Taobao, the recent outbreak of a new round of loopholes, occupation bad teacher occupation and delete bad teacher in Taobao is live very moist, frequently several million monthly income, let Taobao vulnerabilities exposed very thoroughly, the seller of Taobao seems to have not hurt, Taobao first appeared.

last year’s Taobao mall, there was no change for Tmall, because the annual fee charged more and suffered the majority of Taobao sellers collective conflict, since then, Taobao has been on the tip of walking, not only that, shortly before the exposure of the Taobao also involving corruption and other issues, so that consumers and sellers are all with deep hatred and resentment and for Taobao’s problems, this is Taobao an e-commerce website is unique, has become a common phenomenon in the electronic business platform read more

            if you go to Sina / NetEase / Sohu home advertising, you can refer to the figure:

three website advertising couplets 100 thousand yuan / day bring traffic to 60000 PV, the cost per click 1.6 yuan (according to the publish price of 60 percent off to calculate)

three portal page text chain advertising, $4000 a day, bringing traffic of 10000, the cost is $0.4.

site alliance promotion costs are:

CPA website alliance to promote 130 yuan / day of 100002 (PV) $6.5 a registration, the registration amount of 200 per day, through the 10% that is 20 read more

  two reasons: the blind pursuit of large and full positioning

is half a year later, in the first half of this year, this friend of mine is still full of passion to do with this site, and after some promotion of our strategy, this site traffic has reached tens of thousands of daily IP traffic, but the site still does not earn money. read more

In 2004, the mass media officially launched its online advertising platform – soft news network (

company is located in Haidian District Zhongguancun high tech Park core area, is a focus on providing customers with 360 degree marketing solutions, innovative Internet Technology Development Company, we provide high quality Internet service platform for domestic and foreign enterprises. Tailored to the customer network marketing solutions to maximize the network characteristics, and traditional media integration and interaction, and strive to achieve the highest marketing objectives. The company is a high-tech enterprise approved by the state, with high quality, innovation and team spirit. Since the establishment of network soft to attract including Sina, Dangdang, NetEase, YAHOO and many other well-known Internet Co, and "fashion", BENQ, PHILIPS and other well-known companies have established a good cooperative relationship. read more

according to foreign media reports, the U.S. company called Internet start-ups to LinkedIn and Facebook and other social networking activity into science and technology research field of professional community, the company has completed second rounds of financing, $11 million 100 thousand. not only want to change the way researchers publish research results, but also help peer evaluation of each other’s work quality. said on Thursday that it was moved by the idea of venture capital firm Khosla Ventures. read more

mentioned on the network to make money, there will be a friend of the site will naturally think of improving the site rankings, access to traffic, and thus rely on site advertising to get revenue. Yes, this is indeed one of the most typical Wangzhuan way. But for small owners, in order to achieve good results easier said than done through a search engine, it is a time-consuming and laborious work. And when we finally made the site, the Internet may have a new situation.

so, I think, in order to make money on the Internet, not only to do this way. Below I will share their experience of zero cost money. read more

has done more than half a year before the time sold. And earn some money in the A5 domain name daoteng. Recently in the forum to see a few friends in the site to sell the place to sell the station to sell for more than a month has been, can not help but sigh. Sell the station to sell the station, the value of how much to sell, do not blind bid price, others are not fools. Let me tell you how to make so much money. Put the

out of Alipay’s comments

just started to do a game station, just began to search engines do not like my station, the patient slowly raise the station, then the weight came up, there are some problems in time and space, but also down the right. The less after flow more, the daily average is about 2000 around the holidays when a little more. By July, when the money should be made, I feel too tired to do it, and then sell the station in the forum information. Sell the station to send 2G high-speed telecommunications space in my mind began to sell 3000 of the budget, the summer vacation to buy back to earn a month is not a problem, then think about it, I am sincere to sell the station, on the point of. Post direct standard 2500, accept small cut. I still a lot of people, but the more outrageous bargain. One even asked me to sell 500, immediately pull the black. Pit father! And then there is a buddy add me to buy a domain name, buy a domain name alone 1000 yuan, although very tempting, but from my target price gap is too big, did not sell. Wait until the afternoon when someone and I said just to buy the domain name 1500, I was excited and confused, my general domain name that 917yx (go game) why have such a high price? Die grinding grind the turnover of 1600 yuan, I bought the domain name alone. At that time seems to be flying intermediary. read more

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linktech alliance read more

Innovation workshop Shanghai base opening ceremony is very pragmatic, pragmatic and even let some entrepreneurs feel unable to stand". "Easy to long queues to wait until their own risk investors introduced the project, did not expect just to say a few words, he was persuaded to don’t start." Came from Qingpu area entrepreneurs face a long journey from reluctantly said. Lady Gaga was discouraging the encounter is not the case, listen to the innovation works founder Li Kaifu in innovation works Shanghai base first class public class is how to say. "I don’t want to express, a failure of the project or not start all entrepreneurs fault, but if entrepreneurs cannot avoid ten mistakes, and that they must be very difficult for investors talk more than 10 minutes." read more

Abstract: in this era of increasingly sophisticated marketing user groups, more companies will be released into the field of social migration. When people pay attention to the "diary", we also found that some of the electricity supplier and the content of entrepreneurs, has quietly walked into the platform, and these, this is Alipay really want to circle.

"wrong is wrong

the past two days, I went to Alipay for seven years, the most difficult time."

with ant gold suit chairman Peng Lei’s apology, and Alipay "campus diary" and "white-collar diary" two circle line, by several large scale photographs by Alipay circle beta event ended. read more

is the lack of venture entrepreneur good common trouble, what are the rich project for young entrepreneurs to do? This paper summed up the first half of 2015, the most popular and most profitable 20 entrepreneurial project, are some of the benefit of small attractive opportunity, recommend to you intend to start young friends!

NO.1 New Technology Bookstore

with the construction of rural spiritual civilization deeply, many people have begun to pursue a good spiritual food. Which book is the best medium for farmers learn spiritual food. At the same time, "agriculture science and technology" of the faith has been buried in the heart of all the farmers in the rural market, the sharp increase of science and technology books. For in the county to open the shop, at the same time, a large number of young farmers are eager to improve their cultural quality and level of knowledge, see all kinds of skills examination have created the examinations, the county market. The young friends who intend to start a business, choose a county with a large population or convenient transportation, than to build a golden house in the book market. read more