[Abstract] according to Nikkei News reported on Wednesday, Jingdong has signed a contract with Japan’s four furniture brands, which will introduce their products to Jingdong’s retail platform in china.

Tencent technology Alibaba and Jingdong mall, is China’s two largest e-commerce. Previously, Alibaba has been around the world in the recommendation of Ali platform, hope that overseas manufacturers and brands have entered China to expand sales. The face of Alibaba’s move, Jingdong mall seems to wake up, began to increase overseas investment efforts. read more

in the United States of Las Vegas known as a "Venice man" in the hotel, the floor is full of people, these people are not to dance, but busy network domain name auction. Not far away in front of an auctioneer is processing a large number of network domain name a list of every word, can a Huan move aroused in the field.

floor, there is a man sitting against the wall, he leaned forward, his eyes closed, put the keyboard off hands from time to time in the air, in fact he is in the expression of his great interest in a domain. The floor, a lot of people are watching him. read more

this holiday shopping season, Amazon once again set off a shopping spree, sales of new high. Amazon announced data, through Prime and Fulfillment services to send goods has more than 1 billion pieces, the number of Alexa devices to refresh the record number of orders.

on Tuesday, Amazon said in a statement, equipped with Alexa voice recognition software Echo speaker sales hot, compared with the 2015 holiday shopping season, sales increased by more than 9 times this year. Amazon’s global consumer sector CEO Geoff · (Jeff Wilke) said that despite the increase in production capacity, equipment is still in short supply. read more

compared with the previous attack on the brand name of the incident, yesterday, Taobao protests sellers mood has calmed a lot. The day before, the chairman of the board Ma Alibaba has launched to support small and medium enterprises of the new regulations, but still the protesters yesterday issued a statement to boycott platform hegemony.

, however, the number of online aggregation platform YY voice from the rights of the protesters, and signs have appeared, the number of online channel protest by the highest of 50 thousand has shrunk to more than 1 people, the number of speakers is also greatly reduced a few days ago. read more

January 20th news, Baidu revealed people the day before, Baidu has ah platform has opened the mobile phone recharge system, users can directly select the operators, location, amount of recharge.

according to reports, the Baidu web search, search "mobile phone recharge, recharge, recharge the air" and "mobile recharge" and "Shenzhouxing prepaid" and "M-Zone recharge" keyword search results, the first is a "mobile phone recharge" into the mouth. The user can enter the Baidu platform has a mobile phone recharge system. read more

Chinese purchasing power continued rapid growth of

with the rapid development of the Internet, China’s economic strength continues to grow, per capita income continues to increase, people’s consumer confidence continues to rise. As of 2015, the number of Chinese middle class reached 109 million, more than the total number of middle-class Americans in the United States, ranking first in the world. About 5-8 years, the number of Chinese middle class will reach 250 million, equivalent to the total population of the United States, a huge consumer strength. Since 2011, the annual growth rate of China’s consumer spending is higher than that of the United States, Germany and japan. The contribution rate of Chinese consumer spending to gross domestic product (GDP) growth (54.4%) has exceeded the contribution of investment to GDP growth (48.5%). 80 after 90 has become the main force in the consumer market, they have a higher level of education, proficiency in the use of the Internet, it is the main crowd of online shopping. Allow all doubt how to grasp the 80 after 90, consumer psychology and consumer characteristics, is the enterprise to obtain the necessary factors for survival and development in the fierce competition in the market. read more

in the United States Amazon plans to hire 50 thousand temporary workers (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Francisco (loudly) in Beijing on October 16th news, according to foreign media reports, Amazon announced on Monday that the company plans to recruit 50 thousand temporary workers in the United States, for the upcoming Christmas holiday shopping season.

Amazon currently employs 20 thousand employees in the company’s 40 logistics centers in the United States, and new hires will be placed in the logistics center. Amazon said, expected about thousands of employees at the end of the holiday quarter will still remain in the company, engaged in part-time jobs. read more

July 3rd, Eslite (VANCL) officially launched on multiple channels of CCTV advertising, or to show where the customer marketing focus has been transferred from the line to the next line, and further clarify the United States market during the year plan.

it is understood that the cost of every guest has been officially launched on CCTV advertising, covering CCTV-1, CCTV-3, CCTV-5, CCTV-6 and other channels, the average daily rolling 30 times. The passenger who put all its first by Wang Luodan’s spokeswoman of television advertising. read more

– IT times Wu Yuxin

"a few days ago, I heard Liu Jingdong so that all businesses don’t do business, I was shocked, today officially called for it, not all companies do not do business, but to do business." In March 1st 2016 of Tmall’s global business conference, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong Liu Qiangdong Ma on the scene behind the loudspeaker in Yabuli entrepreneurs forum, support the traditional enterprises to build their own electricity supplier sector.

in the future, in order to support the traditional enterprise to do electricity supplier, Ali will launch three initiatives to businesses, and Tmall will also become the base of the brand business transformation of the internet. read more


