what free Wangzhuan? There are a lot of friends asking this question, whether in the forum or in the Q group has raised a lot of people ask, in some search engines have also been looking for. There are a lot of Wangzhuan, free operation, investment join; domestic and foreign; individual run, the company was founded. General company was founded to join the investment project with good reputation, not easy to collapse, and individual run should be more careful, a lot of crooks are you cheat jiamengfei away, even the shadow is not found, so we have to be careful operation of investment projects. Here to talk about the Internet can not operate on the money to invest in those projects, how to choose, how to operate. read more

            if you go to Sina / NetEase / Sohu home advertising, you can refer to the figure:

three website advertising couplets 100 thousand yuan / day bring traffic to 60000 PV, the cost per click 1.6 yuan (according to the publish price of 60 percent off to calculate)

three portal page text chain advertising, $4000 a day, bringing traffic of 10000, the cost is $0.4.

site alliance promotion costs are:

CPA website alliance to promote 130 yuan / day of 100002 (PV) $6.5 a registration, the registration amount of 200 per day, through the 10% that is 20 read more

advertising, do not eliminate the advertisers and media, consumers in the middle of the homophonic, created the Internet advertising three win pattern.

With the development of

market and the innovation of technology, advertisers, media and consumers have put forward new requirements for online advertising. Although advertisers increase the network advertising budget share, but added more harsh conditions: the need for more targeted advertising, advertising effect can be real-time display; consumers want to see some less and they have no interest in the relevant information, or "harassment" advertising; media to further highlight the network media the value of. read more

you must have this trouble, need to solve the problems encountered in the professional, but can not find a suitable professional, you may need to spend tremendous effort, the use of various social resources to find a suitable professional, but now the local professionals to quickly find the website "Stik will be convenient for you solve the" professionals "demand, Stik himself is built on the existing Facebook strong social network, as long as the user is associated with their social network, input related professionals to be found, such as lawyers, financial planner, private doctors, Stik will provide a" local professional list "for users contact your use. read more

do Wangzhuan people are what people? Are a group of people seeking freedom, and of social reality, hate office environment, hate boss bundle, so they choose independent life, do Wangzhuan the majority of white-collar workers, the monthly income of 5000-1 million, three people under me about Wangzhuan in.

first is the life, work is not available, the reality of life and people unhappy, unwilling to fail, want to start your own business, even if the success of failure is a feast of undress, not all. They go in the work of career, work is always working, to receive monthly meager living expenses, enough to live. That work in this road go, no way, they do not accept the Internet, this highway gives full play to its advantages in exhibition, their advantage is tasted, a tired, so you are doing things so they work more like a madman, to make money, because they put their all bets in, a stroke! Just like soldiers on the battlefield, with tenacious fighting and fighting spirit, as long as the method to find such people stick to it will succeed. The people who dare to take risks, saying "sorry will come", for the outbreak of the rich. read more

  two reasons: the blind pursuit of large and full positioning

is half a year later, in the first half of this year, this friend of mine is still full of passion to do with this site, and after some promotion of our strategy, this site traffic has reached tens of thousands of daily IP traffic, but the site still does not earn money. read more

know is not equal, the details determine the effect!

if your Adwords advertising effect is not good, the conversion rate is low, it is certainly not enough to set the details of your advertising settings. Here to share with you a few tips, you can bring two benefits:

significantly reduce the cost of Adwords advertising

greatly improve the conversion rate of Adwords advertising

One of

‘s tricks is to turn off the content network, or the content network individually priced

content flow through the network is very large, but the quality is very low, very uneconomical. So shut down this, at least can help you introduce more than 50% of the advertising costs, high and even save $90%. When I put the first time, advertising crazy consumption, then turned off the content network, advertising investment decreased by 90%. read more


station has been established for a week, the time off really fast. Yesterday I saw a $1.21 income. Although not enough today to pay electricity, living expenses for my virgin station is also very happy, after all we are not before dinner on this fee at the masters to explain to the QQ group, but there are no technical basis, bite the bullet and spent three days to finally put the forum well, then do a SS interface, although there are many places to change, I also did not hide his excitement to share their experience. read more

saw Dai Renguang today: using the prospective SEO done through Taobao off the post, I think I can write the content, and is combined with the successful case of their own to share, is not very successful, but it does have effect, and to just do a Taobao customers to promote new people that is also a useful method, as the saying goes: the master door, rely on individual practice. Everyone (especially Amoy new) don’t think that this can be lucrative, in fact the operation is more important than method comes. read more

how to make money online, many novice friends have pursued this question. Or ask how much you can earn a month, etc.. These questions are difficult to answer because of the reasons involved. Not that people tell you how much money he can make a month, you can also earn so much money to operate. There is a difference between man and man. So how to make money online. I’m here to share some ideas with you.

first, do Wangzhuan to plan your time, not to waste

began to do stand friends, like to stare at the site traffic statistics, and some even an hour to see. I can clearly tell you that this is a waste of your precious time, if the time spent in learning SEO knowledge, then your site traffic will be greatly improved. I suggest that traffic can be seen once a day, is around 10 in the evening. Many times we do Wangzhuan will feel the time is not enough, so we must seize the time, do something valuable. read more

June 2008, this month for some members of the Baidu alliance, is a black June. Their mood, and possible entrance students like diluo. After all, the reason is nothing more than the Baidu alliance this month on some of the excessive means of membership.

