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2 billion 500 million overseas mobile market it is not as good as the domestic fight to learn the 36

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Abstract: from time to time a company declared with billions of overseas users, a pair of force Nukiyama heroes’ posture, here are 360, Baidu, Ali, millet and other giants, there are 91 cheetahs, 5miles, the bright younger generation, but when the winter capital comes, in the end who is swimming naked, who will become the final the winner of the


in recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in the mobile Internet industry, the entrepreneurial army began to find a new blue ocean, this year’s hot one is to the countryside, two overseas. Guys to hand to the countryside whitewashing grab, and have a choice of the sea. From time to time a company declared with billions of overseas users, a pair of force Nukiyama heroes’ posture, here are 360, Baidu, Ali, millet and other giants, there are 91 cheetahs, 5miles, the bright younger generation, but when the winter capital comes, in the end who is naked, who will become the ultimate winner. The overseas market in the end is a trap or pie, we might as well. read more

Talk about O2O and electricity supplier subsidy strategy acceleration, traffic category and ecosyste

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Abstract: to get customers through the "subsidy" is equivalent to "step on the accelerator, can accelerate the customer’s existing habits, to quickly achieve economies of scale, such as" free lunch "and the recent" free breakfast".

an interesting thing happened recently. My home is about more than and 20 dollars from the taxi company, but recently sat "car" is often only need to spend 10 dollars, so I took turns with the car drops, one car, easy to Uber to book, every day sit car to work, and every time I would ask the driver to see me "" how many earn subsidies (cheap). Recently heard of drops and quick merger news, my first reaction was, I estimate a small cheap for long, but the results did not take long to see drops of public relations said "in order to provide a better experience we will continue on subsidies". Ah, what a happy time we live in, and let us wait and see. read more

Tencent says it will stop running QQ software on a computer equipped with 360 software

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              network owners on 03 November news: QQ and 360 more war more intense, there is no sign of ending, just Tencent released a letter to the majority of QQ users, in this letter, the Tencent that will stop the operation of QQ software with 360 software on the computer, the contents of the letter is as follows:

              a letter to the majority of QQ users

dear QQ user:

when you see this letter, we have just made a very difficult decision. Before the 360 companies stop the QQ plug-in and malicious slander, we decided to stop running QQ software on the computer with the software on the. We know that this will cause you some inconvenience, we sincerely apologize to you. At the same time, the reasons for making this decision are written below, looking forward to your understanding and support. read more

Zhang Jindong, who is still in charge of the control of the right to nominate 2 directors Ali

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Su ningyun equity changes


technology news August 10th afternoon news, Alibaba and Su ningyun announced a strategic cooperation. The non-public offering of shares of the Alibaba group will invest about 28 billion 300 million yuan in Su ningyun, accounting for 19.99% of the total issued share capital, becoming the second largest shareholder of Su ningyun. At the same time, Suning will be 14 billion yuan to subscribe for not more than 27 million 800 thousand shares of the newly issued shares of Alibaba. read more fraudulent compensation caused by dissatisfaction with the security of electronic comme

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March 26th, there are friends said Dangdang when compensation for the user to set limits on the stolen. For a time, Dangdang fraudulent compensation event has become the focus of attention of many people. The fraudulent event also raise a Babel of criticism of unfinished, fraudulent claims are also pushed in the teeth of the storm. Dangdang online stolen a $4500 gift card brush, Mr. Chen said that said customer compensation for 4 1000 yuan, 1 500 yuan denomination gift certificate, valid for 1 months, but he refused such compensation. In this regard, has made a clear response, the responsible person said in the claims does not exist such a problem, if the gift card is stolen, the claims should be a gift card and valid for the validity of the original account vouchers or gift card, not a month validity period of existence the situation. read more

Amoy Blue Ocean Taobao shop will learn data analysis

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We all know that

open shop to analyze data, also know some data analysis tools such as Taobao index, data cube, business staff and so on, but for how to use these tools, many sellers worry, what should see what data, after seeing how to guide the work. Today we have a detailed introduce for everybody, how to use data analysis tool to analyze their data and competitor data, do know, baizhanbudai.

