into business good business opportunities

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said now need less blackout candles, but special occasions still can not be a lack of candle existence, so small a candle, the original investment is undoubtedly a very good choice for investment in specific circumstances, and let us see!

before, in most people’s essentials, just a tool for lighting candles, but with the progress of society, people’s quality of life is more and more high, now, enjoy the life of high quality concept has been very common, candle art has become an indispensable part of life in fashion. People gradually found that it is simple, but it is life. read more

Do these cosmetics franchise business is more prosperous

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if you intend to open cosmetics stores, you have to consider the issue from the customer’s point of view. So, how to do is from the customer’s point of view? Open cosmetics stores, pay attention to detail, in order to effectively achieve customer service, thereby enhancing customer recognition of the store, and thus enhance the turnover.

first, when the customer loved

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Entrepreneur Yu Yongfu multiple identity change

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China Internet emerged many giants, these big companies are almost independent entrepreneurs to open up a new career. Today, let’s take a look at the innovation of entrepreneur Yu Yongfu.

12 8, the Alibaba group announced four new partners, including Ali mobile business group president, Ali mother Alibaba President Yu Yongfu, group vice CFO Zheng Junfang, CFO Zhao Ying ant gold suit, Alibaba business leader Sun Lijun Tao village. One of the most familiar with Yu Yongfu, because the path is different from the other three new partners, he was a symbol of the wave of China Mobile Internet entrepreneurs. read more

What do women start to earn a personalized T-shirt shop

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now women should also have a career, women entrepreneurship is not a rare thing. So, what do women do business? Is there a good project for women entrepreneurs? Xiaobian recommend that you open a personalized T-shirt shop, you can easily earn a lot of money.

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Join cosmetics store how to make money

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The huge business opportunities and market space of profit

cosmetics industry inherent in all kinds of cosmetics brand, now it is self-evident, the rise of the franchise, in every successful cosmetics shop, must have good management and operation mode. How to join the cosmetics store to make money? The following summary of the cosmetics shop on the note, we look at the following:

join the cosmetics store how to make money skills: a shop before the surrounding market research analysis.

cosmetics retail chain market plate, scientific and reasonable analysis of the prospects of State Development of cosmetics retail chain, the market competition well, good market positioning. I would like to join the cosmetics store to make money? Choose the right store location. Reasonable choice in the business center, downtown area, strong flow of people lots, the ability to consume a good place, choose the location of their own business with the store address is the best. read more

One hundred million live integrated panel to join the best choice for venture capital

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now, with the continuous improvement of the quality of our lives, we are also increasing the demand for integrated wallboard. How about an integrated wallboard? High quality projects, no doubt, is the choice of the city.

billion integrated wall panels are mainly temperature, sound insulation, fire protection, moisture-proof, energy saving and other features, of course, more secure. A new model is adopted, not only to provide products, but also to provide design. To do the construction of integrated solutions, which gives the majority of the decoration has brought great convenience. In addition, one hundred million homes in color also have a breakthrough. Rich pattern color, aesthetic visual effects, the perfect interpretation of the arts, to give people a different artistic enjoyment. Million in the integration of a comprehensive process to complete the housing wall decoration, so that consumers bid farewell to the cumbersome, that is, to live in, as soon as possible to stay in the new home. read more

Guangdong Province in 2015 to start the list of students to start funded project announced

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Guangdong has always been a good attraction for students studying abroad, because many students go out from Guangdong. Guangdong has 3 enterprises in the park has recently won the Guangdong venture capital, highlighting the importance of the study of talent and support.

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Seize the future opportunities Chinese technology giants have increased talent support strategy

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2011 so far, in my opinion, is the rapid development of China’s mobile Internet stage, is about to begin in 2017 this pace of development will remain, and continue to change some industries. With multiple areas of mobile, unmanned, medical wisdom and artificial intelligence have birth many opportunities, talent gap becomes increasingly serious, although currently China Internet practitioners more than 20 million people, but still can not meet the rapid development of industry.

