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Talking about the development of Web2.0 website!

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know Web2.0 site model is the last year, is the most typical, website, is user centered interactive website.

had heard that has to be listed, to be listed, fried quite a fire, later died down. The reason I have some personal views, for your reference:

1 profit model is not clear, the site is now more obvious profit model there are two: that is, online advertising and membership.

I don’t see how valuable their online ads are from the two most popular websites. It is not appropriate to develop membership at the same time. The natural market has become a bubble. read more

Amazon China black five week sales grew by 24 times

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Amazon China President Ge Daoyuan

NetEase science and technology news December 10th news, Amazon China today released 2014 annual online shopping trends and consumer hot report in 2015. The report revealed that this year, Amazon China international brand selection number increased 14 times, in the beginning of November 28th this year, the first black five "overseas shopping festival" Promotion Week, overseas purchase sales compared with the previous week increased by 24 times, the internationalization trend has become increasingly evident. read more

Blocked by Tmall Brand double 11 WeChat game play is not wrong

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] Tmall’s dual billion state power network with eleven WeChat what? This has been shut in the large flow pipe outside the Alibaba, really become "passerby" in eleven? Brands are not willing! According to billion state power network understanding, a number of brands this year are trying to develop WeChat games, try to to achieve viral propagation in double eleven period, Tmall stores indirect drainage relations between Tmall and WeChat, that during this period of time is more subtle. read more

On cross-border electricity supplier, therapeutic efficacy, the four chiefs have said

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news September 8th, when cross-border electricity supplier meets The Belt and Road? EBay Greater China policy and government relations general manager Wang Xiaozhong 8, pointed out that cross-border electricity providers will become "a strong driving force for The Belt and Road construction.

8, 2016 of the global e-commerce conference in Xiamen curtain, from around the world thousands of industry leaders and experts attended the meeting, looking around the industry and enterprise development mode research. read more

Grassroots Adsense must make money to take the normal way

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If you are

, the Internet is a fantasy flourishes, quick money, profiteering money making machines; if you want to through the Internet, sales of some countries explicitly prohibited, gray industry profits products, then, is likely to go on the road of the crime, the police not to sit on. 3.15 approaching, Baidu " " solar storms; act as we sounded the alarm.

has a lot of things, there are a lot of products, can not do, is too risky, not money, is if the idea back, is likely to lose his life The loss outweighs the gain., lost money. Here, I want to give you 5 categories, although many people do, although very big profits, but the risk of Internet project, hope the new do not go astray, ruin the future self. read more

Battle Eleven a double target consumer purse no dead hunting war

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TechWeb November 4th report text / Wang Meng

cat and dog liger Corps collect double, eleven large electricity providers to promote the curtain slowly.

it is between Jingdong, Ali, Suning, Gome and other electronic business platform in close combat, rather than the business platform and the next line store to the consumer launch 360 hassle hunting war. In order to allow consumers to buy buy buy, they cast aside prejudice to fight, live, cross, big star…… Can suck the eyeball means all to use. read more

The United States’ fake door business platform fake kan Qi cross

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[just past 2014, with the United States, Jingdong, Ali has listed, China’s electricity supplier market has been placed under the microscope. The problem has been plagued by the major electricity supplier platform fakes, the listed companies did not spend less money]

recently trouble ridden Chen Ou once again need to come forward on the issue of electricity supplier to the point of response.

is claiming the United States overseas businesses to support email, poly America suspected of purchasing overseas unknown, even the fake cosmetics. The United States is located in Beijing warehouse checked, overseas business Sunxing director and two staff survey was taken away. read more

Domain deletion list December 16, 2007

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proxy domain name registration renewal of 60 years /, 150m million net 620 special offer 120 space agency.
  CN domain name 1 yuan registration, the opportunity not to be missed, more content: /> CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

Cross border electricity supplier status Sea Amoy fake solution still need to increase policy suppor

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introduction: Despite the improvement in logistics, customer service, cross-border electricity is still not very good to solve all the problems, these are still to be explored. On the other hand, these regulars competitors – personal purchasing and sea Amoy, because it is difficult to regulate, with the advantage of the price and can still be used everywhere channels sell products.

in fact, according to customs regulations, all of the current sea Amoy behavior can be incorporated into the direct purchase of imports "and" online shopping bonded "these two kinds of cross-border trade e-commerce business model. read more

Professionals quickly find the site Stik A round of financing $2 million 300 thousand

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you must have this trouble, need to solve the problems encountered in the professional, but can not find a suitable professional, you may need to spend tremendous effort, the use of various social resources to find a suitable professional, but now the local professionals to quickly find the website "Stik will be convenient for you solve the" professionals "demand, Stik himself is built on the existing Facebook strong social network, as long as the user is associated with their social network, input related professionals to be found, such as lawyers, financial planner, private doctors, Stik will provide a" local professional list "for users contact your use. read more

