recently, the National Bureau of statistics Xining investigation team for the first time, the Xining municipal government made a special investigation report for the government to provide more efficient statistical data.

it is understood that the National Bureau of statistics Xining investigation team after the implementation of institutional reform, in the completion of the report submitted to the national statistical investigation on the basis of the task undertaken by the Xining municipal government commissioned the task of statistical investigation. Statistical work is the production process of statistical information, and statistical data is the core product of government statistical work activities. In order to further improve the ability and level of Xining economic and social development, the Xining investigation team specialized in integrating the data for the Xining municipal Party committee and municipal government compiled the first half of 2009. The investigation report includes the first half of this year, industrial producer price survey, consumer price survey, urban household survey, business survey, scale industrial enterprises survey, investigation services and special investigation data, and provide a more scientific basis to make decisions for the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government. read more

In March 29th, the reporter learned from the city traffic police detachment, to effectively improve air pollution, reduce vehicle exhaust pollution, encourage the yellow car out in advance, according to the "plan" action 2014 the comprehensive management of air pollution in the city of Xining spirit, I decided on the yellow car out in advance the implementation of subsidy policy, early elimination of yellow cars will be awarded the highest 18000 yuan subsidy.According to the person in charge of the city traffic police detachment read more

reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, in order to prevent the incineration of air pollution, the city issued a ban, will be prohibited in the urban areas of garbage, leaves, straw, etc..

since the autumn, the city built-up area of the city and the surrounding area at the burning of waste plastics, rubber, leather, garbage, wheat straw, leaves and other phenomena have occurred, it is understood that the burning behavior will cause some pollution to the city atmospheric environment. Such as the burning of the leaves, the atmosphere will emit carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust particles, smoke cover greater impact on the residents of the area. In order to optimize the city’s air quality, create a clean and beautiful environment, protect the health of the masses, I asked the relevant units to actively implement the garbage and leaves Jinshao work; increase the focus on villages, residential areas, Beijiexiaoxiang and other parts of the cleaning, it is strictly prohibited to refuse incineration, leaves and other acts; to increase inspection efforts, organize forces for some regular regular supervision and inspection of the occurrence of the phenomenon of burning garbage and regional roads; in violation of the provisions of units and individuals without burning leaves, hay and Other Waste waste, according to the "People’s Republic of China Air Pollution Prevention Act" and "Xining city appearance and environmental sanitation management regulations" punishment. (reporter   Rong Lijun) read more

hot summer, the most beautiful lake, the most beautiful self driving line, the most beautiful lake events, will be pushed to the country’s best tourist destination in Qinghai. In this golden season of tourism, the number of visitors to the green growth spurt, statistics show that as of now the Qinghai Lake scenic area has received 296526 tourists, on the reception of visitors up to 12033 passengers, mainly by driving the majority. Visitors found that, compared to the same period in previous years, this year, the road leading to the Qinghai Lake scenic abnormal patency, vehicle order, scenic environment is very comfortable. read more

"56 constellations of the 56 flowers, the brothers and sisters of the family is a family, the 56 languages into a word, love me, China, the United States and China."……" The song "I love China", is not only to praise the motherland, it is the children of all ethnic groups in ethnic plateau family, feel the warmth, happiness and sincere sing the common aspiration……

here is the only one of the 30 nationalities, only one of many places of religious activity coexist in the city, here, you will see the temple around the pilgrims gathered in smoke, religious people and monks live in harmony, all ethnic brothers as close as one family scene. Here, the flower of national unity is blossoming – this is the booming urban district. This year, the city center based on urban areas, multi-ethnic settlements, the coexistence of multi religious characteristics, strengthen leadership, meticulous organization, to build national unity and progress demonstration zone. read more

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation, Xining City, the first batch of 7 public temporary renovation of the parking lot.