Internet development today, achievements and problems coexist, all Internet companies are beginning to understand a profound problem, the future competition in the Internet competition, the core point is the talent competition. Also in the next stage, the Chinese Internet in order to continue the rapid development of the construction and training of talent is the most important task. read more

Defend radish R & D technology today the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing financing over HK $570 mil

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R & D technology now defend radish HKEx listing financing over HK $570 million

[TechWeb] December 5th news reports, "defend the radish" R & D technology today on the HKEx listing. Technology released information display, sale prices of HK $2.2, the company will calculate the net proceeds of the offering in the collection of the world over HK $570 million, and get 5.01 times oversubscribed.

technology’s announcement shows that the offer price of HK $2.2, not including 1% brokerage commissions. In 2.2 Hong Kong dollars, in the exercise of the over allotment option before the estimated total expenditure deduction of the global offering and underwriting fees and commissions paid and payable will be charged after the estimated net proceeds from the global offering of approximately HK $570 million 200 thousand. read more

Industry website unique propaganda gimmick

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direct on TV:

character illusion propaganda:

note: Yang Donghui, President of China Textile association.

as I said in the article.

publicity is the soul of a web site theme, whether it is a large portal or small sites, all the time in the publicity of their own. I summed up a lot about the domain name and website publicity methods, I will continue to share with you, as much as possible with the picture more intuitive.

on the idea of propaganda, I prefer the guerrilla strategy of Mao Zedong, such as the operation of the site or the domain name of the investment line, everything is in the movement change, thinking, implementation, correction, and then re. There is no fixed pattern, only we continue to innovate and implementation, homeopathy and change, in order to gradually achieve their desired goals. read more

Thanksgiving special 15 story stationmaster collection of electronic magazine for free download

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today is November 26th, the fourth Thursday of the month, that is, Thanksgiving Day in the United states. A lot of friends would say it was an American thanksgiving. But I think Thanksgiving is everyone should do, Thanksgiving without borders. So we choose the open-source network before and after a total of 15 story "interview" stationmaster made collection today, before the interview we miss hope webmaster friends can have a one-time opportunity to read him.

"webmaster story sinks" is an open source network hosted by the owners of the interview column. Since the first interview in August 9, 2009 officially launched, we adhere to every Monday, has been successfully carried out 15. On Thanksgiving Day, thank you has been the concern and support "story" webmaster webmaster friends, thanks in white busy taking the time to share experience and guests, special thanks to Admin5 nets, the laggards, love China station, aggregation and other major domestic well-known master media and community. read more

Search Guangzhou branch personal webmaster to join recruitment

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search ( is a well-known personal portal vendors, as the first brand China personal portal search field, relying on personal portal platform and search engine technology, to provide one-stop personalized Internet service for the users, while providing personalized service of network marketing for SMEs

search in 2002 to enter the Chinese search engine market, one of the search engine technology suppliers and service providers in the world’s largest Chinese, providing search engine technology services for Sina, read more

National pornography office before the end of October to webcast crackdown Jurisprudence

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in the first half of the national total and online pornography cases since 712, handling network bad and harmful information of more than 86.9, of which more than 52.9 pornographic information; closed down 3612 bad sites, including pornographic websites 811.

source: Vision China

to create a delicate gas is the network space, since this year, at all levels all over the country "anti pornography" departments to seriously organize the "net net 2016 special action, continue to combat Internet pornographic information, with internet video, broadcast, cloud disk, micro focus, a number of centralized rectification. Up to now, special action has achieved remarkable results. read more

Pregnant knowledge of the mother of the web site of the station

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woman love to dream, love and family related dream home, occupied a very important position in the life of a woman. I was so ordinary, so my dream is so popular: I hope to have a good home, love my husband, a lovely baby. I will use my life the energy and the truth to mothers, in the plain in the pots and pans, amused laughter three people, walking home in the mall, to find the best real life happy.

God takes care of me, I have a loving and capable husband, with a rich life, I also resigned from the hospital to become a full-time wife. Two days long time the world began to feel ordinary, so began to plan the baby. I spend all day learning related knowledge on the Internet, the time passed quickly, my daughter was born, and I found myself become experts in this field, in all breeds forum, some sisters put on pregnant problems I have to know the answer. I remember each jar for pregnant and helpless the sisters of the grief, naturally felt sympathy for them. And then you do a breeding site, to help the sisters suffered the same ideas. read more’s first half revenue 3 billion 500 million yuan, net profit of 163 million 600 thousand yu

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technology news Beijing time on December 26th morning news, (NYSE:JMEI) released the first half of 2016 as of June 30th unaudited earnings. For the quarter, net revenues of 3 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 1.7% over last year. Net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders of the first half of the company was 141 million 200 thousand yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders of the same period last year was $201 million 200 thousand. Based on non US GAAP (Non-GAAP), net profit of 163 million 600 thousand yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders of the same period last year was $228 million 400 thousand. read more