I have read some of the posts, a scolding, have to sue, also said that Baidu is to find the reason…

These members of the

postings, basically identical, 1, Baidu alliance did not send money. 2, title. This is not discussed, Baidu K number in the industry has been an indisputable fact, too lazy to discuss and do not want to discuss. read more

dear alliance members:

etiquette gift line 99 ~ ~


in 2001, a group from the Sino US Internet elite, using the United States < < > > connection; magazine editor Chris Anderson. The "long tail" theory and China "ceremony" the perfect combination of e-commerce to create a real sense of the situation with China gifts platform.


Li Yi Long unique gift expert positioning, to make up for today’s market is a major basic vacancy. Chinese "tradition, with due respect and promote the stable" harmonious society and development. And the ceremony to meet China’s unique cultural background, combined with the world’s most effective ceremony. In the gift and service on the accurate positioning, for the majority of users to provide an excellent and convenient platform for gifts. read more

today saw the inMay on the training post, a lot of emotion. Want to come home for 4 years, has been diving Amoy things without what contribution, today I put this four years of Wangzhuan road to summarize, I hope a little inspiration to find friends are still in the dark.

I began to contact Wangzhuan from 04, and stay at home online. Begin to see here to discuss a master Wangzhuan topic, see people say today also received a number of how many knife knife, the heart envy ah. From the beginning, set foot on this difficult path of wangzhuan. read more

in 2009, when Ma made a Ali mother alliance, which is now the predecessor of Taobao alliance. This initiative is to imitate the foreign EBAY, amazon. At that time because it is to avoid Baidu search engine crawl Taobao data, because at that time, Baidu also has a B2C: Yes, but once the shield Baidu traffic chiefs, traffic is naturally a lot of decline. So, Ma will think of leveraging, borrow promotion China thousands on thousands of Adsense on traffic and a great

!09 years when

came out, many people do not buy it! Because the owners are used to CPC, CPA to the money fast way to make money. The CPS of this model in their view, money is slow, and unlike CPC, CPM this model, people will make money, while others will have to buy CPS must face this Commission, factors can not be measured at home, many webmaster do not dare to do! And do not optimistic about this model, in fact. CPS in China has been, such as dangdang.com etc.. But you do not do not mean that others will not do, the first batch of Taobao customers began in Ali mother’s gold rush…… read more

if this: every year there are several blockbuster, which may have a lot to look forward to the actor or director of the film, such as this year’s Feng Xiaogang If You Are The One, this is definitely the recent popular sought after film. So how to use the seo. Well, If You Are The One to be released, after two months they will have a lot of people go to search for it, even though there are search If You Are The One downloads and so on, many people are aware of the end of December was released, but still there will be a lot of people to search, as to why you want to go, think you are not doing similar things children will know. read more

      now on the Internet about the payment of the business of the article is more, I also do this industry, I may say that the following things to help the brothers.

      first talk about how to pay for a call:

      call advertising pay per call advertising, referred to as: call advertising, as the name suggests, is in the advertisement service, if and only if advertisers buy party received calls, advertising began charging, an advertising model by advertisers per unit of time to call on the advertising service provider to pay advertising the cost of. Its essence is a high degree of integration of advertising services and communication services, to achieve a high degree of communication to create the ideal state of value. The mode of operation is, when there is cooperation or the purchase intention of customers through the network advertising page to submit the number, or the direct use of the telephone to call a mobile phone advertising transfer number, to be connected to the advertiser’s phone or mobile phone, direct communication and negotiation. read more

A new era of wealth

ten new models of wealth

thinking revolution day entertainment mode

Grand model

The pattern of

"water" profitable new oriental pattern

defying enemies Baidu mode

format change as control mode read more

The website

Ali mother account was K, I didn’t cheat, he also K, Ma died? Taobao in order to promote their Tao, even contrary to their conscience, openly denied a large number of Internet China most blood boiling, Ali mother into the community, we go to see how many people are there in your innocent innocence

Ali mother crazy K station purpose:

we all know that Taobao is what, if you don’t know Taobao, there will be so many people there to buy things, let people know what is Taobao, the network advertisement, of course this is, if not the mom shameless website advertising content webmaster propaganda replaced Taobao ads, nor Taobao spring. read more

In 2004, the mass media officially launched its online advertising platform – soft news network (8le8le.com)

company is located in Haidian District Zhongguancun high tech Park core area, is a focus on providing customers with 360 degree marketing solutions, innovative Internet Technology Development Company, we provide high quality Internet service platform for domestic and foreign enterprises. Tailored to the customer network marketing solutions to maximize the network characteristics, and traditional media integration and interaction, and strive to achieve the highest marketing objectives. The company is a high-tech enterprise approved by the state, with high quality, innovation and team spirit. Since the establishment of network soft to attract including Sina, Dangdang, NetEase, YAHOO and many other well-known Internet Co, and "fashion", BENQ, PHILIPS and other well-known companies have established a good cooperative relationship. read more

for those who are familiar with the network, Google and Baidu advertising alliance is not unfamiliar. In fact, many of the early site of the personal site in Google and Baidu on a good taste. With the development of Baidu Google, the increase in the number of sites. For most sites to make money also become unreachable.

to tell the truth for the old Adsense Google really brought a lot of benefits. At that time, find a site and then get a bit of foreign traffic can get tens of dollars a day. Baidu is also that time is catch up from behind, individual owners of the spring. But the good times don’t last long. With the consolidation of the Baidu Google alliance and revocation of some of the ads, many of the individual owners do not come out of the League K. Since then, a lot of webmasters have found that Google Baidu money earned. Do not say even if the flow is slightly abnormal cheating. May cause the withholding or direct fube commission. read more