1 Software: Taobao data, basic observation is business staff with statistical data cube! We look at the data cube read more

Telemarketing how to tap potential customers

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old customers is the main source of stable income, is the cornerstone of enterprise development, especially in the 20:80 principle of the 20% of the customers, the sustainable development of enterprises has a very significant impact. However, the excavation of new customers and the stability of the old customers have an equally important position. The addition of new customers has injected new blood into the enterprise, especially the large potential customers, which has an important influence on the profit of the enterprise. There are many ways to develop new customers and tap potential customers. This paper will provide some reference methods for reference. read more

Xu Maodong Wowo mall group purchase short-term difficult now oligopoly

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Just when the rise in

group purchase, Wo Wo Group as one of the representatives of the domestic group purchase industry, the first one day more than a single mode, it seems to imitate the pious originator Groupon domestic group purchase group purchase enterprises at the time, this pattern is doomed to adventure. They believe that only a single day, time limit can be formed to buy explosive. But more than a single day has now been accepted and the development of enterprise groups.

when the group was fed into the capital of this omnipotent fermentation agent, the whole market began to expand the purchase, the purchase of thousands of new sites set up. Disorder, speculation, slander flooded buy industry, the surface shows the prosperity is only an illusion. read more

Taobao has not yet fully to protest the seller to buy it issued a statement to request a hearing

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compared with the previous attack on the brand name of the incident, yesterday, Taobao protests sellers mood has calmed a lot. The day before, the chairman of the board Ma Alibaba has launched to support small and medium enterprises of the new regulations, but still the protesters yesterday issued a statement to boycott platform hegemony.

, however, the number of online aggregation platform YY voice from the rights of the protesters, and signs have appeared, the number of online channel protest by the highest of 50 thousand has shrunk to more than 1 people, the number of speakers is also greatly reduced a few days ago. read more

A good marketing Indiana yuan millet one yuan on-line follow indiana

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at the end of last year, the party had issued a document that science and technology will become a 2016 yuan, the outbreak of Indiana marketing model year, indeed, years later, not only a variety of websites, such as app Indiana yuan after the bamboo shoots emerge, 360, Tencent, Jingdong, and other Internet giants have launched a $Indiana application or function. Not long ago, Fangwei technology found recently, playing live playing awfully millet, even last month in their millet congregation raised quietly on the line of "one yuan Indiana" function module. read more

How to start a business and then sell it to earn a lot of money in 23 years to learn

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this article source: First Round Review

Dan Shipper (now cover left) is on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, and his heart is very clear, you want to build a real software company, with customers willing to pay and stable performance. High light moment last month: graduated from the school, visible before the eyes at the same time, the company Firefly (the first company Dorm Room Fund investment) to Pegasystems, the millions of dollars in the bag.

no one was surprised by Shipper’s achievements today. He was a computer prodigy, big 2 when it has been favored companies. But he did not accept those positions, chose to stay in school. He said, I haven’t finished my studies. Now, after his first company from scratch to leave it to Shipper, the harvest is not only the degree for startups and young businesses in the growth process needs most is what also have their own cognitive. read more

On the sustainable development of Taobao

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in 2009, when Ma made a Ali mother alliance, which is now the predecessor of Taobao alliance. This initiative is to imitate the foreign EBAY, amazon. At that time because it is to avoid Baidu search engine crawl Taobao data, because at that time, Baidu also has a B2C: Yes, but once the shield Baidu traffic chiefs, traffic is naturally a lot of decline. So, Ma will think of leveraging, borrow promotion China thousands on thousands of Adsense on traffic and a great

!09 years when

came out, many people do not buy it! Because the owners are used to CPC, CPA to the money fast way to make money. The CPS of this model in their view, money is slow, and unlike CPC, CPM this model, people will make money, while others will have to buy CPS must face this Commission, factors can not be measured at home, many webmaster do not dare to do! And do not optimistic about this model, in fact. CPS in China has been, such as etc.. But you do not do not mean that others will not do, the first batch of Taobao customers began in Ali mother’s gold rush…… read more

Looking for money to partner 300 start-up companies given the five step Entrepreneurship

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Cherry2002 joined the Alibaba, has accumulated more than ten years of experience in human resources management, has more than and 300 Internet start-ups to provide organizational development, corporate culture and talent development service, now in a new platform, specially provided services for entrepreneurs. In the following, Cherry introduces five steps of entrepreneurship and team building.

How to find a partner of

do not know if we have not seen the YC venture camp, YC is the best incubator in the United States, they first look at the investment team. If you are a CEO you should have the following 4 characteristics: students, rootless, ignorant fearless, enthusiasm. These 4 aspects I explain one by one: read more

A set of SEO tutorials to remember Wangzhuan experience

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in the A5 forum today inadvertently see a sell SEO tutorial, look very funny, the original SEO tutorial is a 2 years ago I think there are people to sell, sell, sell him 1 sets of tutorial 10 yuan, I was selling 10 yuan, said the truth when I had these tutorials sell or sell better, sell a few yuan a day, a month is 600 yuan, I spend enough. The little brother a month sold 80, which is 800 yuan, better than me, I really The students surpass the teacher..

said that this set of tutorials, first of all to say this tutorial source, this tutorial was not packaged into a sale, is a tutorial for sale, price of about 1 to 3 yuan a, sold as to who I remember, after all, is 2 years ago I was, a few pieces of the batch to buy, it took me 20 yuan, but look at it, I only see one or two, is not to look at the normal play, I also don’t know SEO at that time, just ready to get his money. The last time I went to the people where to buy SEO tutorial, he asked me whether I put together his SEO tutorial, I said all together, he asked me to buy what I said, ready to sell, he told me that this violated his rights, but because he said I could sell. To change, not to sell these things. In second days I would sell up comfortably. read more