Mo snow the use of QQ savings flow earned 5000

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A5 see Master Mo Xiaoxue often share their experience in their articles, today to talk about their own Wangzhuan experience. I was a chance in 09 years, with a QQ rating of the country’s QQ number fourth. At the QQ level high, envious of his high popularity at the same time, he also found a QQ signature position can actually make money. A line of signature can put 7-8 QQ number. Sell 30 yuan a day. The QQ screen name can actually sell 100 yuan a day. Coupled with his QQ space album, message boards, etc., I figured it out, his monthly income will not be less than 10000 yuan. It seems that the network does not have to be big and full, as long as you can do the same in a small area to make money. read more

Yiqifa new advertisers Online

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everybody stationmaster:
ppfilm  using international advanced technology, to support large-scale video on demand. The Web2.0 architecture allows you to speak freely, enjoy the fun of watching "in power, you want to see". "Permanent free" is the promise of ppfilm unchanged, but also hesitate, come and see! Having your participation in ppfilm will be more popular, smoother, more satisfying!

data return: 48 hours read more

Looking for a free lunch at the beginning of a variety of ways to save money

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is not only to the early start of the operating elements, regardless of your company in the market to do much, money is not always wrong.

There are many articles on the

macro, macro stuff I don’t speak too much, I really love music fan.

I will come to share with you what free lunch in the early stages of the business.

1 free enterprise email.

first sweep a blind, enterprise mailbox refers to the domain name can bind their own enterprise mailbox, for example: zhangsan@ your domain name.Com. And 126, 163 and other mailboxes called public mailbox. read more

How to start a studio from scratch

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As the saying goes, "everything is difficult at the beginning", who would like to have a free, modern, high returns, strong personal interest, but not everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success. Several entrepreneurs experience shows that starting from scratch a studio, entrepreneurs need to have some essential elements.

Guizhou jinxiunianhua floral design studio founder Chen Qing, Guiyang three eye studio head Liu Fei told reporters, a good entrepreneur, first of all to start a career with courage and determination, have the ability to take risks and pressure, good psychological quality is the starting point of entrepreneurs, with more business always, it is also an important factor in the success of entrepreneurship. read more

Innovation workshop co-founder Wang Hua 2014, where innovators

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technology news January 10th evening news, 2014 Park geeks Innovation Conference held in Beijing today, innovation works founder and managing partner of Mr. Wang Hua at the meeting with a theme of "2014, where innovators go?". Wang Hua believes that innovation is to meet the demand, and all innovation comes from changes, and pointed out that in 2014 the innovation will occur in a more detailed, more vertical field.

Wang Hua predicted that in 2014 the mobile Internet and the Internet is likely to reconstruct the whole society and the entire national economy. He said that the mobile Internet will be possible from the original occupy 10% of the economy soared to 60%, 70%, or even 80%. The whole methodology, rapid iteration, remove the middle layer, and so on, no longer limited to the Internet, but it is possible to spread to the entire national economy in all walks of life. Of course, at that time the Internet is no longer simply called the Internet people, and become the vanguard of the entire national economic restructuring and transformation. read more

The dog from QQ and 360 dogs speaking of the Chinese Wangzhuan shameless depravity

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1: Tencent 360 dog bite dog


and 360 by the Tencent, after the upgrade to slobber war strike violently, Tencent requires all QQ users to uninstall 360 software, if not unloaded, then do not use QQ. It was the day of the presidential election in the United States, where Americans chose between two parties. Chinese people in the two rogue software to choose a rogue software.

have seen a lot of people shameless countenance, but a respected company shameless is really rare, that day I saw a return. read more

Talent is the most valuable asset startups how to attract talent

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talent is the most valuable asset, which is the eternal truth, all the competition ultimately reflect the competition, so for start-up companies, the ability to attract excellent talents is very important, which is directly related to the success of the company.

first talent

Last year,

China has a very popular film "China partner", I think it is great, it is not only a good inspirational story, in fact, this is what happened in the real story of many companies on the body, I think for the first time entrepreneurial people first need to find talent is partner, Google, Alibaba, Tencent successfully express this point we are. read more

An injured customer service MM sad to tell

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note: before the new year arrives bursting with happiness! Good mood, but there is one of the world’s most sad female friends, I QQ tell her, her tears, her mood, so I have to write this article.

at IT, the MM MM or customer service is absolutely a beautiful scenery, it is no wonder that some time ago in the NetEase with vigour and vitality to engage in IT Meimei contest, because the NetEase caught Chinese since ancient times lewd psychological. China isn’t there a saying it. What "MIAOQITO lady," I really Chinese a gentleman’s good mate well, hope you will forgive me. Which of the two words can only use Chinese pinyin spelling out. It can be said that the MM or MM customer service is a corporate image, is also indispensable in an enterprise name card. No customer service MM and front MM were friendly, polite, friendly and no business customers the. read more

Online shop money good King

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Internet users per capita annual consumption of about 300 yuan, in 2002 the online market capacity of about $4 billion 500 million, equivalent to a city a large business enterprises annual sales of 3-4 times.

content online and offline

1 1 – 3 artificial

operating costs (window) low cost high

can display of goods is not limited Co.

(gifts) 2000/ days

(City Downtown) read more