the first batch of Xining city transformation of the 7 public temporary parking lot located in victory road and sunning along the road. Among them, the green building consulting sidewalk after the completion of the transformation has 40 parking spaces, the provincial reserve bureau sidewalk renovation was completed with 22 parking spaces, Chinese victory Bank Road branch sidewalk renovation was completed with 19 parking spaces, Acer building pavement after the completion of the transformation has 13 parking spaces, sunning road passenger station after the completion of the sidewalk renovation have 18 parking spaces, victory road pavement electronics market after the completion of the transformation has 25 parking spaces, the Bank of Qinghai Victory Road branch sidewalk renovation was completed with 17 parking spaces.It is reported that this

, 7 public temporary parking lot parking spaces all in accordance with the unified standard delimit parking lot ground, all adopt asphalt paving, and draw a guide line, convenient traffic. The parking lot is reserved for at least 3 meters at least 2 meters of sidewalk and blind, in order to ensure the parking and traffic space reserved for pedestrians.

but enjoy such intelligent parking experience also need to wait for some time. Currently, the 7 public temporary parking lot is still manual, and the implementation of the original charges.

spaces will be according to different sections of the status quo, delimit the different forms of the standard parking lot, and the implementation of appropriate signage floor reconstruction, the establishment of work.

the public temporary parking lot remediation, intelligent transportation construction will also fit in Xining City, together with the underground parking lot, and included in the intelligent traffic management in the future.  
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for the in-depth study and implement the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee spirit, accelerate the pace of the construction of the Sanjiang National Park, and effectively improve the source of Sanjiang National Park Administration System of cadres and the ability to perform their duties, recently, Sanjiang National Park Management Bureau and the provincial Party school jointly organized the system source of Sanjiang National Park Service staff training class (the first stage), the Park Management Bureau CMC (Management) and the departments and the Nature Reserve Management Bureau and Forest Police Bureau, everywhere (room) the relevant person in charge of 181 people participated in the training. read more

in the near future, the people of Xining do not have to go to the library, the library, the opening closing time limit, only in the street of a machine can also borrow books, to apply for a library card, enjoy the convenience of reading "proposed by the Xining Library’s" city block 24 hours self-service library "projects under construction.

The implementation of

is a project that aims to expand the Xining city library service network and service means, to create reading proud to enjoy reading the cultural atmosphere of the city, enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life, improve the overall level of city public culture service. read more

Xining power supply company carefully arranged, well-organized, to ensure the safety of the Green Fair and tulip festival.

for the successful completion of a good green fair and the tulip festival of electric security mission, Xining power company set up a special security working group, according to the power characteristics of the Green Fair sponsored field south Economic Development Zone, the development of the field of scientific and reasonable security scheme. Even Japan, the substation, line, the user equipment for special inspection and detailed safety inspection, timely elimination of defects and problems influencing the safety of power supply in the whole, during the festival is arranged on the line maintenance outage. At the same time, send a person to the important places, distribution room electricity situation thoroughly, familiar with the scene; ahead of accident contingency plan, ready for contingency. (author: Zhao Zhanying) read more

this year, the North District of Xining city in construction projects as the basis, to strengthen the agricultural infrastructure and the agricultural product quality safety as the starting point, has to strive for and implementation of fiscal agricultural development, infrastructure construction, water conservancy facilities and supporting the greenhouse varieties optimization, bacteria bed cultivation, straw biological reactor, fertilization and other animal husbandry the industry of science and technology promotion projects, the total levels of financial investment totaled 7000 yuan, to promote the development of agricultural facilities.
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– Recommended reason: water into the city water into the city in the first half of this year have a big action, planting plank and Nanchuan River on the water lily intoxicated people.

—- Huimin recommended reason: demolition is to develop, and the ultimate goal of development is to benefit the people. Xining this year, greater efforts to remove huimin.