Do Wangzhuan station to buy investment benefits

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If you are a

just contact Wangzhuan, my advice is to buy a station, but also to buy a running website, do not be afraid of investment, more large investment, the profit that brings to you the more likely you want to invest 100 yuan to buy a station, get 500 yuan / day income, you don’t have a dream, you invest 10 thousand yuan a day to bring you 300 yuan investment, this is a very good investment, so dare to pay, but can not exceed the monthly earnings website.

is our preferred search engine on the web, we are in search of some key words, find some trash very front rank, the content of the dumpster may have been collected, this kind of website is our purchase of choice, because others sell us at the same time, will tell us how to keep updated. How to exchange links and how to get the high rank high search volume, so buy is a real SEO station, we can directly through the station, access to first-line SEO skills, even after the top down, we have also mastered the experience, if it is to let people make a stand, and then sum up from this experience, may take half the time. read more

IT migrant workers 5 words fan up entrepreneurs

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although the love on the Internet at the time of 2 years, but is still not ashamed to say, what a brilliant achievement, but this does not affect me to go on the road in the webmaster determination, because I know I left here is most fair opportunity. A lot of people say that Baidu is not fair, give money to stay alive, do not give money, do not give the opportunity, but compared to other industries, as long as you pay the earnest, Baidu is always giving you the chance of success. Say again, a new venture, just have the effort can be read more

Short video content into a business venture with Papi sauce want to fly heaven is not easy

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Abstract: in theory, everyone has the opportunity to rely on a short video fire up, but in reality, every entrepreneurial tide hit, are accompanied by running more, less success, I am afraid that the short video is no exception.

Spring Festival, the Internet has been a phenomenal topic: Papi sauce by directed and starred in a short video overnight in the United States took root, the number of fans reached 989 thousand, the average daily amount of play after reaching 150 thousand, the opening of the WeChat, micro-blog and other platforms, WeChat reading article 100 thousand +, micro-blog fans have done 5 million 300 thousand – a month ago, this number is 2 million, the fire of remarkable Papi sauce. Together with the Papi sauce fire up there Ercoli Lee, Luo Xiuxiu and other short video grassroots star, the United States beat the number of video playback 10 million broken more than 4000 users. It is easy to draw a conclusion from these phenomena: short video entrepreneurial opportunities come. read more

Ten CEO share 2016 work summary and future prospects of your homework yet

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CEO share the leadership experience they learned in 2016 and the leadership goals they plan to achieve in 2017.

leadership experience: proper decentralization can help your team solve new challenges

Laura Powers Weidman, is a co-founder and chief executive officer of Code2040, a technology diversified non-profit organization (Smith) is currently a senior policy adviser to the White House chief technology officer Megan

"one of the joys of 2016 is that the Code2040 leadership team has accelerated the growth of management organizations in an amazing way. It took me six months to get to the Obama administration, and during this time, everyone in the Code2040 team took ownership to keep the organization running efficiently. In particular, the implementation of the team and the project leader, not only to strengthen the responsibility of the work, but also to convey their faith in an incentive way. I know that for all the people in the team, this experience gives us a new understanding of how to share responsibility, work together, exercise our collaborative leadership, and respect the diversity of the team’s strengths". read more

Shenzhou car company today listed on the new board of valuation of 36 billion 900 million yuan

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[TechWeb] News reported in July 22nd, Shenzhou car Shenzhou car Limited by Share Ltd and operating company announced that the company’s shares listed public transfer application has been the national stock transfer company agreed shares will be held today at the national share transfer system listed on the official public transfer.

Shenzhou car company today listed on the new board of valuation of 36 billion 900 million yuan

announcement, China Securities and car stock code 838006; transfer mode for the transfer market, CICC, GF Securities, CITIC Securities, SW Hong Yuan Securities, Soochow securities, financial securities brokerage 6 became the excellent car maker. read more

Fresh electricity supplier is facing the end of what problems

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recently, fresh electricity incident in town, two yuan Jun circle of friends is a similar incident after several days of screen brush.

do not know if you noticed, O2O fresh brand recently is greatly closed and shrinking, "love fresh peak" was held in the grand "downsizing" activities, every orchard has proved its line of nearly a thousand stores have been fully closed, have been living under the fresh O2O project "originally convenience" has also been suspended.

over the previous two years, O2O fresh or relatively prosperous, and now, fresh electricity come to this step, some VC and Internet bigwigs unexpected, after analysis of 2 Jun, O2O fresh to close the tide, there are several major problems: read more