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bic5.com CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

February 16th, Qingdao postal service held in 2016 and 2017 summary of work plan, meeting, 8 courier companies including Qingdao Suning logistics, including SF service season won the "2016 annual Qingdao city security advanced units".

data show that Qingdao is becoming a hot area of electricity consumption, in 2016 71 Qingdao local key business platform to achieve turnover of nearly 600 billion yuan, accounting for the total amount of the whole Shandong province electricity trading platform 45%, maintain a fairly rapid growth. Driven by this, in 2016, Qingdao postal express delivery industry has developed rapidly, the completion of postal services grew by more than 40%, including courier business revenue grew by more than 23%. read more

hand touch, you can experience a virtual fitting


Internet shopping. There? Can only imagine yourself fitting with wood? Science and technology change rapidly, pictures or shopping will become history! Recently, the Yangtze Evening News reporter to experience AR Tmall launched a new interactive video technology in Beijing (Augmented reality augmented reality technology), not out of the house does not look real, can be completed on try in the process. Tmall staff said, AR technology will be gradually realized on the website, online shopping is moving from the two-dimensional image of the era of three-dimensional three-dimensional space era. read more

Jingdong to today’s achievements, the Jingdong (or Liu Qiangdong) should be most grateful for? A second operation three Feng Shui life? No, we are not superstitious. So, should thank Suning Gome of hindsight, or thanks to Taobao to Tmall over the gap, thanks to Dangdang, Amazon’s


I do not think, Jingdong should be most grateful, not a company, but a group, is the Zhongguancun merchants. It is these businesses, through continuous efforts, to the people to set up a lot of regret, painful purchase experience, again and again to urge Zhongguancun to buy for potential users to Jingdong, only in the early feeding of Jingdong, Jingdong set up the first batch of loyal users. read more

at the end of last year, the party had issued a document that science and technology will become a 2016 yuan, the outbreak of Indiana marketing model year, indeed, years later, not only a variety of websites, such as app Indiana yuan after the bamboo shoots emerge, 360, Tencent, Jingdong, suning.com and other Internet giants have launched a $Indiana application or function. Not long ago, Fangwei technology found recently, playing live playing awfully millet, even last month in their millet congregation raised quietly on the line of "one yuan Indiana" function module. read more

introduction: Despite the improvement in logistics, customer service, cross-border electricity is still not very good to solve all the problems, these are still to be explored. On the other hand, these regulars competitors – personal purchasing and sea Amoy, because it is difficult to regulate, with the advantage of the price and can still be used everywhere channels sell products.

in fact, according to customs regulations, all of the current sea Amoy behavior can be incorporated into the direct purchase of imports "and" online shopping bonded "these two kinds of cross-border trade e-commerce business model. read more

has been favored by the capital market this year, the group purchase collective contract. In the winter capital in enterprise group purchase bitter catch gross profit now, Wo Wo Group (micro-blog) from suppliers owed money news. Recently, the nine Hangzhou flood Trading Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the flood of nine) the person in charge of business Yang Jia told the "daily economic news", Wo Wo Group began to defer payment since May, as of August 31st, Wo Wo Group owed a total of nine companies a total of 93462.1 yuan loan. read more

they often said that health is easy, living is easy, life is not easy, so the same network. It is easy to build an online shop, it is not easy to run the business. Although in the Internet era, there are many people in the Internet free of charge share a variety of marketing methods, but most of these people didn’t do the successful shop, summed up the methods are used by others, or out of their own analysis, the lack of application to the actual combat ability. Today, Chinese largest educational products store – the today network of excellence from the strategic level to share some experience in business, I hope to give some help. read more

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http://www.ejaja.cn (100 million) read more

experienced a fake Moutai event after the previous paragraph, has claimed that the sale of 100% authentic electricity supplier site vip.com (China) Co., Ltd. (U.S. stocks: VIPS, referred to as vip.com) seems to trouble.

in March 1st, the reporter saw in a website, consumers have to reflect on the vip.com had purchased the "Shanghai card" to enjoy a minimalist style rose gold leather Tourbillon is suspected of repair.

playing the "sale" signs in just 3 years and vip.com has repeatedly suffered the bright younger generation, complaints of fake problem, its brand is experiencing the depth of trust crisis, what is the regulation mode or read more

June 7th, Ceng Ming, chief of staff of Alibaba group, said in a speech at the annual meeting of the China Investment Bank Credit Suisse today, B2C is just a transitional business model, the future of e-commerce is the real model of C2B. Zeng Ming believes that the B2C mode is the traditional industrial economy, with the future development of the Internet, the voice of the consumer is more and more strong, the future of the value chain the first impetus will come from consumers, rather than manufacturers. Future business model customization will be the mainstream. It is the demand for personalized demand, multi species, small batch, fast response, platform collaboration, this is what we can see the future." read more