* employment and entrepreneurship recommended reason: the largest incubator base to start construction, employment and entrepreneurship preferential policies, the implementation of the breadth of the most. read more

August 27th, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau will further increase the Xining medical medical expenses audit efforts to make specific provisions on the responsible party, migrant workers and foreign medical information is not complete, which belongs to the medical liability and medical institutions violation of medical expenses incurred shall not be reimbursed. Because of the loss of funds caused by the new rural cooperative medical institutions, the accountability system.

it is understood that the Xining city will strengthen the audit reimbursement management factors of non disease diagnosis and treatment of patients with trauma, perform investigation and verification visits, respectively by the agencies, designated medical institutions, the village committee is responsible for investigation and verification, medical expenses not reimbursed; foreign workers and other staff from the field hospital medical expense examination, to strictly review the authenticity of the information provided, take a variety of ways of investigation and verification, the information is not complete shall not be reimbursed for medical expenses; medical accident, medical dispute, suspend review claims in the case that the responsibility, responsibility, and expense reimbursement. Is medical liability medical expenses shall be borne by the medical institutions, not in NCMS reimbursement of designated medical institutions; in violation of the provisions of the new rural cooperative medical, not produced by the referral examination and approval of medical expenses, shall be borne by the designated medical institutions shall not be reimbursed. read more

Provincial Bureau of statistics in Qinghai Province recently launched the third national agricultural census register and thoroughly integrated pilot investigation training, 163 census of the pilot counties of our province township, village comprehensive system of professional training, for our province successfully launched the third national agricultural census work to do the preparatory work.

is reported that the province’s third national agricultural census will be launched in November this year, ending in May 2017. Qinghai Province, the third national agricultural census comprehensive deputy head of the leading group, director of Qinghai Provincial Bureau of statistics Hou Bibo introduction, the main task of Qinghai Province, the third national agricultural census register and thoroughly integrated pilot survey training comprehensive pilot is the whole process simulation of the implementation of the census, a comprehensive test of science and feasibility of the third national agricultural census scheme, key problems and difficulties study survey scheme, improve and perfect the program. Find the problems in practice, find out the deficiencies in the implementation of the organization, the accumulation of organizational experience. read more

– in the central poverty alleviation and development work conference held on the first anniversary of the  

Xinhua News Agency reporters Dong Jun and Hou Xuejing

this is the first year to launch a decisive battle against absolute poverty.

this is a year of extraordinary efforts to work hard.

2015 in November 27th, the central poverty alleviation and development work conference, made in 2020 the country’s poverty-stricken areas and poor people into a commitment to a comprehensive well-off society, sounded the decisive battle out of poverty. read more

In the early days of the new semester, in order to create a safe, harmonious and orderly education to students and teachers, learning environment, effectively solve various problems in schools and kindergartens and the surrounding area, east area was carried out on the area of schools, kindergartens and the surrounding special safety investigation and remediation activities

in the early days of the new semester, in order to create a safe, harmonious and orderly education to students and teachers, learning environment, effectively solve various problems in schools and kindergartens and the surrounding area, east area was carried out on the area of schools, kindergartens and the surrounding special safety investigation and remediation activities. read more

foreign trade to domestic sales what is the way to win it? Today, the operation of foreign trade products, more and more enterprises, has today’s dynamic business, at this time, but also face difficult to solve the problem. So, please come along with a small series of foreign trade to see what the winning road!

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in order to further improve the residents of the area of importance and urgency of the plague and harmfulness of the spread of plague prevention and control knowledge, enhance the sense of responsibility and safety, according to the "city district leadership team on local disease prevention and control in the city to carry out the plague prevention and control work for 100 day" activity plan "requirements, Xining City comity Street office run through the blackboard to form in the area carried out promotional activities. read more

has successfully held the thirteen session of the Green Fair, set up a Qinghai and other provinces and cities and even countries around the world to strengthen cooperation and common development of the "Rainbow Bridge"; opened a window of Qinghai open". Through the window, the people of Qinghai feel personally on the scene the rapid development of the world beats, the self pressure accelerated the pace of development, the people living here have become more confident; through the window, more start to pay attention to the footsteps of Qinghai, capturing this piece of beautiful rich provinces development opportunities, sharing and integration of history the out of the ordinary human environment in Qinghai…… Through the Green Fair in this stage, the biggest beneficiaries should be said that our enterprises, with the help of this platform, they gathered in Qinghai to seek attention, and domestic and international investment, trade, tourism, share Green Fair surprise. read more